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Tea Party Holds Third Annual Tax Day Protest In East Hampton

This would have been done to qualify young Barrack Hussein Obama to be eligible for U.S. benefits that this great country had to offer its citizen's. I believe he still possess the Dreams of his Father and his main purpose is to redistribute wealth. He want us all to be equally miserable and to live under a one world government. No Thanks I have worked way to hard. He wants to tear down the shining city on the hill that Reagan was trying to restore. Very sad." Apr 24, 11 12:29 PM

Yes, Thank you MR. PRESIDENT BUSH !!!" May 2, 11 7:35 PM

The seals got him which means ABM was out of the loop. its complicated but trust me I know from expirance they don't take their orders directly from the president. He only found out about it after it happened. then can on TV and said I I I I I I I my team I I I I ME and my team I I I" May 2, 11 7:39 PM

Alec Baldwin Donates $250,000 To Guild Hall

nice job Joe, To funny" May 27, 11 8:07 AM

250,000 is allot of money but why guild hall I can think of more needful causes for such a thoughtful person as Smart Alec" May 27, 11 4:24 PM

Altschuler Declares "Rematch" With Bishop

Joe, sounds like Philathome is scared you are trying to get away with keeping your hard earned money and not redistributing it into his pocket anymore.
I also think Mr Cain is very articulate as well as you and Cap. Problem is almost half the country dose not pay any income tax so for them why not vote for the socialist once again. The alliterative is to hard they would have to work to much. once they have destroyed this country and made everyone equally miserable as is Greece then they will have no choice but to work harder or starve. keep buying gold and deal with it a while longer because that day is quickly aproching." Jun 5, 11 12:04 PM

FCMC...you think it is ludicrous because you live in a microcosm . Most people in this country do not live in your Robert Riech fanatical fantasy world" Jun 8, 11 1:21 PM

Luck? How ignorant you sound . Luck had nothing to do with it" Jun 14, 11 10:15 AM

New York State Senate Approves Same-Sex Marriage Legislation

<------- " There you go again " Joe , Making too much sense" Jun 25, 11 3:21 PM

Former Southampton Town Employee Files Complaint Claiming She Was Wrongfully Terminated

Hey 84, No you can't , Obamas entire campaign is based on demonizing the rich and blaming all of his disastrous failures on them. His stimulus program was merely a payoff for the unions who supported his election. As he admitted the other day, there were no shovel ready jobs.
84, my advice to you and your fellow democrats:
Get out of my wallet
Get out of my life
" Jun 29, 11 9:43 PM

Six Bartenders Arrested For Serving Alcohol To Minor

Old enough to vote in a socialist, Old enough to get your head blown of in a giant litter box fighting radical extremists.Then your old enough to drink!" Jun 30, 11 9:46 PM

Bicyclist Hit By Car In Quogue Identified As Southampton Town Employee

nice work stopping this jerk. get well" Jul 12, 11 9:51 PM

Southampton Town Keeps Cooling Center In Hampton Bays Open

what a bunch of crap... It was not even that hot today. Sure the hell beats that white nightmare we had this winter. I'll take the heat any day over that god awful winter we had." Jul 21, 11 10:30 PM

Protestors Gather In Front Of Bishop's Southampton Office

I was just reading the socialist sister rag to the N.Y.T, The LA TIMES and it stated New polls confirm Obama's Democratic base crumbles. and quoted Vermont's far left zealot Sen. Bernie Sanders who said just yesterday:
"I think it would be a good idea if President Obama faced some primary opposition."
WOW, and Ill say it again just for Progress now, WOW!" Jul 26, 11 9:55 AM

Thank you Kaluss and Real Razza, At least some people are paying attention to the numbers and not the rhetoric comeing out of the white house.

