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UPDATE: Altschuler Concedes Race To Bishop

Thank you Ronald Regan for the proudest years this country has ever had we salute you I know you are embarrassed by you son Michael to Buddie up with this progressive dirt bag Andrew Sullivan.

Rest in peace at times like this the map to the right shows you are sorely missed! " Nov 9, 12 11:31 PM

<------ Nice way to try and make yourself feel like we are the ones out of touch, But this is the official county by county map.

DEAL WITH THAT!" Nov 11, 12 5:38 PM

On Monday you told Progress now the we are the "Knuckle Dragger's"


Ask any five year old child if the sanctioned murder of living babies in the name of " Choice" is civilized!

" Nov 11, 12 5:42 PM

Your just as bad as Phil if you believe that shat, You are a selfish person if you could snuff out the life of a baby. infanticide is a very ugly thing my friend. It takes a real callous creep to condone it think about it and take a look in the mirror." Nov 12, 12 6:32 PM

(CNSNews.com) – It’s Friday morning, and so far today, the Obama administration has posted 165 new regulations and notifications on its reguations.gov website.

In the past 90 days, it has posted 6,125 regulations and notices – an average of 68 a day.

" Nov 12, 12 6:36 PM

If she was a decent person she would have it" Nov 13, 12 6:34 PM

Looks like he just broke with the party one box up or did you miss that. How bout it little phil would you trade abortion rights for gay marriage rights? Joe could persuaded me to see that as a civilized compromise. bet you can't be persuaded into anything but everything your way." Nov 13, 12 6:38 PM

Amen to that" Nov 14, 12 7:54 PM

LOL" Nov 14, 12 8:20 PM

Didn't need no welfare state. Everybody pulled his weight.
Gee, our old LaSalle ran great. Those were the days.
And you know who you were then, girls were girls and men were men.
Mister, we could use a man like Herbert Hoover again.
People seemed to be content. Fifty dollars paid the rent.
Freaks were in a circus tent. Those were the days." Nov 15, 12 6:39 PM

I got no problem with Lateenoos hard working church going people. as for I could give a flying _ _ _ _ Dont feel sorry for no Okie fanokies if you live in a bad place move. Walk out on foot if you have to.care to try the real problem now? Its TAKERS LAZY TAKERS" Nov 15, 12 9:19 PM

I wonder how many of those poor people voted for card check ? Jimmy Hoffa, Andy Stern or Richard Trumpka they don't care about you, You people were just pawns in there game. You see we do not hate you folks that have bought into the government and union dependency scam. We are trying to make you see It is a dead end street. The legs cant hold up the table and in the end it will crash to the ground. Community and small business, You know "the one you didn't build"
In the end that is the only answer" Nov 16, 12 11:06 AM

Well I guess those concessions you speak just were not big enough, so I hope they are happy they took the company down along with there jobs.I feel sorry for the good employees that did not want any part of this" Nov 16, 12 6:34 PM

Bishop Looks Ahead Into New Term

Wal-Mart fights back against union's black Friday walkout.Files legal complaint against protests at its stores across the country,Plans to fire associates.
Wal-Mart is taking legal action against organized labor opponents, filing an unfair labor practice charge over unlawful protests planned for Black Friday,
Now I have a reason to go shopping on Friday please oh please one of you union organizers try and get in my face when I enter the store! Go ahead make my day!

" Nov 20, 12 8:22 PM

UPDATE: Altschuler Concedes Race To Bishop

Hey PBR I was playing around with the scallop thing..... take a pill. I am just getting tired of the way Phil engages in his slash and burn rebuttals to any facts he does not agree with. The class envy and disdain he shows for anyone successful. The prejudice and animosity he harbors . It gets old. That and the fact that I had a few cocktails ;)" Nov 21, 12 8:27 AM

You nailed it with the Class Envy thing He is very bitter toward anyone who has personal responsibility and has made something of themselves" Nov 21, 12 8:31 AM

Bishop Looks Ahead Into New Term

Hey Joe and BF while your talking about disgusting did you see this,

Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx called Barack Obama "our lord and savior."
This occurred at the Soul Train Awards broadcast on BET Sunday

