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Glenn Beck Discusses Change During Visit To Hampton Synagogue

You truly are always on the wrong side of any issue. What do you say about Ahmadinejad and his beliefs in the twelfth Imams prophecy to be for-filled only when the blood of the infidels runs in the streets ? asking for Allah to “hasten” the arrival of the Islamic messiah, also known as the “Mahdi.” as he chants death to America and the Zionests.What motivates such an anti american stance such as yours, philathome and local 84 is very hard to understand." Aug 15, 11 3:38 PM

Two Brands of Cookie Compete For The East End Market

Maybe you should rest it more often ( just a thought )" Aug 15, 11 3:44 PM

Massive Brawl Breaks Out At 230 Elm; One Arrested

They call me is right . Call in the state police and shut these clubs down. Its just like "Dream" these places are bringing the character of the neighbor HOOD down. more people are going to be killed. It has to stop!" Sep 6, 11 4:16 PM

Southampton Village Passes Law To Keep Hedges Well Groomed

fungus? They want you to get rid of your lawn and plant indigenous crap weed." Sep 12, 11 8:23 PM

But the important thing is 3 out of the 12 spots in the lot are reserved for golf carts. Don't fall for that sign about reserved for fuel efficient vehicles only. It is Bull they can not give you a ticket!" Sep 12, 11 8:27 PM

The objectionable part is not the trimming of the sides, but that it seems to be a stealthy prelude to a hight restriction. We are done being softened up for, as Joe said " infringement of individual property rights." some of us are sick and tired of someone always looking up are driveway or over into our yard. We come out east to relax not to be the victims of some voyeuristic neighbor or over zealous town official always putting his nose in our business." Sep 16, 11 11:05 PM

And i do agree with you phila the sides should be kept trim " Sep 16, 11 11:14 PM

Clinton Visit Spurs Violation On Lily Pond Lane In East Hampton Village

The HUMANITY ! Please tell me they didn't build a set of stairs without
Permission from Village building inspector Tom Lawrence,
Ample veting advice and persecution from Richard and company from the ARB, Three personal references from scull and bones society,
A letter from the DEC stating no plover live in a 6 mile vicinity,
A variance from Steven Spielberg,
The purchase of pine barren credits and a donation to the town soccer field! Angels and ministers of grace forgive them!" Sep 17, 11 8:59 PM

Oh well, It was after 8 guess I had a few Kocktails in me, ;)" Sep 18, 11 11:54 PM

Madam, I assure you I know more than I would like to know about the inside workings of EH" Sep 19, 11 3:29 PM

Businesses Fear Giant Wage Jump For Seasonal Workers

Yesterdays rant of a press conference was very un presidential, there were several things that stood out. Obama continued his compulsive need to blame others for his problems. He continued to make transparently untrue claims (such as implying that “every independent economist” agrees with his second stimulus package when it is his cerry picked few and insisting that the Solyndra decision was “made on the merits”). " Oct 7, 11 1:31 PM

He continued to portray himself as a man of incomparable political virtues and his opponents as selfish, uncooperative partisans.
None of this is new; in fact, the act is all getting a bit tiresome. But what particularly amused me is the president’s imperiousness.
In an interview I saw after the speech Michael Reagan said if his father was alive he would be telling obama, Mr President, there you go again." Oct 7, 11 1:35 PM

Southampton Village Drafts Law To Allow New Supermarket

What would you suggest harbor? let me guess patchogue . There is already traffic, some people want selection. you cant keep this place a protected market where only the few make $ off a small selection of over priced merchandise for ever." Nov 2, 11 4:00 PM

New Quogue Building Inspector Follows In The Footsteps Of Mentor

Good luck Bill you were a wonderful person easy to work with and just a nice guy. You will be missed. Wish you could have taken Harold with you" Nov 5, 11 7:33 PM

Kabot Vote Count Will Not Be Available For A Week Following Southampton Supervisor Election

I just hope its a fair count and they don't put Harold Fisher in charge of examining for hanging chads. " Nov 8, 11 8:55 PM

you are correct about that for sure, I wonder what happens if someone wrote in Linda Cabot instead of Kabot ???" Nov 8, 11 8:57 PM

UPDATE: Absentee Ballot Count Continues In East Hampton

Joe, It sounds like Phil is getting his talking points from Paul Krugman again - The "getting paid for being a historian rant" was Pauls quote from ABC's This Week , Paul also wined about Republican Ideology being For "Fools And Clowns"
I also saw Rev. Jackson attacking Newt on CNNs show Reliable Sources Sunday. Correct me if I am wrong, wasn't Rev. Jackson counculing Clinton though the Lewinsky Affair and purjoring himself under oath, while Jackson himself was having an affair at the very same time, ROTFLOL reliable sources very funny ." Nov 21, 11 5:43 PM

Elected Officials Address Concerns Over Hampton Bays Homeless Shelter

Jay Schneiderman and Southampton Town Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst If you allow this to happen your done. No one in HB will vote for you ever again enough dumping on HB. Maybe if it was going in on Gin Lane you would have noticed!

Disgusting lack of concern for HB as par normal!" Nov 25, 11 1:06 AM

Other possible remedies, Ms. Throne-Holst said, could include the town purchasing the motel property and converting it into affordable housing.

