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WLIU back on the air in new studios

Hooray .. how about all of us reading this article and comments send in a contribution to help the station. Can even be $10 (or more!). Let's show 88.3 how much we care about the services they provide to all of us ... " Mar 27, 10 10:39 AM

Maybe we could start a groundswell ... $10 or $20 from a lot of people will really make a difference ... we've seen that from politics to disaster relieve ... it would be a disaster if we didn't have the station, that's for sure. I looked up address ... p.o. box 1410, Southampton, 11969 -- or go to their website ... let's see an avalanche of support..." Mar 27, 10 8:32 PM

Fairway Restaurant closed after 20 years

Losing the fabulous Danny Murray and his community minded approach, is just another sad comment on the politicians and the money rules all philosophy.
" Mar 28, 10 2:23 PM

Stony Brook University will announce drastic cuts to Stony Brook Southampton

For shame --- Stony Brook shoved the radio station out, destroyed a beautiful facility, cost those trying to save the station considerable time and money to find an alternative space, all the while knowing they were going to do this. No wonder they can't make a go of it --- they have no vision or, perhaps, interest in 'their' community. " Apr 7, 10 8:25 AM

Hot potato season for restaurateurs

Add the Laundry to the growing list of hometown institutions that we have lost... pretty soon the mom and pop shops will be called Lauren, Tahari, Crew ... and who will know the difference?" Apr 7, 10 11:36 AM

East Hampton Village looks to liven up empty storefronts

And in Amagansett and Sag Harbor and Bridgehampton, street parking is REASONABLE ... 3 hours in Bridgehampton ... East Hampton has become the unfriendliest Hampton around. There isn't enough time to have something to eat and see a movie ... just awful." Apr 27, 10 4:53 PM

Nature Conservancy will honor Sagaponack woman for help from bays to Brazil

Congratulations to Barbara Slifka ... an incredible woman." Jun 24, 10 3:45 PM

FEIS on East Hampton Library completed, reflects continuing concerns on expansion

I find that this entire process is an embarrassment to this town; that controversy over a library wanting to expand is pathetic. In my estimation, this delay, this scrutiny is in the service of a small group of people who do not want to see 'others' come into 'their' village or library. And that the members of the ZBA entertain this small group by causing this delay is sickening. It's a library --- not a mega-mansion that would get approval in five minutes. Shame on the ZBA members for not helping the library serve ALL the community, whether they are sitting in a lecture space or bringing their children to the library. " Jul 2, 10 7:42 AM

East Hampton Farmers Market faces possible shutdown

What is wrong with this new board? Shut down the Farmer's Market?
What are they thinking? Oh, they're not thinking.
" Jul 22, 10 12:14 PM

East Hampton police try to improve village traffic flow

I think it's time for jay walkers to get ticketed or warned and making the cars turn right onto Newtown lane from Reutershan is insane ... it's just pouring more traffic into town. As long as the traffic control officers are there, why can't they stop traffic to let people cross and those who want to get out of town can make a left.
" Jul 23, 10 12:59 PM

ZBA turns down East Hampton Library expansion

An absolute disgrace ... the ZBA should hang their heads in shame for the amount of time and money they have wasted, while children are being deprived of the excellent services of the library. In my opinion, this is just like Noah Way said ... unsightly children should be kept out of the village--perhaps for fear they will taint the blue bloods who live near the library. For shame. All should get to the library on August 14th and express their support. " Jul 24, 10 12:40 PM

very good point PQ ... any thoughts on what it could be?" Jul 25, 10 11:34 AM

Here's what I think the library should do ... sell the current library building as a private residence and build a big beautiful community minded privately funded library in Springs ... and when the new owner of the former library plants hedges all around the property, let's see how many accidents happen at the intersection ...and just how many of the village residents will make the trip to Springs.
And while they are building the library, perhaps they can accommodate the Farmer's Market." Jul 26, 10 8:33 PM

