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Local politicians consider congressional campaign

Nuzzi and Schneiderman are good people who have lived in the district their entire lives. Both are smart and have accomplishments. Both have far more experience than Bishop did when he got elected. Name one real accomplishment Bishop can call his own?" Mar 10, 10 10:07 PM

Sagaponack School decides to give students the option of going to Bridgehampton or Sag Habor

If it saves the district money then it's a good idea." Mar 10, 10 10:14 PM

East Hampton Town councilwoman could face charges for interfering in arrest

If boadwatcher2010 is not a relaitive of a cop, then she must be related to a police loving politician or law enforcement official. She is definitely a confused and paranoid individual who is devoid of motherly instincts (assuming she is a female). Something definitely smells in this case. Was the press alerted about this late Saturday nght incident by the Chief so it would hit the papers this week? If he went out of his way to contact the media to inform them of this case, is it something he normally does? If not, did he have some other motivation to do so? Are there any media people out there who don't find the way this case was handled was unusual? Am I imagining something? Pressguy -- if you are a pressguy is this whole situation here unusual?" Mar 11, 10 7:18 PM

Sag Harbor looking to trim 10-percent budget hike

The Board of Education has totally screwed up the teacher contract, they have no idea what they will end up paying the teachers so how can you budget properly, they give the super a $25,000 increase not in the budget, added more salary diuring the year not budgeted for, demanded the principals keep spending to a minimum over the last several years thus pressuring them to underbudget, and on , and on , and on. How more badly could the Board of Ed have fouled things up? Time for changes on the Board." Mar 11, 10 8:41 PM

One other thing Sag Harbor. If you want my kid to go to your school, you better get this situation settled with the teachers who are the reason I would send my child there. I really don't care who is on the Board as long as they support education and don't try to cheapen the product. From what I have read the Board is cheapening the product with unrealistic budget demands and disrepect for the professional staff. Don't become East Hampton. I'm willing to pay the same tax dollars for a better product, which I thought is what the Sag Harbor people were offering when they made their presentation here." Mar 11, 10 8:50 PM

Hey Pressguy..Bernard is helping to clean up the East Hampton mess and Wilkinson and the board on a bi-partisan basis seem to appreciate his effort.. I'm obviously interested in Sag harbor seeing it may be an option for Springs kids next year. The Sag Harbor School Board, at least one member, is trying to blame Bernard for the mess he has created with the teachers where the board budgeted low and offered high in negotiations and are now in a bind. They also have egg on there faces for giving out raises, a big one to the superbased on the old articles I see, after the budget is adopted. They haven't mentioned that one. On top of that I have been told by someone close to the staff there that administrators were pressured to keep there budgets artifically low, like no more than 2% increase no matter what, so they could be re-elected. Now they blame others. What a bunch. The more I read and hear, the less I want to send by kid there, despite the great teaching staff." Mar 12, 10 5:02 PM

East Hampton Town councilwoman could face charges for interfering in arrest

Breezy -- If the Chief had not referred her to the DA we would not be here discussing this. How many parents have been referred to the DA for yelling at cops to not to arrest their son in their own driveway? I bet you cannot find one such referral -- NOT ONE. So whi did the Chief do it? That is a question that must be explored.

The building inspector was arrested for imposing himself in a way that the reports said was pyhsical contact.

And to EH1...did the blinker indicating the turn into the driveway happen first, before the police lights came on? That is very important. I wonder if there is anyone out there who saw if the blinker came on BEFORE the cherry top lighted up? I wonder if the police officer remembers if there was anyone BEHIND HIM who may be able to describe the scenario from the intersection of Swap Road / Rt. 114 to the driveway? Wouldn't that be a surprising!development?" Mar 15, 10 6:36 PM

Southampton Town department asks for money following capital budget mishap

If the authorization to borrow was done in 2004 wasn't the equipment to be purchased around the same time? There is no way you can tell me there is a six year lag between the time the town approves money to be borrowed and when it uses the money to buy the goods. You would think maybe a two year lag at the most. So why didn't someone realize by 2006 the money was never borrowed to buy the equipment. Again, how can you say you are adopting a bond authorization in 2004 to borrow money to be used to buy equipment in 2009 or 2010. That is ridiculous." Mar 15, 10 10:16 PM

