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Mold could close Poxabogue for extended period

Wrong, the town and the current tenant are responsible, as they didn't move on the vacated premises soon enough to avert such problems. " Jun 24, 10 6:05 PM

Former employees file suit against Water Mill restaurant over forced tip-pooling and other practices

LOL, the Dept. of Labor.... do you even know how claims are processed through them? It is like most Gov. agencies, very inefficient. They will get much quicker results through private counsel." Jun 24, 10 6:09 PM

I'm the last person to cater to illegals if they are even that, but if they have done the work they deserve to get paid regardless of legal status." Jun 24, 10 6:12 PM

Great white shark confiscated by federal agents at Star Island Shark Tournament

The "tree huggers" are here to stay, they will be working on getting the kill tournaments banned... tag and release for the future. As for legal pot it will happen here soon enough, don't worry Walt there will be plenty to go around!" Jun 25, 10 12:03 PM

The first Jaws reference was good, this one like most sequels unfortunately falls short of expectations." Jun 25, 10 12:05 PM

Makos are much slimmer they look as much like a Blue Shark, as they do a
Great White." Jun 25, 10 12:07 PM

"Here's your sign"" Jun 27, 10 11:59 PM

Holmes sentenced to 20 years

He should have used an SUV instead of a knife and he could have gotten off with just 6 months!" Jun 29, 10 3:41 PM

Southampton pitcher signs with Fordham, shines in All Star game

He may have chosen Fordham based on more than just the baseball program they offer, it is an excellent academic school as well as having a Division I team. I don't know what schools "regularly" compete in the CWS, but he may have wanted to stay near home too." Jun 30, 10 12:56 PM

Congratulations!" Jun 30, 10 12:57 PM

Rumor about attack in village is debunked by police

Guess what, illegal is not a race! You say his groups reason for existence is to stir up hatred(s).... wrong they seek enforcement of our immigration laws and the securing of our boarders. Keep saying it's about hatred(s) though it only strengthens our resolve to enforce the law and prove you wrong. Have you been a traitor all your life?" Jun 30, 10 6:47 PM

Unexploded mortar shell and spine both discovered on Ponquogue Beach

Sweet, rusty explosives at the beach.... better or worse than medical waste?" Jun 30, 10 6:49 PM

Great white shark confiscated by federal agents at Star Island Shark Tournament

I think you missed a comment when you were removing them previously.... Jun 26 4:13pm just above. The use of stupid and pathetic should be sufficient to warrent the removal.... no?" Jun 30, 10 6:52 PM

Southampton Town PDD process upside down, critics say

Indeed the example of the King Kullen in Hampton Bays was a poor choice for Bob to use, considering the old King Kullen became Wild by Nature. This didn't happen by chance as King Kullen owns Wild by Nature. I have also seen Mr. DeLuca in Wild by Nature on several occasions, doubt he would be in there if it was still King Kullen." Jun 30, 10 7:04 PM

Rumor about attack in village is debunked by police

Nowhere in your comment did you use "illegal". Although you didn't need to, as we all know what Mr. Wedell is protesting against.... illegal immigration. Therefore by your condemnation of his protest of it, you support something which undermines our national security and compromises our sovereignty, thus making you a traitor.
You ought to look up the definition of traitor before you claim it can't be applied to you. You betray the idea of national sovereignty and the rule of law which are two important principles in this republic.

As to what I know about this country and it's history, quite a bit and I don't bend the facts to protect those who break the law. All persons coming here illegally, have broken the law, many continue to break many more whether they forge documents, drive with out licenses, insurance, registration, or commit crimes against individuals. How about the guy a few weeks back who ran down those 4 girls in Garden City? Do you want to defend his "right" to be here illegally? Tell that to their parents. " Jul 1, 10 11:14 AM

If there was truly a "demand" for labor wouldn't they all be working instead of standing on the side of the road all day?" Jul 1, 10 11:21 AM

ICARE - If your statement was referring to me here is your answer, No I am not Irish on St. Patricks Day or Italian when in an Italian Restaurant. I don't even go to St. Patrick's Day Parades. I am 100% American as it's been many generations since my family came here. I even have some Native American in me as well. What difference this makes, I don't know. No one is saying we have always been here. People are saying that there is a right and a wrong way to come here regardless of race, nationality or religion.