Mr Hat I don't think you give the American public enough credit they are wide awake this time around." Jul 26, 11 12:49 PM

Police: Mechanical Malfunction Caused County Road 39 Rollover

Yes, what as to be done is the ridiculous speed limit experiment of 35 MPH needs to be put back to a more reasonable 45 MPH, 35 is just STUPID! the problem is you have the meek who drive mostly Volvo's and Subaru's actually doing 35 with there customary 7 car lengths for safety between them and the next car to prove a point. The problem comes in when the average driver gets flipping frustrated and reacts in a regrettable manor. There have been more accidents since this 35 MPH as been instituted then before. And that is a fact. PS I live on a small road where there are children playing with a posted speed limit of 45 MPH so who is spiting who with this 35 MPH nonsense?" Jul 28, 11 10:03 PM

Bishop Says No To Boehner, Yes To Reid Plan

Mr Z since you seem to have broke into daddys liqure cabinet tonight you might enjoy this tid bit,
The birth certificate please! Subpoena to be delivered
Attorney, doc experts to show up at Hawaii Department of Health with court document
Posted: July 28, 2011
11:15 pm Eastern
Computer scanning expert Doug Vogt and typesetting expert Paul Irey say they will accompany attorney Orly Taitz when she presents to the Hawaii Department of Health a subpoena that should allow her to examine Barack Obama's original 1961 typewritten birth certificate.
Vogt and Irey both told the Times they are making travel plans to join Taitz in Honolulu when she goes to the state agency at 10 a.m. on Monday, Aug. 8, to present the subpoena in person.
"We will plan to hold a press conference late in the day of Aug. 8," Vogt said, "and if the document we see varies from the birth certificate documents the White House released, we plan to file criminal charges in Hawaii immediately."

" Jul 30, 11 12:49 AM

Excuse me sir, If you goggle : Computer scanning expert Doug Vogt and typesetting expert Paul Irey say they will accompany attorney Orly Taitz when she presents to the Hawaii Department of Health a subpoena . You will find at least 3 dozen sources for the story. Yes, The New Your Slimes is not one of those sources, but facts are facts and I for one would like to know why no document experts have said this document is not a forgery. You can't explain kerning and multiple typefaces on this document and that alone was enough to bring down Dan Rather.
" Jul 31, 11 9:36 PM

Explain why he would spend 2.2 million to keep he birth certificate from being released in court? There are many members of our military that want to know don't you think that people who could lose there lives based on his orders deserve to know that his has the right to give those orders?
He has proved during this debt crisis he is not a leader, And It is possible he may turn out to not even be a citizen." Jul 31, 11 9:36 PM

Bishop Votes In Favor Of Debt Ceiling Deal; President Signs Measure

Your borderline communist view point is not only scary but about as anti American as it gets." Aug 3, 11 2:48 PM

12 being the scariest I like the way he tries the sneak in the fairness doctrine as an American virtue" Aug 3, 11 8:37 PM

And he has gone golfing 83 times" Aug 4, 11 9:04 PM

Hey Tiger stop with the media matters talking points. Just because you say REVENUE doesn't change the fact that it means TAXES! Elections have consequences and the Tea Party is not finished yet Wait till 2012. Your FDR wet dream is over. Like Big Fresh said last night, God Bless America!" Aug 4, 11 9:11 PM

Bishop Says No To Boehner, Yes To Reid Plan

how do you figure he is a moron he was right. he posted that at 919 in the morning and a few hours later we lost 500 points on the Dow. good call TCM maybe you should manage my portfolio" Aug 6, 11 12:05 AM

Bishop Votes In Favor Of Debt Ceiling Deal; President Signs Measure

Amen Big freash Amen." Aug 6, 11 6:43 AM

This coming from a woman with her head up there. nice sobriquet avatar Progress lol, Keep on truckin Joe" Aug 7, 11 11:52 PM

Joe , Why the fund raiser ? Wasn't it Mr. Z who just a few days ago said to tuckahoeptomember
"don't mean to burst your bubble, but the world has troubles worse than you"
Hmmmm?" Aug 8, 11 1:08 PM

