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A push for library service in Springs

Make the Springs Library the Children's Library for East Hamtpon and solve two problems at one time." Mar 26, 10 9:41 PM

Beached whale in East Hampton put down; euthanization dart missing on Main Beach

I was just going to comment that this is going from bad to worse in a fast downward spiral." Apr 9, 10 8:05 PM

Abrupt and tearful end to Stony Brook Southampton dream

I total support this. (LIU SH Alum here)" Apr 9, 10 8:13 PM

Southampton Village Police investigation discovers porn on department computers

If you have so little to do at work each day that you have time to surf the internet or "chat" at work then you need not have a job." Jul 11, 10 2:02 PM

Wainscott community members see disconnect in developer's vision for Plitt Ford property

Saunders has a fantastic idea, I hope it comes through with flying colors. Maybe it will inspire all the other landlords on the Wainscott strip to clean up their run down shacks. Wainscott a walking a town? Not likely. All Wainscott needs is another empty dump like the old Swamp/ Star Room. If one lives near a main street and does not expect to hear trucks they need to re-think their real estate choices. It's comically really, much like the homeowners on airport road that complain about the airport noise and the gun club; there's a reason why your property costs less. So much for logic." Jul 18, 10 12:30 AM

Severe thunderstorm hits Springs; many without power

Pride of Bonac is dead on - the damage left most of us in awe. In walking distance from our house I know of a boat was flipped upside down, a week old above ground pool was crushed under a tree, two other cars were crushed under trees and live power lines were hanging on our street making it a virtual dead end. We were lucky and didn't loose trees or have any damage to our property.

LIPA and the clean up crews did a great job, I was amazed that we have power in roughly 24 hours." Jul 22, 10 11:02 PM

ZBA turns down East Hampton Library expansion

6802 sq ft? I would turn it down too." Jul 25, 10 7:27 PM

Is the basement finished or above ground? Is it really a basement or a finished level under ground? Does it have egress windows? Is it heated and cooled?

Exterior walls don't account for square footage as you are suggesting - the building would not existing without them so they are a part of the total count.

If one owns a 3000 sqft house they wouldn't say they have a 2700 sqft house because 10% of the structure is made up of exterior walls." Jul 27, 10 9:39 PM

East Quogue woman files $70 million lawsuit against Suffolk County and Southampton Town

yes" Jul 29, 10 9:14 PM

Who in their right mind would carry 13k in cash?
" Jul 29, 10 9:17 PM

Protest over Beach Hampton beach guards

Is the "Bayside" area of Amagansett an incorporated Village? (no) Maybe Rona and her husband don't have enough activities to fill out their day and need to find something to kvetch about (usually anything and everything that everyone else want to do in Amagansett).

" Aug 4, 10 3:13 PM

"The only reason for this is because they can't collect the dues."
Bingo! Cha-chinng - I think you're correct.
" Aug 5, 10 7:31 PM

The real question here is wether or not Beach Hampton property owners and the Home Owners Association have deeded rights to these points of beach access. Being a taxpayer doesn't automatically equate to sole right of access. We currently share our beach access with anyone that can find it and I grew up in an area where the public beach was deeded to those that lived on or off of a single road (those who lived on the cliff used the public beach and those not used the access at the back of their property). The Hamptons seem to have a "people with entitlement issues" problem which filters through every aspect of life here which is really a shame considering the beauty of the area. Seems to me that someone needs to go to town to do some reading to get the facts straight for everyone." Aug 8, 10 12:41 AM

Association cancels beach guards

“Bill Frisbie made such an issue out of it, we decided not to have the walkways guarded,” said Rona Klopman, president of the association, which maintains the Beach Hampton walkways and beaches. “We decided it was just too much controversy.”

Only too a week or so to back down? Odd," Aug 11, 10 10:19 PM

Coffeeshop opens in Amagansett

Just a correction:

Jack's took over Beth's Flowers old place next to Sylvester & Co at Home. Jack's will take over the Essential's store (one of Sylvester's stores). Late 2010/2011 Beth's old place (Jack's current place) will be renovated and the Sylvester & Co at Home store will expand into the current coffee shop." Aug 17, 10 10:35 PM

Keeping fingers crossed when it comes to hurricane preparedness

I think olive oil would be better (spoilage wise). You do need fats - not fats no #2. ;)" Aug 21, 10 4:19 PM

"Other People's Money" Review

Closing weekend is next weekend, not this weekend. " Jan 26, 11 10:50 AM

Most East End Houses Of Worship Won't Wed Same-Sex Couples

wow... a lot of contradiction/ hypocrisy right there..

Matthew 7:1 Judge not, that ye be not judged." Aug 1, 11 6:35 PM

Real_Local - The Patch is doing a fantastic job, everyday I am surprised at how much reporting and good reporting they do. Journalism before Capitalism." Aug 1, 11 6:36 PM

Pepper Spray Hits Shelves At Sag Harbor Pharmacy

Pepper spray is not mace." Jun 30, 12 9:48 PM