Crazy mixed up people

" Nov 26, 12 11:04 AM

Farmed Scallops Raise Concerns For Wild Stock

You and your scallops do you eat anything else PBR?" Nov 26, 12 11:15 AM

Bishop Looks Ahead Into New Term

Why do you repeatedly say stupid things and then get a free pass?
What are you talking about when you say Obama derangement syndrome? Did that even apply to anything or did you just feel like repeating something you saw on Current?" Nov 27, 12 8:55 AM

Just read what you wrote almost spit out my coffee

" Nov 27, 12 5:30 PM

Thousands of union members have turned out to the Capitol to protest an attempt by Gov. Snyder to pass right-to-work legislation. The protesters, filled the building's rotunda and chanted slogans critical of the legislation.
At one point, several individuals attempted to push two state troopers guarding the senate floor. Police used pepper spray to keep them back and made eight arrests, Nice people those union thugs!

" Dec 6, 12 9:28 PM

Economists surveyed by CNNMoney predict the Labor Department report will show the U.S. economy added only 77,000 jobs in November, a steep drop from the 171,000 jobs created a month earlier.

The unemployment rate is expected to tick up to 8%, from 7.9% in October.

" Dec 7, 12 7:43 AM

God Bless them indeed I guess they have proved to truly be the greatest generation, To bad they seemed to fail at raising children" Dec 8, 12 11:58 AM

You sound like a sick twisted broken record such envy in your words and observations" Dec 8, 12 11:59 AM

The same way they turn a blind eye to all the other outrageous hypocritical and Juvenal behavior that comes from the left.

Its like they live in an alternative universe.

HHS lives in a Noble Galaxy called N.P.R. where the
patrician life forms see things from the vantage point of their exalted rank "they see things not as they are but as they should be"" Dec 10, 12 11:50 AM

Lol looks like TCM Spruced up Phil's disrespectful avatar a bit , To funny" Dec 13, 12 9:05 PM

Hey cap I think Phil missed this story of a poor black man getting beat up wonder how that could have happend?

A predominantly white mob calls a black man named Clint Tarver a "n***er" and "Uncle Tom" as they physically demolish his business. This violence is caught on video, the victim has told his story, and plenty of witnesses exist. Moreover, at the same time this incident occurred, we also have photographic and video evidence of more violence allegedly perpetrated by this same group of pro-union protesters.
This is happening in America, not some third world country. And it's not happening in 1964, or in the South, or in a miniseries or TV movie; it's happening this week in Lansing, Michigan.

And yet, the media won't cover it.

Let me reiterate: Racism, violence, property destruction -- and all of it caught on VIDEO… And still, the media won't cover it.

It's just not a sensational story with all the elements that usually sets the media ablaze; it's also a legitimate story. This black man who lost his hot dog stand to a mob as racial slurs were hurled at him was not only a victim and a completely innocent bystander; he was also an institution within the Michigan political world. ..

…and yet, the media or Phil won’t cover it.

But of course the only reason they won’t cover it, is, you guessed it, The Narrative.

Because the suspected thugs are pro-union protestors and not Tea Partiers, this act of racial violence is not considered a story. You see, the media doesn't really care about racism or thuggery or violence -- what it cares about is The Narrative -- and The Narrative demands that unions must always be the good guys.

So, even if members of the union or their supporters are made up of racist thugs victimizing some innocent guy just trying to make a living, it's not a story -- not because it's not a story -- but because it can’t be a story because the story would damage The Narrative.

None of this should surprise anyone. We've seen it all before. In August of 2009, a black vendor selling American flags at a Tea Party event/protest was beaten in front of three witnesses by two SEIU thugs. Another perfectly innocent vendor minding his own business…

And yet, the media wouldn’t cover it.

And yet…

With a whole lot of selective editing and no evidence whatsoever, the same media that won’t cover actual acts of violence and racism will, of course, manufacture acts of violence and racism to defame the Tea Party. Since there are no legitimate stories to feed The Narrative's need to defame the Tea Party, stories are created out of whole cloth to fit The Narrative's need.

When you think about this and try to take it all in, you ask yourself if it's really possible that the media is honestly and truly this partisan – this blatant and nakedly hypocritical and unconcerned with actual violence and racism.

But it is.

Erik Wemple is the Washington Post's media watchdog. I asked him why the media is all but ignoring this story and if I was crazy to believe that, if a predominantly white Tea Party mob had screamed racial slurs while destroying an innocent black man's hot dog stand, if it might not be the biggest story in the universe right now.

