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Police cite 21 on drug charges at Neptune Beach Club over holiday weekend

Let me help you with your math, .oo5% is 5/1000th's of a percent. I think you meant to write .5% which would equal 22.5 people out of a crowd of 4500.

LOL @ the dune crapper!
" Jun 3, 10 7:12 PM

Mattituck woman will receive six months for DWI fatality involving Hampton Bays teen

I'm with you on the DA's lack of action in this case, but to say you can guarantee he won't be re-elected easily is absurd. Have you voted recently? He runs unopposed, so if you intend for him to have a tough time getting back in, I suggest you find someone to run against him! " Jun 3, 10 7:16 PM

Removed? Really? Come on now with the unjust censorship!" Jun 3, 10 7:17 PM

I understand your point, but in this case the DA allowed for a plea of manslaughter and not vehicular homicide.
Please don't try and twist this to say I'm sticking up for this sad woman. All I'm saying is by definition manslaughter is not murder, therefore you a factually wrong. She should have been tried for vehicular homicide, then the sentence would have been much more severe." Jun 3, 10 7:21 PM

Mother of drunk driving victim protests sentence

Your Google map has the wrong location for this article.

I hope a lot of people go to support this family. The 6 month sentence is slap in the face to them, the DA & Judge should be ashamed of themselves! " Jun 13, 10 7:56 AM

Brooklyn man drowns, friend still missing at Cupsogue Beach County Park in Westhampton

I will complain about the cost primarily because if one doesn't no one's limitations when it comes to the sea, than a sign won't make the difference. People are going to drown, please try not to get all choked up over it! If people enter the surf zone without respect for it, this kind of thing happens." Jun 13, 10 8:01 AM

I think two men died, unless one is chilling in Atlantis. " Jun 13, 10 8:04 AM

Developer pitches casino in Calverton industrial park

Good points, they both destroy lives and families. Yet the majority of gambling does not destroy lives and family, those are only the most extreme cases. There are plenty of people who enjoy recreational or even professional gambling with no problem what so ever. I don't gamble myself, but I certainly don't condemn those who do, as if I am some how better than them, because I don't chose to do it." Jun 13, 10 8:11 AM

See my reply above, as you are looking at the worst case scenarios. Yes, he should have worded it "so does" if you couldn't work your way through that then there is little hope for you." Jun 13, 10 8:14 AM

Southampton Town code enforcement slaps landlord with 50 violations at six houses

Yes, Let's fry some Blowesfish!!!!" Jun 13, 10 8:19 AM

Mother of drunk driving victim protests sentence

Saying the kid swerved and it is his fault, is the equivalent of saying a women who was raped is at fault because of what she was wearing.
This is simple, she was drunk and shouldn't have been on the road period.
The fact that she is a repeat offender just means she should be getting a stiffer sentence. What facts does anyone need other than she was driving drunk with an open container and her 6 year old child in the car as well. It's not like she was at a party and made a bad choice to drive home, she had the party in the vehicle with her (open container)." Jun 14, 10 11:07 PM

Bill, kids on bikes don't obey the law? Yes, many adults don't heed the traffic laws as they apply to bicycles as well. Should they die for this because someone else is committing a felony? You say timing is everything, well maybe her reflexes were slightly impaired because of her drinking or maybe it was just because she was on the phone. Either way she should be getting a much longer sentence.

"Maybe this woman having alcohol in her system had little to do with the result in this case?"

The above question posed by you is hands down the stupidest thing I have read in awhile, her having alcohol in her system IS the case, it is a DWI case. If she were sober this would be a completely different situation as to the manslaughter portion of the case. " Jun 14, 10 11:19 PM

Shinnecocks expect final word on recognition Tuesday

There going to be a blue moon tonight, I am in complete agreement with you peoplefirst!

Being that you hail from SMITHTOWN why do you care and even read this paper?" Jun 15, 10 1:13 PM

If we could get rid of the last of those pesky Indians, I am sure there would be no cigarettes, drugs or guns on the east end.

