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Firefighter Injured Battling Hampton Bays Blaze

Great job by local fd's... How about great job by everyone. Mr Raymos included. I will not let you dismiss his act of bravery. Who ever he is he deserves a lot of credit. Why cant you just agree the man is a hero.
And of coarse great job as always HBFD!" Feb 9, 12 10:19 PM

Tim Bishop Given Environmental Steward Award

So now you want even more regulation of this site. LOL !!! It is certainly true that no one will be able to game a system that has been solidified by excessive regulation. This is the Progressive mantra: it doesn't matter how little we all have, as long as no one is getting away with something. This is true both in government and on a board such as this one. People are finally catching up to the fact government has been growing too much for the last 4 years and now we are seeing the consequences of it. " Feb 17, 12 11:26 PM

Time to rethink over regulation, both in Washington and Mr Zs head. I guess $575 gas this summer will help make my point, as it helps BHO get a bus ticket back to Rezcoville." Feb 17, 12 11:26 PM

Southampton Town Board Divided Over Comptroller Appointment

This censorship is why the truth will never come out before November" Mar 4, 12 10:46 AM

Attorney Warns Quogue Village Not To Reject Eruv Application

Don't worry TCM, We hear you! Mr. Z would have you believe you are seeing the words "in God We Trust" over Mr. Jefferson's head on his coin. These progressives have no Class, Patriotism or Dignity. IN GOD WE TRUST indeed. Straight Ahead." Mar 26, 12 8:46 PM

Altschuler Challenges Bishop To Debate On Health Care

Wecome back Joe, I agree since FDR the schools have stealthily turned out a genoration of Brown Shirts. and I am not talking about United Parcel Workers." Mar 31, 12 11:42 AM

ROTFLMFAO Roosevelt is where the trouble started" Apr 2, 12 9:16 PM

Code Enforcement Officer Among Six Netted In Drug Sting

There are quite a few embarrassments in that Department (Harold)No one seems to care!" Apr 20, 12 8:56 AM

Demos Faces Objections To Petition, Accuses Altschuler of Organizing Them

Its sad, I guess you have never held a new born. Or loved a child." May 1, 12 10:46 AM

Phil, You are right about something for a change. We should still be in Iraq pumping oil for free until the war debt has been payed back in full with interest. But we all know if we tried that Michael Moore and the rest of your ilk would scream bloody murder." May 1, 12 11:27 AM

East End Has Among Highest Gas Prices In State

After we removed that evil tyrant murdering S.O.B of a President, Saddam Hussein from Iraq. The man who raped, butchered and poisoned Innocent women & children for political reasons our President, Barrack Hussein should have demanded in exchange for removing This international terrorist supporter and his thug sons Uday that Qusay and their rape squad justice that the people of Iraq should repay us for our deed with OIL! " May 3, 12 9:36 PM

Yes MR. Z we wanted him to gas 365,000 Innocent people, Please do you hear yourself sometimes" May 3, 12 11:59 PM

Mr.T bob, I did not think I would live long enough to agree with something you said but today It happened, I have been saying the same thing for 2 years. Problem is Obama does not like the idea he wants to run our trucks on allege." May 8, 12 1:23 PM

School Results: Tuckahoe Is Only District On South Fork To Reject Proposed 2012-13 Budget

I worked as a high school science teacher for 3 years and gave up for 2 reasons, the unions and the administration. They are nothing more than self serving bureaucrats that have destroyed public school education in just under a few decades. Good job department of education you have managed to reduce teachers to indoctranators and over paid babysitters the kids suffer while administrators makes 6 figures with pensions and virtually free healthcare." May 23, 12 7:06 PM

Lotta fancy cars being driven by union thugs...but it's for "the children" For every dollar that goes to public schools, 96 cents of it goes to admin while only 4 cents goes towards educating the student. no wonder our teachers love being unionized( paycheck and benefits) and our students just get "dumber".
" May 23, 12 7:07 PM

Cameras in the classroom would solve everything" May 28, 12 2:11 PM

Its our tax dollars and OUR children. I want to see what goes on in class everyday. A little less indoctrination and a little more teaching of American History, English and Math.
I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America! and to the REPUBLIC!!! for which it stands one nation under GOD!!! indivisible with liberty and justice all all.
its Tuesday morning, Now get teaching, you only have a few weeks before you get your paid Summer vacation. " May 28, 12 2:19 PM

John Behan, Former East Hampton Republican Committee Chairman, Endorses Bishop For Congress

You may be on to something there Mr. Joe , They do sound very similar in their bitter rhetoric. They both seem to hate success and harbor feelings of resentment and oppression. Ill buy that for a Euro!" Jun 13, 12 10:36 PM