Don't you care about this man Phil? I DO!

" Dec 13, 12 10:29 PM

Thats awesome Phil, Come back to look like a hero when you have the same concern for all baby's " Dec 14, 12 4:01 PM

Forget it U D, His head is hard as a rock. You will never get him to see the hypocrisy in his view points. Just try and ignore him like the rest of us." Dec 14, 12 5:29 PM

Tensions Run High As East Hampton Mobile Home Residents Meet To Discuss Tenant's Association

“I’m appalled,” said Meghan Bock. “…How dare you people. Do you have any idea how much you have depleted—do you have any idea how much you have depleted our resale value of our homes? How are people supposed to sell their homes in here?
Really? Meghan. Try living up the block from the new section 8 Motel that the town board let go into Hampton Bays. You think you have problems.

Wanna trade?" Dec 15, 12 1:04 PM

Bishop Looks Ahead Into New Term

BEIJING 12/14/12 Guns don't kill people , People kill people!
A man wielding a knife attacked students Friday at a school in central China, 22 children and one adult were the victems, according to state-run media reports.
The attack occurred at the gate of an elementary school in the village of Chengping, in Henan Province. Police arrested the attacker, who they identified as local resident Min Yingjun, 36.
Children as young as six were among those attacked, suffering slashes to the ears and head.
The attack marks the latest in a series of violent knive assaults at elementary schools in China. In 2010, a total of 18 children were killed in four separate attacks. On March 23 of that year, Zheng Minsheng attacked children at an elementary school in Fujian Province, killing eight.
One month later, just a few hours after Zheng Minsheng was executed for his crime, another man, Chen Kanbing wounded 16 students and a teacher in a knife attack at another primary school in Fujian. The following month, on May 12, a man named Wu Huangming killed seven children and two adults with a meat cleaver at a kindergarten in Shaanxi Province. That attack was followed by an August 4 assault by Fang Jiantang, who killed three children and one teacher with a knife at a kindergarten in Shandong Province.
2011, a young girl and three adults were killed with an axe at an elementary school in Henan Province by a 30-year-old man named Wang Hongbin, and eight children were hurt in Shanghai after an employee at a child care center attacked them with a box cutter.
Some Chinese bloggers have blamed the lack of freedom of expression for the attacks, suggesting people frustrated by their own circumstances but lacking the means to seek justice or voice their concerns with the all-powerful communist government, lash out instead at the least powerful members of society
" Dec 16, 12 8:25 PM

You stand there like some sort of pathetic OZ with your sick little avatar. Do not make demands of me little man. My hart is sick with pain for those children and those parents.But do not think for a minute I will let you and your progresive idols exploit this crisis for your own ideological profit.

Make love not war be parpared for both." Dec 16, 12 11:00 PM

Lol yea, It reminds me of the old Crazy Eddie commercials from TV" Dec 17, 12 11:35 AM

Larry Bud Melmann or Les Nessman would also work" Dec 17, 12 3:17 PM

Tensions Run High As East Hampton Mobile Home Residents Meet To Discuss Tenant's Association

Oh I guess it not important since its in Hampton Bays,Right, A week later and no reply at all , Still Crickets" Dec 21, 12 7:37 PM

Enjoy the veiw Meghan, Enjoy The Veiw" Dec 21, 12 7:38 PM

Sandy Hook Tragedy Is Felt At East End Schools

More like the only thing you thought of after your fake tears was here is our chance to take the guns. Then the government can get even stronger and we can redistribute the wealth faster. Nice try.

Your so transparent you can see right through you into the TV your watching with Ed Schultz and the rest of the progressive socialists playing in a loop on PMSNBC. " Dec 24, 12 3:23 PM

How do you figure." Dec 24, 12 4:17 PM

Ya seriously, You got a problem with our right to protect our family's too Z. The ND amendment is a reality so if you have a problem with the constitution than go on the recored.You saw what happened during the storm people fighting and pulling weapons out over gas. No picture something really bad like a dirty bomb going off in Manhattan. Picture all those desperate and crazed people coming here from the Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn. for your food and whatever else they can loot. " Dec 25, 12 1:58 AM

My God I had no idea it was anywhere near that large a number. How sad, what have we become." Dec 26, 12 2:45 PM

McConnell responded to reports today that B.H.O. called him and other leaders to update negotiations to avoid the Jan. 1 "fiscal cliff" by noting that it was the "first time he has heard from any Democrat, including the B.H.O., on this since Thanksgiving, Disgusting!
UD, When the financial collapse arrives, they will have no idea what happened indeed!
US DEBT CLOCK -16,410,403,914,833
They don't want to have any idea all they want to do is blame the rich. Taxing the rich will be like throwing a nickel in the ocean. We need entitlement reform!