Told hat head I would keep you all informed on this story's developments and today we have a big one.
Court tells Hawaii officials to explain Obama's birth records
'Show cause' hearing will determine why subpoena rejected
posted: August 08, 2011
9:02 pm Eastern
California attorney Orly Taitz today secured an order from United States District Court Magistrate Judge Richard L. Puglisi demanding representatives of the Hawaii Department of Health appear in federal court Sept. 14 to show why Taitz should be prevented from seeing whatever original 1961 documents the agency has on record regarding Barack Obama's birth.
Taitz returned to federal court in Honolulu today after Hawaii DOH officials presented her with a letter refusing to comply with her subpoena on grounds that Hawaii privacy laws prevented officials from releasing Obama birth records to the public. tells Hawaii officials to explain Obama's birth records" Aug 9, 11 3:35 AM

East End Verizon Workers Join In Regional Strike

The men involved in this incident should be punished or the next time Verizon should be held responsible for allowing such a thing to go on in our community without taking steps to prevent it. These individuals should not be permitted to do this again. Does anyone know if arrests were made? S.H.P? This is not Europe (at least not yet) And such civil unrest should not be allowed on our streets." Aug 9, 11 9:01 PM

So mob violence is acceptable since the driver by did not agree with the union point of view? I believe you should have the right to have it all Its the American way. I worked my way up from nothing and now live quite comfortable. When I had nothing I admired people with wealth and set out to make it in this world. Luck had nothing to do with achieving my goals. It was hard work sacrifice and personal responsibility.I left 3 jobs along the way with children these men can do the same its there right. But its not there right to be disruptive and violent in the streets. the fact that you condone this behavior shows your radical nature. do some research and you will find the cops have been called at least 4 times already to some level of disruption.but I guess you figure its all for a good cause .thugs are thugs madam and these men should be replaced." Aug 10, 11 12:41 PM

Glenn Beck Discusses Change During Visit To Hampton Synagogue

You truly are always on the wrong side of any issue. What do you say about Ahmadinejad and his beliefs in the twelfth Imams prophecy to be for-filled only when the blood of the infidels runs in the streets ? asking for Allah to “hasten” the arrival of the Islamic messiah, also known as the “Mahdi.” as he chants death to America and the Zionests.What motivates such an anti american stance such as yours, philathome and local 84 is very hard to understand." Aug 15, 11 3:38 PM

Two Brands of Cookie Compete For The East End Market

Maybe you should rest it more often ( just a thought )" Aug 15, 11 3:44 PM

Massive Brawl Breaks Out At 230 Elm; One Arrested

They call me is right . Call in the state police and shut these clubs down. Its just like "Dream" these places are bringing the character of the neighbor HOOD down. more people are going to be killed. It has to stop!" Sep 6, 11 4:16 PM

Southampton Village Passes Law To Keep Hedges Well Groomed

fungus? They want you to get rid of your lawn and plant indigenous crap weed." Sep 12, 11 8:23 PM

But the important thing is 3 out of the 12 spots in the lot are reserved for golf carts. Don't fall for that sign about reserved for fuel efficient vehicles only. It is Bull they can not give you a ticket!" Sep 12, 11 8:27 PM

The objectionable part is not the trimming of the sides, but that it seems to be a stealthy prelude to a hight restriction. We are done being softened up for, as Joe said " infringement of individual property rights." some of us are sick and tired of someone always looking up are driveway or over into our yard. We come out east to relax not to be the victims of some voyeuristic neighbor or over zealous town official always putting his nose in our business." Sep 16, 11 11:05 PM

And i do agree with you phila the sides should be kept trim " Sep 16, 11 11:14 PM

Clinton Visit Spurs Violation On Lily Pond Lane In East Hampton Village

The HUMANITY ! Please tell me they didn't build a set of stairs without
Permission from Village building inspector Tom Lawrence,
Ample veting advice and persecution from Richard and company from the ARB, Three personal references from scull and bones society,
A letter from the DEC stating no plover live in a 6 mile vicinity,
A variance from Steven Spielberg,
The purchase of pine barren credits and a donation to the town soccer field! Angels and ministers of grace forgive them!" Sep 17, 11 8:59 PM

Oh well, It was after 8 guess I had a few Kocktails in me, ;)" Sep 18, 11 11:54 PM

Madam, I assure you I know more than I would like to know about the inside workings of EH" Sep 19, 11 3:29 PM

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