I think someone of Mr Zs intellect could pull off the charade. It would be difficult to sound so childish when playing the role of the less intelligent individual but it could be done. Interesting." Jun 13, 12 10:52 PM

Mitt Romney Will Fundraise In The Hamptons On Sunday

So much for Obamanomics. Didn’t work. Still isn’t working. As the JEC put it, spending stimulus, housing bailouts, auto bailouts, financial bailouts, cash for clunkers, cash for caulkers, and $5 trillion in deficit spending left the Obama recovery dead last in modern times.Problem is come January 2013 he will still be President since roughly 50% of the country are government-dependent lemmings willing to follow their one true god over whatever financial cliff he wants them to jump off. " Jul 8, 12 3:15 PM

Protesters Turn Out At Romney Fundraiser On Meadow Lane

Plllease, your so full of it, Your sitting president who said in 2008 "We are the people we have been waitng for and now we are going to fundamentally change the way this country works" Said in a speech on Friday, AND I QUOTE! "Governments and not individuals create jobs" He added: 'You didn't get there on your own. I'm always struck by people who think, well, it must be because I was just so smart.There are a lot of smart people out there. It must be because I worked harder than everybody else. " Jul 17, 12 5:42 PM

Let me tell you something - there are a whole bunch of hardworking people out there" This inflammatory speech underlines the extent Obama believes that the state not ordinary citizens create jobs & wealth. 'I'm sure every small-biz owner who took a sec.mortgage on their home, maxed out their credit cards or borrowed money from their own retirement savings to start their biz disagrees strongly with your sitting president. They know that hard work does matter and you and the MSM cant protect him from himself any longer. Game!
" Jul 17, 12 5:47 PM

New Affordable Housing Project Pitched For Westhampton

Its better then the welfare hotel they snuck in to Hampton Bays, Its ok madam supervisor, Election day is approaching. and we will not forget what you stuck us with. No we will not forget, because we see the evidence skulking around the streets every night after dark." Jul 26, 12 4:29 PM

Thiele Joins Effort To Close Hampton Bays Nightclub

I say lets close the Diner and put in a Chick-fil-a" Aug 3, 12 3:52 PM

Cops: East Quogue Pair Nabbed For Stealing 30 Candy Bars

This is out of control my neighbors wife just got back from Stop and shop in H.B. around 8 PM tonight, where she witnessed 6 people being questioned by police and some seem to have been arrested for shop lifting. The manager told her since the motel on West Tiana changed to a welfair home the store as been inundated each night with what he said were animals with no respect for the surrounding customers, Thanks again Town Board!" Aug 14, 12 9:18 PM

I have noticed you say some of the dumbest thinks I have ever read on this blog. You can not be for real!" Aug 14, 12 9:20 PM

Biden Visits For Fundraiser, Says Election Is Choice Of 'Fundamentally Different Paths'

he won't release them because he is hiding his real history isn't it obvious to anyone that has a half a brain" Sep 2, 12 10:24 AM

MR, Z...Here is another movie quote for you,

GET OFF MY LAWN!" Sep 3, 12 2:58 PM

You are obfuscating the facts as you always do, little man" Sep 3, 12 3:00 PM

<------- If you honestly care about the country you will see this movie before you vote" Sep 4, 12 10:03 PM

VERY" Sep 4, 12 10:03 PM

UPDATE: Police Release Photo Of Man They Say Robbed TD Bank In Hampton Bays Monday Afternoon

Nice try Hat, but news 12 has released the surveillance pictures and now the press will be forced too as well, It looks like one of the new residents from the welfare motel we have seen walking around town lately, but nice try . They have ruined are town in one single action. No town should have to absorb this many section 8 residents all at once it truly has destroyed our peaceful hamlet." Sep 11, 12 7:18 AM

Kidding no! about what? Have you been reading the news lately for East Quogue and HB? Robberies, fights now holdups,What have these politicians done to this nice community! Why should a working class family neighborhood be surprised one morning to learn we have been forced to absorb 60 Section 8 shelter units. Are YOU kidding.These people did not work there why into this neighborhood by hard work they were crow bared in here under the radar in the dead of night. We never had these problems before this outrage!" Sep 11, 12 9:06 AM

Wow, Dog David stuck up for the right point of view for a change." Sep 12, 12 5:10 PM

One Arrested After Man Mugged Outside Blue Collar Bar

And the current theme goes on" Sep 13, 12 11:23 AM

Woody Allen Shoots On Location In Quogue

not much" Sep 18, 12 5:31 AM

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