Hey Joe Hampton, that's a great idea ... let Barns & Noble take over the library space when it builds in Springs ...
that way people will still be able to get books (although they will have to pay for them) ... quite a difference between a commercial bookstore and a public library.
And maybe with Barns and Noble on that dangerous corner, the state will allow a traffic light." Jul 27, 10 9:50 AM

Restaurant owner will not open cafe at Poxabogue Golf Center

Bring back Danny Murray and let's eat!" Aug 9, 10 4:00 PM

With deadline looming, radio station still short of funds

Although I've heard many nasty things about Steven Gaines over the years, I tried not to believe all of what I've heard ... but now, those things, combined with his comments to the press about the radio station, biting the hand that hired him and trashing the station that pays him, is probably not even a new low for him. How awful to be disloyal ... what an embarrassment, Mr. Gaines ... you should resign from your show. " Aug 14, 10 2:47 PM

Mr. Suffolk, what are you talking about? WLIU hasn't been a 'college' station for years; it was owned by the university, and that's as far as it went. As far as salaries, does anyone have any comment on your salary? The station hasn't failed - it has consistently produced high quality award winning programming and is a valued and important asset to this community. and, packaged4, what station are you listening to? british accents? were you listening to the BBC news or that station in Connecticut ... listen and support locally." Aug 15, 10 9:14 AM

Radio station deadline looms

The news of 88.3 demise as reported here, is way too premature. Instead of spreading the negative 27E why don't you spin the positive ... oh, right, positive isn't the way to get attention. Am so disappointed in your negative attitude toward this station. What's the personal issue? Your headline should be an embarrassment to you. This is a station that has done great things for the communities of the East End ... aside from their great programming their attention to the nonprofits of the East End has been admirable. Bad Form, 27E." Aug 30, 10 12:55 PM

Thanks for changing the headline.
" Aug 31, 10 1:02 PM

Pat Lynch continues lawsuit against town

Pat Lynch is, was and seemingly will always be trouble. She needs attention and she is using the legal system to get it. For goodness sake, all the money she is paying to harm the reputation of good and decent people who take care of animals is a violation of human rights. Stop this foolishness ... you were rejected as a volunteer because you want to do more than volunteer ... you want to dictate policy and have everything YOUR way. It's not like that. So, sit, stay and shut up." Sep 17, 10 4:52 PM

No personal vendetta against Pat Lynch ... just knowledge of how she operates.
It's all about her judgement about what's right and wrong. She is divisive -
and undermines just to get her way." Sep 17, 10 10:14 PM

Local radio group secures funding for 88.3 FM purchase

congratulations to the hard working, community-centric folks at Peconic Public Broadcasting ... we are all fortunate to have such caring, dedicated people keeping the airwaves local.
I'd also like to say that 27E has not done a very good job of supporting their efforts, printing information gathered by those not authorized to speak ... sounds like the Independent tactics." Sep 26, 10 9:27 AM

Peconic Public Broadcasting succeeds in raising enough to buy station

Congratulations to Wally Smith and his dedicated staff and loyal listeners.
We're all winners in this. " Sep 28, 10 10:47 PM

and what's your salary structure, Mr. Z?" Sep 29, 10 3:57 PM

Fortunately more people feel exactly the opposite than you, Noah ... and that's why the station will be successful. " Sep 30, 10 9:44 AM

Possible Reprieve For East Hampton Village Pharmacy

Somewhere there must be a compassionate financially sound person to help save this community resource. Maxa is right, the care, dedication and warmth found in Frank's stores will never be duplicated by CVS or Rite Aid or anywhere else.
Chain stores linking our community? It is a chain of fools ... and we are all the worse for it. How about Ralph Lauren kicking in some money and saving a local business?" Nov 5, 10 10:59 AM

Totally agree with you, but one can only hope that Mr. Lauren could see beyond his self-serving interests. He practically occupies almost every former local business store front, what would it kill him to help out something so needed.
Who knows Bill Gates? Anyone?" Nov 5, 10 11:27 AM