Surf Lodge concerns aired before East Hampton Town Board

If you are against the lodge then you are against summer business in Montauk. Business in Montauk keeps the people of Montauk in Montauk. The bottom line here is do you support the lodge and help 90 percent of Montauk by supporting business in Montauk, or do you not support the lodge therefore giving the CCOM zealots the ammunition they need to attack other businesses? Think about any crowded bar in Montauk on a Saturday night in the summer. Does anyone have enough toilet facilities to accomodates all needs? The answer is no. So lets close Montauk? Any Board member that votes against the lodge is essentially voting to close down Montauk. Montauk will not forget." Mar 17, 10 7:54 PM

Sag Harbor school proposes painful cuts

Simple answer. If the teachers take 1% plus their automatic yearly increases for last year, this year and next year (which is over 11% for the period and 4% more than the cops in East Hampton received) you save like $750,000 and a lot of the cuts go away. If Sag harbor thinks it has problems, then look at the East Hampton Star today. Montauk is facing big increases and Springs is cutting all over the place. Don't forget Southampton. The last we heard from Mariner land they still had a $2 million negative gap between revenues and expenditures. The day of reckonong for school districts, which has been predicted for a half dozen years, has arrived. " Mar 18, 10 8:21 PM

East Hampton Town councilwoman could face charges for interfering in arrest

What is the staus of the DA referral? Did they reject it yet based on on its sheer stupidity or maybe its vindictiveness?" Mar 20, 10 7:41 PM

Bid to put East Hampton airport plan in place as summer nears

Hey Gene... so can you be more specific. Do you think the lawsuit filed by the vocal opponents of the airport and lost by them, should have resulted in the town pursuing legal fees? I would agree with that. But we have a whole new group in the majority in town hall who wasn't around during those suits. Do you really think they can still pursue legal fees, because it sure looks like the town can use money." Mar 21, 10 11:51 AM

East Hampton School Board starts budget deliberations

How can tax rates be held at zero percent increase when assessment values are definitely going down, state aid is going down by 15%, federal stimulus aid is going away and debt service is going up? Is it because the amount of tuition being charged the sending distiricts is going up substantially? The story above almost is an admission that East Hampton School district is going to stick it to the sending districts to make up for all the negative budget related items. The drop in legal fees alone cannot make up for all the negative budget factors. The answer is to charge as much as possible to the sending districts. " Mar 23, 10 7:06 AM

Sag Harbor schools hoping for more savings from employees

In reserching old articles on Sag Harbor School it looks like the Board of Ed DID create budgets with what would sell to the public. For anyone to say otherwise is really dishonest, based on what one reads when researching past budget processes. Some of the current Board members , based on the reports, always put the bottom line first. They were bailed out by years of overtaxing and surplus they could use to hit their bottom line without cutting programs. I found one account where several years ago members of the district's own budget advisory group complained about padded budgets, overtaxing and unneeded surplus. That surplus is now minimal (and should not be relied on anyway). The cost of education is going up, and outside help from the state and fed is going down, and there isn't a school district out there that is not facing the same tough choices. Every community must decide the quality of education they want for their kids and what they are willing to pay to get it. Let the people of Sag Harbor decide for themselves by presenting the budget needed to provide a quality education." Mar 27, 10 10:14 PM

Fairway Restaurant closed after 20 years

its simple. In two years Wankel is gone. If need be the town's should hire the staff as employees and run the place. Mr. Murray is unfortunately the casualty of a bad contract three years ago. Another gift, at least partially left to us, by the previous administartion in East Hampton." Mar 28, 10 10:03 PM

Sag Harbor schools hoping for more savings from employees

Just read through this article again and My question is what do overspent budget lines last year have to do with the tax rate increase this year? The spending increase is effected by what is spent from one year to another. So the increase is 4%, overspneding included. The tax rates go up because of two reasons -- non-tax revenues go down meaning they have to be replaced by property tax revenue, and two -- spending goes up that is paid for by additional tax revenues. If spending is going up by 4% and tax rate by 10%, then it looks like a shortage of non-tax revenue. State aid, federal aid, and interest income are going down. Even if spending last year came in to the penny, with the loss in non-tax revenue tax rates would still be going up. If property assessments go up in July (which they will not), the tax rates would go up by less than 10%. If the assessment trend today was what it was five years ago, then the tax rate issue would not be an issue today." Mar 28, 10 10:17 PM