This was a discussion solely about rumors, until lablover chose to wrongly state that Mr. Wedell's group is about haterd(s), when it is about illegal immigration.
" Jul 1, 10 11:34 AM

Self Deportation an excellent idea!" Jul 1, 10 11:35 AM

It says nothing about Irish, Polish, Italian, German, etc. it says, "when they jumped the FENCE"

Please.... How can one jump a fence from Ireland, Poland, Italy or Germany and land on American soil?

You say it's a slur against Latinos, there is plenty of video of people jumping fences along our borders, most of them do happen to be Latino. While you may not like it or agree, it is fact. The Latinos make up 97% of the fence jumpers along our border with Mexico. This doesn't make Tom a bigot it makes him accurate." Jul 1, 10 11:44 AM

You are right this country was partially built by immigrants, yes all of our origins here go back to an immigrant at one time or another. What we are talking about here is ILLEGAL immigration, get it? It is a totally different kind of immigration than my ancestors to part in. bigfresh is right if you hire one you are guilty of a crime, if you don't pay the require taxes, medicaid and S.S. then you are adding to your criminality. These are facts, like it or not this is the law of the land.
My opinion is that you undermine the principles of your own nation, thus becoming a traitor. Which is even more bothersome considering you live in Sag Harbor the home of many proud patriots throughout our country's history, including family members of mine who fought in the Revolutionary War." Jul 1, 10 5:33 PM

I'm a 13th + generation, No One here is seeking to dictate who can legally enter this country. The issue is those entering ILLEGALLY and any citizen has a right to weigh in on this no matter what generation they may happen to be.
I respect and admire anyone seeking citizenship through the proper channels. A friend of mine has been doing this for over 7 years, it isn't an easy process and he is married to an American and has a daughter with her.
To "jump the fence" is selfish, illegal and a slap in the face to those who have the integrity to go through the proper channels. " Jul 1, 10 8:14 PM

Sag Harbor house busted for group rental second week in a row

On point with the numbers..... The name though is a different story, there was no whaling going on in the 1640's." Jul 1, 10 8:17 PM

Rumor about attack in village is debunked by police

First off, Life is not fair, so why would you expect the immigration process to be?

The dysfunction you speak of in immigration is rampant throughout government, so don't act like it is a pointed effort against those legally trying to immigrate.

If it took you 7 years to realize that the system is inefficient, whose fault is that?

I suspect you reading is a weak as you writing, thus explaining your misinterpretation of what I wrote about my friends situation. It has been far from a "Fairy Tale" story for him, he faced similar problems obtaining travel visa to see his father when he was sick in the hospital with cancer in Costa Rica.

You say you were not expecting to witness so much racism in this country, that is the problem with expectations, they open the door for disappointment when they are not met. Again how could you think there would be no racism here, it has been legislated against, but so has murder and we still have that.

" Jul 2, 10 11:56 AM

I can't be deported.... I belong here unlike those who "jumped the fence"" Jul 2, 10 12:17 PM

Born In The USA.... to someone Born In The USA.... to someone Born In the USA!

I love being a LEGAL citizen!!!" Jul 2, 10 12:22 PM

Southampton Town PDD process upside down, critics say

Since when is a PDD is not needed to bury lines?

When the whole project is considered it is and will continue to be a public benefit. The traffic flow is controlled entering and leaving, maybe your driving skills leave something to be desired as I have never had a problem with it.

If you're looking for something the complain about, how about the old North Fork Bank building? What a waste that whole plan was. How long do you think that will sit there, looking like trash?

" Jul 2, 10 12:36 PM

More bones discovered along beaches in western Southampton Town

I doubt the body decomposed in the ocean, it was much more likely eaten by various forms of sea life. Crabs would probably do most of the munching. " Jul 5, 10 7:39 PM

Condos proposed in return for saving Canoe Place Inn

You said the condos would require a sewage treatment plant, what if they had or were to purchase waste water credits to allow for the increased density?