" Dec 27, 12 1:47 PM

What would you suggest Janet Neapolitano does surprise pop in visits at your home to make sure everything is locked up.I will tell you what would help, Like the right to vote you should have to be a home or property owner or be able to show you have good credit and have been responsibly renting at the same address for over 3 years. If you are renting you should also need a recommendation letter from your landlord and be over 24 years of age." Dec 27, 12 1:56 PM

Dag,will taxing the successful make you and the little boy man Philly feel better,1 Trillion over the next decade your boy spent that every 6 months. You guys really are blind jealous ideological fools. " Dec 28, 12 6:20 PM

Hope you know Chinese, Fool" Dec 28, 12 6:21 PM

Wow, That explains someone we know to a freaking T. To Funny! So I guess the take away is as Dnice has suggested. We should be trying to ignore people like this. When we are appalled by this kind of behavior They gain some sort of sadistic high. Wow. Sick little puppies huh. and people like this have jobs like teaching communication skills to our children in our schools , Scary stuff." Dec 29, 12 4:49 PM

Big Red 47,726 baby's have been murdered since Sandy Hook Maybe 2% for a legitimate reason.No one is protesting the cases where it save the mothers life. Just the ones done out of self centered convenience. If any women did this you are forgiven in this culture of no responsibility but only if you stop the madness and now realize the horror of the action." Dec 30, 12 11:06 AM

Just ring that bell my friend and we will be there!

I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the "REPUBLIC" for which it stands, one nation indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. " Dec 30, 12 6:15 PM

Why do you always seem to have a such a problem with patriotism" Dec 31, 12 12:20 AM

The Congress is negligent in standing and holding up our Constitution and the branches of government!

They have allowed this fraud...this enemy of the United States of America to take us down...one piece at a time.

Remember...when the he spoke in soft tones to the Russian leader...and said wait until after the election and then he would have more of an ability to work with them...well, now he is!


" Dec 31, 12 7:56 AM

Public Hearing Set To Discuss Plan For Inpatient Facility On Quiogue

Gee Wiz how come The new Section eight Hilton in Hampton bays did not get this kind of review process.

Anna? Care to comment? Tim Maybe You? Hello anyone there?

though it could still be months before the organization receives the final green light from Southampton Town.

The Southampton Town Planning Board deemed the site plan application for the new facility complete at its meeting on December 20 and scheduled a public hearing, during which community members are invited to share their thoughts or concerns" Jan 1, 13 12:19 PM

Sandy Hook Tragedy Is Felt At East End Schools

The "fiscal cliff" fiasco has made it clear that President Barack Hussein Obama is entirely irrelevant to the everyday task of governing. He is not interested in it, and he is not good at it. He is great at campaigning and terrible at leading. He is essentially a symbol, a political celebrity who could be re-elected forever because people seem to like what they think he stands for, and what he tells them he stands against. But he does nothing positive for the country.
The deal that took shape on Capitol Hill over the past few days and weeks happened almost without President Obama's involvement--and despite his hyper-partisan press conference yesterday, which clearly poisoned the entire process. No doubt he will be able to offer sophisticated-sounding reflections on the entire affair, which largely repeat analyses from policy briefings and the press. But President Obama was absent
Vice President Joe Biden--an incompetent poseur--is essentially running the country. President Obama delegates every significant responsibility to him
" Jan 1, 13 12:35 PM

Public Hearing Set To Discuss Plan For Inpatient Facility On Quiogue

Someone has to do more, you don't have to live here. They have DESTROYED this water front family values neighborhood. Come look at it ! Its a disgrace.
It looks like a ghetto.
People walking around talking to themselves,large groups of loitering disheveled looking slobs, garbage in the street. baggy pants gangster looks as they skulk down the road at all hours. Their fouls mouths yelling at there children and who ever they are "talking" to on there cell phones as the get out of taxi's and pile into our brand new stop and shop to use there food stamps.bank robberies by a man who was visiting the hotel a week before.I have repeatedly asked Anna's office (With no response!) Why should any neighborhood hood have to absorb this quantity of section eight no responsibility welfare residents. Do you have an answer for this question Nature ??? I know where Anna Lives and I also know this would never be tolerated in that neighborhood