HB has enough affordable housing already and you know it!
Purchase it and make it into community marina or a dog park . My sister has three children under 12 and lives on that block and let me assure you they are serious about this, everyone is OUTRAGED ! and watching" Nov 25, 11 1:16 AM

Hey Undoc, If thats not an example of reaping what you sowed, then I don't know what is, Your are spot on. People like nature think your stupid. condos would help everyones property values in the area go up. Nature thinks he is going to scare you with the taxes into the decision a dilapidated haunted motel full of miscreants is better than improving your neighborhood. Some people want this place to stay just the way it is so they can afford to stay here. Look it on the bright side nature if you get priced out and end up living in Selden at least you will be closer to Trader Joes" Nov 28, 11 11:28 AM

you cant build a nice house on that piece of crap to narrow nice try lol.
and Phil speaking as a true conservative todays news was a delight
Obama's Job Approval Drops Below Carter's
November 29, 2011 RSS Feed: President Obama's slow ride down Gallup's daily presidential job approval index has finally passed below Jimmy Carter, earning Obama the worst job approval rating of any president in political history.
Since March, Obama's job approval rating has hovered above Carter's, considered among the 20th century's worst president, but today Obama's punctured Carter's dismal job approval line. On their comparison chart, Gallup put Obama's job approval rating at 43 percent compared to Carter's 51 percent
Its about time I will sleep well tonight, Good evening
" Nov 29, 11 7:51 PM

The Fresh Market Is Store Interested In Southampton Village Site

Well I object to Mr DeGennaros objection who does he think he is arguing that a new supermarket on the village’s eastern end would detract shoppers from his businesses. Where does he think he lives that such disregard for the constitution is the norm...Does he think he lives in China or San Francisco or Southam Oh sorry I forgot" Nov 29, 11 8:31 PM

Southampton Town Board Holds Off On Plastic Bag Ban

You forget the progressive couples that rally around making up these false statistics don't have children like the rest of us. They are mostly granola eating mushroom collecting minimalists. Off they go in there Prius each day to the market (Preferably one under 8500 Sq ft) and buy an apple and some millet, maybe a box of green tea and some tofu." Dec 10, 11 1:21 AM

Then they return to there salt box in the woods and paint the dust in the sun light while listening to N.P.R. on there transistor radio, So you see, it is not an inconvenience for them at all to bring a small box or stocking out with them as they skulk out the fetch provisions for their partner, cat and themselves." Dec 10, 11 1:21 AM

Shinnecocks Reject Casino Partner Contract

Gabreski Airport is the place if done right it could be a winner" Dec 18, 11 10:10 AM

Riverside Man Charged With DWI Following Two Accidents In Hampton Bays Friday Night

What legal? I think the odds favor the answer is no" Dec 31, 11 2:02 PM

Ya lets put a light on every corner. This will help slow the traffic down even more, So every other weekend of the summer when the fireman stand in the street collecting money, the flow of traffic will be even slower and they can collect more . While we are at it lets drop the speed limit on CR 39 to 25 MPH that should help, Oh and everyone must drive a bright yellow prius with a flashing light on top." Dec 31, 11 2:10 PM

East Hampton's Diana Weir To Lead Altschuler Campaign For Congress

Please Phil, He does, what he does, on purpose.
He threw Mubarak under the Bus, because he wants the Islamists in Charge of Egypt.
He got rid of Khaddafi because he wants the Islamists in charge of Libya.
He does NOTHING in Iran or Syria because he doesn't want to. The Islamists are already in charge in those countries.
He was running guns to the Mexican drug cartels because he wanted them armed and when people are killed by those guns. out comes the argument for more gun CONTROL.
Is it because he's stupid?
I say no, I say its all his plan. for fundamentally changing this country and the world." Feb 6, 12 8:21 PM

The American public's dependence on the federal government shot up 23% in just two years under President Obama, with 67 million now relying on some federal program, according to newly released data" Feb 8, 12 10:28 AM

Firefighter Injured Battling Hampton Bays Blaze

Why would they tell a hero to get lost I don't get it? Thank you Mr Raymos for caring" Feb 9, 12 4:39 PM

Great job by local fd's... How about great job by everyone. Mr Raymos included. I will not let you dismiss his act of bravery. Who ever he is he deserves a lot of credit. Why cant you just agree the man is a hero.
And of coarse great job as always HBFD!" Feb 9, 12 10:19 PM

Tim Bishop Given Environmental Steward Award

So now you want even more regulation of this site. LOL !!! It is certainly true that no one will be able to game a system that has been solidified by excessive regulation. This is the Progressive mantra: it doesn't matter how little we all have, as long as no one is getting away with something. This is true both in government and on a board such as this one. People are finally catching up to the fact government has been growing too much for the last 4 years and now we are seeing the consequences of it. " Feb 17, 12 11:26 PM

Time to rethink over regulation, both in Washington and Mr Zs head. I guess $575 gas this summer will help make my point, as it helps BHO get a bus ticket back to Rezcoville." Feb 17, 12 11:26 PM

Southampton Town Board Divided Over Comptroller Appointment

This censorship is why the truth will never come out before November" Mar 4, 12 10:46 AM

Attorney Warns Quogue Village Not To Reject Eruv Application

Don't worry TCM, We hear you! Mr. Z would have you believe you are seeing the words "in God We Trust" over Mr. Jefferson's head on his coin. These progressives have no Class, Patriotism or Dignity. IN GOD WE TRUST indeed. Straight Ahead." Mar 26, 12 8:46 PM

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