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Community response to East Hampton school district proposed bus depot still largely negative

While Dave is an employee of the School District and does report to the Schaefer facility to pickup and drop off his bus he does not work at the facility itself and is there for no more than 15-20 minutes a day. “I don’t have a problem parking in there,” he said. why is that Dave? is it because you don't park in tha back when you are done as the Proffessional Drivers do? Where is the Air Conditioning and the three unused service bays, how about the room for another bathroom? Perhaps if Dave spent more time at the facility he would not be spreading so much misinformation." Mar 16, 10 9:15 AM

County Road 39 to see minor widening project in the fall

That stretch of roadway is CR39A not CR39" Mar 31, 10 7:28 AM

Woman killed in motorcycle accident on Napeague stretch

Oh here we go now it's the fault of the Police PM? Read the story......He saw the cop and ran instead of pulling over which would have avoided this tragedy altogether!" May 25, 10 3:54 PM

Or.....perhaps if he kept his suspended ass off the road NONE of this would have happened!!" May 25, 10 4:07 PM

Excellant riders don't take chances with loved ones lives!!!" May 25, 10 4:10 PM

Just what we need, another law to handcuff the people we hire to enforce our laws.......How about that law against driving with a suspended license?
Why was he on the road at all? Do not blame the police for doing their job." May 26, 10 12:16 PM

Southampton Town code enforcement slaps landlord with 50 violations at six houses

It's about time they slapped that slumlord, let's see how he slithers out of this!" Jun 3, 10 5:28 PM

Hampton Bays Fire District Treasurer's Salary Has Doubled Since Taking Office

Who oversees the Ambulance and how they use the taxpayers money? How much are their employees paid? " Jan 31, 14 7:24 AM

I know! But as a Taxpayer I want to know about the Ambulance as well!It's not just the Fire Dept. spending my money! Lets look at the Water District too! " Jan 31, 14 2:54 PM

I AM a volunteer and a Taxpayer that is concerned about people sucking from the teat of the Taxpaying golden cow? How about you Islander? Did you ever do anything for your community besides throw jabs at people willing to take a stand?" Jan 31, 14 4:14 PM

Where do we send your application to?" Jan 31, 14 4:17 PM

New Location Proposed For East Hampton School District Bus Depot

Why do you need a Maintenence Depot if you send your buses out for repairs? And by teaching mechanics on site you now have the added expense of hiring teachers which means salary, health benefits and retirement costs. So where does the savings come in?
" Feb 21, 16 6:22 PM

UPDATE: DA Says Evidence Insufficient To Connect Man Arrested For Southampton Break-In And Sexual Assault With May Stabbing

Same person that was involved with the stabbing at CB's in Hampton Bays. Another productive member of society
" Aug 5, 16 7:02 PM

East Hampton School Board Formally Opposes Betsy DeVos For U.S. Secretary of Education

Hahahahahah, Have another glass of the Kool Aid!, you should pay closer attention to "Your" school board
" Feb 1, 17 4:33 PM

Southampton Fire Department Raising Money To Restore 1912 Fire Truck

There is a small memorial for Nathan Cooper Howell in the Windmill Lane Firehouse." Mar 8, 17 7:37 PM