" Jan 2, 13 9:22 AM

Thats right Gnat to many people with no personal responsibility in a store that was not meant for them. Don't like that factoid, TFB. You want me to have more compassion? I give more than most every Sunday pal. At least that money is spent responsibly.
Like I asked you before
Why should any neighborhood hood have to absorb this quantity of section eight no responsibility welfare residents.
Lets put one of these gems in North Haven and see what happens." Jan 2, 13 11:00 AM

Sandy Hook Tragedy Is Felt At East End Schools

OMG that says it all. wow" Jan 3, 13 8:40 AM

Public Hearing Set To Discuss Plan For Inpatient Facility On Quiogue

Listen Gnature, you think your cute , but we are not talking about work force housing here. This place looks like the South Bronx. You still have not answered the question so I will try one more time. Why should any one neighborhood be subjected to 60 section 8 units in a concentrated area.Tell you what I have a beautiful home. Do you what to trade since you seem to think these people are such a pleasure to look at each day.Who is going to buy my house except more of the same, or is that the part of the countys plan?" Jan 4, 13 12:57 PM

Brother of Fugitive Suspect In Water Mill Nun Hit-And-Run To Be Sentenced January 8

You are no longer worth of my time" Jan 6, 13 11:17 AM

Public Hearing Set To Discuss Plan For Inpatient Facility On Quiogue

enjoy living in your narcissistic world where you think your opinion is so unique" Jan 6, 13 11:20 AM

Sandy Hook Tragedy Is Felt At East End Schools


Progressives say they want to raise as much as $1 trillion in new revenues through tax reform later this year to balance Republican demands to slash mandatory spending.

" Jan 7, 13 7:35 PM

Planned Parenthood Touts over 333,000 Babies Aborted in last year
by William Bigelow 8 Jan 2013
And the American genocide continues, with 333,964 murders last year. That’s the figure proudly released by Planned Parenthood Federation of America in their report delineating how many abortions they performed last year. Doing some simple math reveals that the number of abortions performed equates to one abortion every 94 seconds.
And Planned Parenthood can be pleased with their progress: the number of abortions they performed last year was up from the year before, when they snuffed out 329,445 lives. And the U.S. government can carry the banner high with the abortion provider; Planned Parenthood received $542.4 million in “government health services grants and reimbursements,” including “payments from Medicaid managed care plans.”
In the “Message From The Chair And President” Cecilia Boone and Cecile Richards, there is not one mention of abortion. Not one. They prance around that issue, boasting of how they bullied the Susan G. Komen Foundation For The Cure into reversing its decision to exclude Planned Parenthood from their centers.
The despicable assault on the helpless, with the aid of the Obama administration, is even more powerful than it has been heretofore. It’s time to take the gloves off and show young women what actually happens to the babies inside them. Even if we cannot yet pass legislation outlawing the procedure, we must pass legislation that requires abortion clinics to show ultrasounds to women about to have abortions.

" Jan 9, 13 10:07 AM

dnice you broke your rule of ignoring idiots" Jan 9, 13 12:52 PM

You are right Joe, Thank you for pointing out the obvious, seems like Big fresh as had also enough of trying to talk common sense into a wall as well. I will try and do the same. Its just the garbage he spouts is so indefensible. I guess when you think about it you and dnice are correct its all for attention. " Jan 10, 13 3:29 PM

There is no compromise on the 2nd Amendment....period.
There is no legitimate exception to the Second Amendment for military-style weapons, because military-style weapons are precisely what the Second Amendment guarantees our right to keep and bear. The purpose of the Second Amendment is to secure our ability to oppose enemies foreign and domestic, a guarantee against disorder and tyranny. Consider the words of Supreme Court justice Joseph Story — who was, it bears noting, appointed to the Court by the guy who wrote the Constitution:

The right to keep and bear arms is a civil right. If you doubt that, consider the history of arms control in England, where members of the Catholic minority (and non-Protestants generally) were prohibited from bearing arms as part of the campaign of general political oppression against them. The Act of Disenfranchisement was still in effect when our Constitution was being written, a fact that surely was on the mind of such Founding Fathers as Daniel Carroll, to say nothing of his brother, Archbishop John Carroll.