Southampton Town supervisor prepares 'State of the Town' address

When you consider there has been multiple Saturday public work sessions (in addition to biweekly Thursday evening formal meetings and at least 7 weekly televised Tuesday work sessions), one public stakeholders meeting on a Saturday afternoon at the High School with 100 in attendance, a televised BAC meeting with the Supervisor present and commenting, a summit on deer control attended by 150 people, a public meeting on dredging in Montauk attended by almost 100 including Fred Thiele and jay Schneiderman, the first quarterly report of town finances, and the first announced departmental reorganizations, I would say a dog and poney show called a "State of the Town" address in East Hampton would be anti-climatic and nothing more than a publicity stunt seeing that the State of the town over the last three months has been an open book and progress reported to the public real time." Mar 29, 10 9:24 PM

East Hampton plans to cut number of departments in half, offer early retirement

Mr. King was elected to manage a department, now he can prove he can do it." Mar 30, 10 6:58 PM

Southampton Town supervisor prepares 'State of the Town' address

You obviously do not follow what has happened in East Hampton. A comprehensive proposal was provided to Thiele and LaValle to increase the deficit borrowing authority. That proposal, accoding to reports, included a detailed analysis of the projectected deficit that has allowed legislation to be drafted and proposed to raise the deficit borrowing authorization to $30 million. Then, there is the detailed three year financial plan that was just submitted to the State Comptroller, with, according to what I have seen, details of revenues and expenditures projected and planned for the next three years. Then there is real legislation working through the State Assembly and Senate which lays out the separation incentive plan that will reduce staffing and streamline operations. A first quarter financial report has been presented at a public meeting and hard copies distributed. That report includes over $1 million in specific savings and another $900,000 in savings that will be realized if a majority of the Board agrees that certain services will need to be sacrificed to save the town. Detailed three year plans, legislation based on analysis and specific goals, a first quarter report on finances, and over a million in savings -- it will be interesting to see whether the Southampton Supervisor presents such detailed accomplishments in her 90 day state of the town; or will it be the theoretically mumo jumbo 13 -point plan that we have heard explained at previous meetings? " Mar 30, 10 8:19 PM

ZAZ -- I am neither Bill McGintee nor Lenny Kravitz. I do have the time to read the five local newspapers and read the stories here on 27 east and catch a meeting a week on LTV. Living in Springs I do not get Southampton Sea TV or else I would try to catch some of those board meetings. If you are going to interact intelligently on this thread you should at least take a couple hours a week to know the issues and know what is going on. For example, I know Steve Levy has switched parties and is running for governor. Do you have an interest in that issue and perhaps you can give us some inside information.... ZAZ." Mar 31, 10 6:00 PM

Seven towns to sue MTA over payroll tax

Lesko has done an about face on this one and he has sucked six other towns along to pay for his folly. It was the Republicans in Brookhaven who wanted to fight the tax originally and Lesko who sand bagged the board to pay the tax. Now he needs to get out from under that mistake. He has duped the other towns into helping to pay for his mistake. It's nice to see the three East End towns were smart enough to stay out. Lesko would have footed the bill for the entire suit if need be, now he can squeeze $50,000 out of each of the other six towns to defray the cost. EH, Southold and Shelter Island will benefit from any positive outcome without spending a dime. That's cool." Mar 31, 10 6:14 PM

Sag Harbor schools hoping for more savings from employees

Nellie -- you stop buying heating oil because the price went up? You burning logs now instead? I doubt it.

The price of a good educations has gone up, so do you go to logs?" Mar 31, 10 7:32 PM

Southampton Town supervisor prepares 'State of the Town' address

Not retired. In fact looking at high schools for my kid. Have any ideas?" Mar 31, 10 7:34 PM

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