Fortunately what you think doesn't matter! Their recognition was so long overdue it was sickening!
" Jun 15, 10 1:35 PM

Congratulations on recognition is has been a long time coming. Hopefully the shady shell game of 1859 can be looked into a little more closely, to reveal the great injustice that was done." Jun 15, 10 1:57 PM

Independence Party nominates Speonk lawyer for attorney general

Mr. Z why would he be going to Washington? The NYS Attorney General works in Albany. " Jun 15, 10 3:28 PM

Shinnecocks expect final word on recognition Tuesday

I must correct you on your assertion that the Europeans have father to go if we were all packing up to go back to our lands prior to arriving in North America. Native Americans can here across the Bering Strait land bridge, last time I checked Asia was father from here than England.

If we really want everyone to go all the way back to our origins, I suspect we would all be going to the same place according to the research compiled by the National Geographic Genome Project.

Anyway, don't waste your time with Mr. RightfromWrong as he is beyond hope! " Jun 16, 10 2:33 PM

Shinnecock tribe receives federal recognition

This is a different article, if you want the other article see above where it says related articles." Jun 16, 10 2:37 PM

Mattituck woman gets 6-month sentence for DWI accident that killed Hampton Bays boy

The prosecutors are a disgrace. They should have done their job, this is an outrage. Wether or not he swerved or not isn't an issue here, she was DRUNK period. They got their Felony conviction that's what really matter to them. The 6 months is such a ridiculous sentence. Good job failures, you just stuck a knife in that poor woman's back!" Jun 17, 10 1:36 PM

Police: Westhampton Beach Village Trustee Joan Levan trespassed on former candidate's property

That was a creepy thing for her to do! She must feel like a fool now that It is in the paper....lol" Jun 18, 10 7:04 PM

Suffolk County Police officer accidentally shoots self in foot at Westhampton range

This officer is going to but the butt of many jokes in his precinct.
How do you do that anyway? Even Cheney shot his hunting parter not himself and was a moving target!
You really couldn't make up better material than this!!!" Jun 18, 10 7:07 PM

Driver in fatal motorcycle accident jailed on felony manslaughter charge

Sorry didn't see this to get back to you sooner. Are you damaged Terry? I didn't defend his actions, I simply stated that the Police could've used a roadblock. I said this because like it or not they simply can not safely stop a motorcycle that is fleeing by other means. This means all motorcycles, not just rice/crotch rockets. Even a big heavy sloppy Harley." Jun 19, 10 11:39 AM

Suffolk County Police officer accidentally shoots self in foot at Westhampton range

Come on Matt you don't see the humor in it? He wasn't seriously injured and didn't do it on purpose, so it not like there is a mental issue. Just a stupid mistake, had he mistakenly shot someone else it wouldn't be funny, but to shoot yourself is so sloppy and careless it is funny. The fact that this is a cop, who should have excellent firearms handling skills makes it even more ironic." Jun 20, 10 2:12 PM

Shinnecock tribe receives federal recognition

Like cigarettes can only be bought on the rez. Keep posting you lower the bar each time." Jun 20, 10 2:15 PM

No jail time, fine for Hults after guilty plea; grand jury does not indict McGintee

The whole idea that Spota who is cross endorsed needs any momentum in an election is poorly thought out. He who runs unopposed, needs not momentum to win an election.
McGintee knew what was going on, thus he is a crook. Whether he directed the operation or just looked the other way, which is doubtful." Jun 22, 10 11:43 AM

Suffolk County Police officer accidentally shoots self in foot at Westhampton range

Yeah he sure does! Too many people out here don't stay on their side of the yellow line. Failing to signal is another common and annoying driving trait of many." Jun 22, 10 11:55 AM

Shinnecock Nation explores opening tribal college at Stony Brook Southampton site

You use "Sir" in your name, yet you seem to not the meaning of honor, Ironic.

Please if you haven't already, don't reproduce!
" Jun 24, 10 12:26 PM

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