The Second Amendment speaks to the nature of the relationship between citizen and state. Liberals may think that such a notion is an antiquated relic of the 18th century, but then they should be arguing for wholesale repeal of the Second Amendment rather than presenting — what’s the word? — disingenuous arguments about what it means and the purpose behind it.

Liberals are forever asking: “Why would anybody need a gun like an AR-15?”

The answer is: Because we are not serfs. We are a free people living under a Republic of our own construction. We may consent to be governed, but we will not be ruled.

Para-Military weapons are necessary for a para-military resistance against a tyrannous government.....there, now you can't say you didn't know.

" Jan 10, 13 10:03 PM

Despite launching a gun control agenda that threatens to disarm the American people, President Obama has signed a bill that would afford him armed Secret Service protection for life.

“The legislation, crafted by Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina, rolls back a mid-1990s law that imposed a 10-year limit on Secret Service protection for former presidents. Bush would have been the first former commander in chief affected,” reports Yahoo News.

The new bill, which will cost American taxpayers millions of dollars, is a re-instatement of a 1965 law which will see presidents protected for life as well as their children up to age 16.

The irony of Obama seeking to surround himself with armed men for the rest of his life while simultaneously working to disarm the American people via a gun control agenda that is likely to be enforced via executive decree represents the height of hypocrisy.

" Jan 11, 13 9:16 AM

Morgan is not a true honest objective journalist. He is an integral part of the M.S.M's "BHO propaganda machine" He can't be bothered by little details like fact and truth that run contrary to his agenda. Ben was outstanding! He put that arrogant, ignorant, sarcastic English prick on the defensive from beginning to end. Morgan was put in his place by facts, truth, and the constitution, You know that paper that BHO wants to wipe his azz with? Why does the left seem to have serious issues with Facts and truth? Maybe because their arguments are based on emotion, not reason, common sense and logic. Nice job Ben Shapiro of Brietbart, Andrew would be proud of you as we all are. Well done young man.

" Jan 11, 13 6:48 PM

Even when you choose your words carefully the nanny press censors your words what are you so afraid of... I did not use and profanity nor did I name any individuals. Seems someone has a liberal / progressive most likely female protector at the press. can someone fair and balanced look into this please.at the very least if you take such pleasure in censorship explain the ground rules so you can be held to a standard!" Jan 14, 13 11:12 AM

If they would just secede I would be on the first plane.
Tuesday, January 15, 2013
Texas Proposal: JAIL Any Federal Officials Trying to Enforce New Gun Restrictions in the State , LOVE IT! F en LOVE ITTTT!
measure would make any federal firearms legislation passed by Congress or approved by Presidential order unenforceable in Texas. NICE!
Jim Forsyth
A Texas lawmaker says he plans to file the Firearms Protection Act, which would make any federal laws that may be passed by Congress or imposed by Presidential order which would ban or restrict ownership of semi-automatic firearms or limit the size of gun magazines illegal in the state, 1200 WOAI news reports. MADE MY DAY !" Jan 15, 13 5:16 PM

Hoo rah! Would love to have you along for the ride brother, maybe Arizona would merge with Texas and then we could show the rest of the country how easy it is to stop the illegal border crossings.

If the president is allowed to suspend constitutional rights on his own personal whims, our free republic has effectively ceased to exist.

Yesterday you said
A firearm that match's the firepower of those that may be used against them, either by criminals or a tyrannical government that turns on its own people and tries to deprive them of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness"

Today I say
I think they just did!" Jan 15, 13 5:47 PM

Come with us Mr Z Texas has a great economy!

Here in Texas, you will have the liberty and the opportunity to achieve your dreams. On top of that, we have no income tax, yet still manage to have a multi-billion dollar budget surplus.

We have right to work laws and a reasonable regulatory environment. Texas has created more than 275,000 jobs in the last year alone! And we’ll fight like hell to protect your rights.

You’ll also get to keep more of what you earn and use some of that extra money to buy more ammo.