I'm all for dozing the CPI, the building is far from historic.... maybe the location is, but that could be said about many places out here. Just look at what has been done to Native American grave sites!" Jul 8, 10 8:05 PM

Indeed, SAVE TIDE RUNNERS!" Jul 8, 10 8:05 PM

I'm sorry, but you are completely wrong! The CPI is not the oldest Inn site in America. There are many that pre-date it.

Here is a link to one of them: http://theseasidecottages.com/history.htm

" Jul 8, 10 8:10 PM

Helping swimmers spot rip currents is focus of beach group

I would say the title to this article is incorrect, for if these people were truly "swimmers" we wouldn't have to be so worried about them drowning when caught in a rip. Perhaps bathers or waders would more appropriately describe them.

OH NO!!! I used 'these people" I hope no one thinks I'm being racist against those who can't swim.... wait the unswimming among us aren't a race and neither are illegal aliens! 8-)" Jul 10, 10 7:37 PM

Condos proposed in return for saving Canoe Place Inn

LOL Supposedly is right! I don't know where you get your stories from, but citations would be interesting to see. You obviously know very little about local history, between 1635 - 1640 there were only Indians in this area. It was June 12 1640 that the first settlers landed in Conscience Point in North Sea. Tell me how the Inn could have possibly predated the first English settlers?

A review of historical deed transfers also disputes your claim, as property in the western portion of Southampton Town didn't begin to go into private ownership until well after 1700.

According to the book "Good Ground Remembered" by Henen M. Wetterau, page 142. "Canoe Place Inn dates back to about 1750 when Jeremiah Culver purchased property and built a small house at Canoe Place. It eventually became a stagecoach stop. Over the years the building had been enlarged and improved."

Even the Hampton Bays Historical Society's CPI info page refutes your claim, they have Jeremiah Culver opening a Tavern and Stagecoach Stop in 1739. Either way it very far from the old Inn site in America.


" Jul 11, 10 10:54 PM

old should have been oldest in the last sentence.

For anyone going to the Hampton Bays Historical Society's webpage, you should take note that they have an error on there claiming the CPI to be the oldest continually operating Inn site in NYS, this is INNcorrect. The below Inn is part of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Here is a link to one which is older. http://www.beekmandelamaterinn.com/

Please anyone wishing to challenge what I have said be sure to back your claims up with facts, not just I read it somewhere. " Jul 11, 10 11:15 PM

Contractor, marina owner cited by DEC for dredging

Let us all not forget that Lake Montauk is essentially man altered due to Fischer opening it to the sea, changing it from fresh to salt water and introducing tidality. With all this considered it is pretty ridiculous to start ranting and raving about eelgrass which really shouldn't be there anyway. It wasn't turned into a harbor for the sake of eelgrass, clams, fish or any other living thing but Human Beings for their recreational needs. It is now a great benefit to those who make their living from the sea as well. The DEC is out of control and needs to be trimmed back substantially. Too Big for their Britches!" Jul 11, 10 11:32 PM

Condos proposed in return for saving Canoe Place Inn

I commend you for a non-partisn post!" Jul 13, 10 10:32 PM

No apology needed! Besides it wasn't your mistake in dates, it was the NY Times reporter's mistake and their subsequent digitizing of erroneous information without a footnote to correct it.
I don't dispute that the site has history, that is established and respected. Wether or not the current building has any true historical value is the real question. I don't happen to think it is old enough to merit historical designation. " Jul 13, 10 10:33 PM

Helping swimmers spot rip currents is focus of beach group

I was being sarcastic about my use of the phrase "these people" which when used to describe illegal aliens usually brings about accusations of racism. I was just stirring the pot a bit, why? Amusement, why? Bored, you nailed it!

As for your post I totally agree, if we were to keep stupid people out of the water there would be far fewer drownings! I say this from my position of being aware and
comfortable in the ocean on red flag days with real riptides formed from large groundswells. Know your limits and see tomorrow. " Jul 13, 10 10:43 PM

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