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Southampton High School To Reopen Upgraded Planetarium To Public On November 1

This just goes to show you can't please anybody. A town should be boasting about having such an amazing resource within their learning community. Instead the first comment shows a parent who's not satisfied because their child hasn't received their uniform for band and then you have the angry taxpayer. Imagine living in a community that has none of these resources available to their children - what would you be complaining about then?
" Oct 20, 12 12:46 PM

Southampton School District Officials Do Away With Val And Sal

This isnt coddling - it is a mature decision and allows other students, not just the two top performers, to have an opportunity to speak at graduation. If anything, this may motivate other students to take time to plan and organize a speech and understand that hard work in rewarded. What are we looking for in students? Are we only interested in the brightest who do not struggle with their studies? Or are we trying to get all students to participate at a high level and become independent thinkers? " Nov 30, 12 1:00 PM

Technologically Savvy Southampton Teacher Seen As One To Watch

Very happy to see a veteran teacher being recognized for their use of technology in the classroom! Unfortunately this story will not have as many views or comments as a negative story about teaching. Congrats to Ms Clare, the administration team and staff that supports her, her wonderful students that are continually engaged by her lessons, and the school community that is fortunate enough to have people like Ms. Clare working in their district! " Mar 26, 13 12:15 AM

Diver Rescued Near Ponquogue Bridge On Saturday Morning

Capsized boat in the inlet. Sure this will be reported on soon " May 12, 13 3:21 PM

Town Board, Supervisor Candidates Debate Code Enforcement In Hampton Bays

How can we eliminate overcrowding in Hampton Bays? I suggest using the term "Winter Shares." Over the past twenty years, code enforcement has worked hard to eliminate overcrowded share houses during the summer months. I have vivid memories of every car parked at a share house in my neighborhood receiving tickets early one Sunday morning a few years back. However, summer shares brought business and much needed funds to the town. The overcrowding at issue not only affects quality of life, but also school funding. One house listed 11 students! 11! Do the math quickly about how much educational funding is being delievered to that one residence. This is not a drop in the pan! " Oct 18, 13 11:01 AM

Student, Parent Intend To Sue Hampton Bays School District Over Locker Room Incident

Sounds like a quick payday for the Hand family. Can someone break my nose for $3 million? " Apr 1, 14 9:26 AM

Good Ground Park Designer Discusses Potential Features, Including 'New Main Street'

Perhaps the stores created could create a sense of "quaintness" that Main Street in Hampton Bays lacks." May 16, 14 1:19 PM

Southampton Students Petition District To Change Columbus Day's Name

It's clear these students have been examining primary sources and not reading historical interpretations. Columbus Day was created through pressure of the Knights of Columbus which was providing heavy political endorsements at the time of the creation of the holiday. Kudos to these social studies teachers for having their students be free thinkers. " Feb 6, 15 10:33 AM

New State School Aid Mandates To Impact Local Districts

I was educated in HB schools from 1990-2003. I am a teacher today because of all the amazing teachers I had throughout my time as a student in both the elementary and secondary school. These are people who arrive well before thwe AM bell and stay well after school hours. Today I teach middle school social studies in the Bronx and often reflect on the things my teachers did that made learning fun. If you are a Hampton Bays teacher and reading this, know that you had a tremendous impact on my growth as a learner and have helped shaped who I am today. Thank you! " Apr 13, 15 10:36 AM

*the AM bell" Apr 13, 15 10:42 AM

*teachers. No need for the apostrophe which would suggest possession. No wonder you hate teachers Chief. Grammar is not you forte " Apr 15, 15 5:46 PM

*your" Apr 15, 15 5:46 PM

Town Officials Celebrate Earth Day, Start Of Plastic Bag Ban

RIP plastic bag drawers" Apr 22, 15 3:28 PM

East Quogue Superintendent Resigns; Board Announces Budget Cuts

Baby boo, you're living in a dream world. " May 7, 15 11:33 AM

Hundreds Decry Montauk Weekend Mayhem

All towns west crushed the life blood which is the summer rental scene. However, Montauk is a different beast due to its plethora of motels/hotels. It will always attract people out there. Montauk is cool - let's face the facts. The people at that meeting are clearly of a different "market" than Montauk businesses are shooting to cater to. I wonder how people there in that firehouse would have felt 30-40 years ago? They were probably on the beaches of Hampton Bays. SH town clamped down on the summer rentals and now Hampton Bays is dealing with rental issues they didn't foresee coming. Remeber, be careful what you wish for because you just might get it. " Jul 14, 15 8:27 PM

Have you been to Montauk once in the past three years? I'd say the only difference between the HB train station and MTK station are the choice of spirits the passengers chose to imbibe in that day. Get a clue pal. " Jul 15, 15 11:19 AM

Did you see what I wrote before. Said the exact same thing " Jul 15, 15 1:28 PM

Hampton Bays Library Officials Circulate Seven Plans For Renovation

I've always dreamed of having a library located right on Main Street. Clearly, finding the space for it could be a problem and also taxpayers will not want to foot that bill. However, it seems like no one is voicing their opinions on the matter. I guess we will have to see how this plays out. " Aug 26, 15 12:34 AM

CVS Officials, Others Express Interest In Hampton Bays Diner Property

Hmmh, I'm thinking an all encompassing pizzeria/bank/nail salon/Chinese food restaurant would be a nice touch. But on a serious note, if the funding was there, a new, beautiful library would serve as a wonderful entry into the hamlet " Sep 10, 15 6:31 PM

Chief1, I apologize if I see greater usage of the proverbial welcome mat of the hamlet. So easy to hide behind an internet handle. How many hours a day do you devote to internet trolling? " Sep 12, 15 11:49 AM

Governor Calls For Review Of Common Core

Oh wow, Chief1 has an opinion on a field he has no expertise in. Surprise. The problem lies in poverty. There is a clear correlation of students living in poverty and low performing in the classroom. However, this is no excuse. Education today is based on vocabulary acquisition because that is what the standardized tests are - reading tests. If you don't know the vocabulary you will not do well. Students living in poverty don't hear the same vocabulary in their homes that affluent students hear.

As for teachers, yes, the roll out was rushed and poorly done. NYC Chancellor Farina always says "the answer is the room." The state Ed Dept needs to listen all stakeholders - parents, teachers, administrators, community members, and students - as they revise their plan for Common Core " Sep 15, 15 9:01 AM

Marie Mulcahy, Founding President Of Hampton Bays Beautification Association, Dies At Age 85

She will be remembered as a woman of action. She served her town and Hampton Bays is a better place because of her efforts. Thank you Marie Mulcahy. " Sep 30, 15 12:02 AM

Hampton Bays Repaving Work To Begin Next Week

Typical East End resident - complains about potholes and poor road conditions; complains about roads being paved" Apr 2, 16 8:46 AM

Southampton Town Supervisor Shares Vision For New Ponquogue Beach Restaurant

I hope this serves as a great eatery for those visiting the museum " Apr 2, 16 8:48 AM

Hamptons Summer Colony Well Represented In Trump Cabinet

Glad to see Trump "draining the swamp" and choosing billionaires. " Nov 30, 16 9:35 PM

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