I hope to see you soon in Texas. In the meantime, sign up to show your support for our second amendment rights.

Sincerely,Attorney General of Texas" Jan 16, 13 4:35 PM

You could always put something valuable safely in a water proof bag, in a hole in the ground a mile away from your home.But not anything Illegal. because that would be against the law. So you should be careful. If you are not sure if it is legal to bury an item you may want to keep safe consulate and attorney first. If it is a old clock or a favorite T shirt, I am sure it would be fine." Jan 18, 13 11:04 PM

BHO is the most hateful, divisive 'president' in History. I can't imagine how much Obama must hate this country to constantly spend his time pitting his fellow man against each other to further his Failed Ideology.Its Disgusting. For BHO there are only those he can steamroll, and those he can use. "Progressives" applaud President his fork-tongue as he expresses contempt for everything that ever made America unique and great; as he openly disdains fully one half of our citizenry, the half who do not want our grandchildren to be debt slaves to a bankrupt Orwellian state. Then they have the nerve to protest when he is called divisive. How many impeachable offenses does obama have to commit before the scales fall from their eyes?

" Jan 22, 13 6:04 AM

They are now notorious for being not only ungracious winners, but Obama and company also have bad manners. Whenever I happen to encounter a rude person, my retort is " Since you see nothing wrong with behaving like a petulant child, I think it's safe to assume that you are a democrat." Did you see the clip of that poor excuse of a first lady shovelling food down her throat, elbows on the table taking a breath long enough to roll her eyes at John Boehner while he was talking to BHO during the luncheon today. " Jan 22, 13 6:15 AM

Came across this while reading a tread on RCP today thought you should read it Phil
Eileen_for_Freedom_Liberty 37 comments collapsed Collapse Expand America...is it not hypocrisy to have the Liar N' Chief...declare in his 'sound bites' and 'photo ops' to his deaf, dumb and blind and inner city plantation slaves...that he wants to take away the right to bear arms through our Constitution to protect the children...when he worked to have the murder of the innocent within the wombs of their mothers...continue?

It was he who voted while in the IL Senate...to allow murderers to take those innocents still living after a botched abortion to be put into a room...all by themselves with no one to hold them to comfort them in their pain...to lie there without medical assistance and no sustenance to sustain their lives until they are dead? YOU CALL THAT CARING ABOUT THE CHILDREN?

Who proclaimed that he was for any form of birth control in order for 'his' daughters not to be PUNISHED with the pregnancy of a child?

It was he who voted with others to allow partial birth abortions...whereby the little and helpless innocent is pulled from the womb of it's mother...allowing only it's little head to remain within the womb...then the murderer taking a pair of scissors to severe their spinal cords from their bodies...killing them instantly. YOU CALL THAT CARING ABOUT THE CHILDREN?




The miracle of GOD’S creation…
" Jan 23, 13 9:46 AM

Even as President Obama continues to proclaim that his administration forwards liberty around the globe, democracy apparently declined across the globe for the seventh consecutive year, according to the international watchdog Freedom House. Obama said in his second inaugural address that “We will support democracy from Asia to Africa; from the Americas to the Middle East, because our interests and our conscience compel us to act on behalf of those who long for freedom.”
According to the report, 27 countries experienced further cutbacks on the right to assemble and the right to free expression. Just 43 percent of people around the world had “full political rights and civil liberties.”

" Jan 23, 13 11:22 PM

<----- How come you don't defend me and the 940 others just like me by the end of the day. All victims of assault speculums, Why Mr. Phil ? Why do I not matter like the 1173 you posted above?

Why? Mr Phil" Jan 24, 13 10:04 AM

Well , Sadly it is now 8 hours later and another 940 baby's have been discarded out of convenience.

So sad, and the silence is defining

Your 1173 gang bangers list seems so small, Doesn't it.

" Jan 24, 13 6:23 PM

TCM maybe he should be asking High Hat Size that question since he seems to be condoning Jays actions in todays Patch." Jan 25, 13 6:17 PM

Town Board Rejects First Draft Of Canoe Place Inn Report

"there are a string of unsuccessful small motels on West Tiana"

No one wants to stay in outdated dumps any more HH " Jan 28, 13 7:50 AM

After your pro Jay comment your going to teach the rest of us values. Thats funny stuff." Jan 28, 13 7:56 AM

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