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East Hampton Town councilwoman could face charges for interfering in arrest

I doubt very much he was targeted because his mother is an elected official. The police are doing there job - and i would think that at 1 am in the morning this time of year any traffic would catch my attention enough to watch them. Driving under the influence is serious. Have you not had a friend or family member hurt or killed because of one? What calliber young people are we creating if we don't teach them of responsiblity & consequences? I think if a driver refuses a breathalizer test he/she is automatically guilty. As for his mother, if she did indeed feel the need to interfere and mention who she was shame on her. I vote every election, but it keeps getting harder - I'm tired of eliminating the worst choices and hoping to end up with someone worthy of the public's trust and honest in their efforts to represent the public....." Mar 10, 10 7:20 AM

Closings spur concerns for winter season

Saks, Tommy Hilfiger....... We are several generation locals trying to hold on in a place that has become "East Coast Rodeo Drive" We live here because my husband's family had been fishermen and baymen for generations and to leave would break his heart..... we discuss the possibility often now. What is "upstreet" that is actually a draw to locals? Other than the Hardware Store, the mediocre and very annoying CVS and the disgusting Waldbaums. Thank God for PeaPod! Get some sensible stores in EH and maybe they would be able to stay open year-round. I like shopping, But I won't be buying a $600 cashmere sweater or $3,000 handbag ......." Oct 18, 10 7:24 AM