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Attorney Asks For $70 Million Judgment Against Southampton Town

If the women, as it seems, possessed the firearms legally and as she claims that she had them for shooting at a target range...fine. The problem I have with HER is that the property SPECIFICALLY has signs posted that NO PHOTOGRAPHS ARE PERMITTED. I have lived here all my life (59 years) and as long as I can remember those signs have been posted saying that excact same thing. I do not care whether she was on a public roadway..no one has any idea why in hell would she even want to take these photographs??? She could have gooten images on line. Also...since 9/11 we now unfortunately live in a time where officials are taking the "better safe then sorry" approach. If she were up to some illegal action and no one did anything about it then we would be yelling about how no one protects us! She took photos when it says not to...???...seems to me she was looking to make something happen like this...if it were a jury trial I'd make her pay for the taxpayers having to put up with her nonsense." Feb 13, 11 9:45 AM

Are you so sure?? it has been posted NO PHOTOS etc..as long as I can remember. Why doi she want these specific photos?? She could get the images of planes on the computer..right?? Why these specific planes??? Can you explain why those planes...with guns in her car?? Why not take them on a day when she DID NOT have the guns in the car? I bet she would not have PUT HERSELF (lets remember no one froced her to do this...she made this decision) in this difficult situtaion." Feb 13, 11 9:59 AM

Developers Ready To Submit Application For Canoe Place Inn Project

I find it really amazing how so many people consider Canoe Place Inn this "iconic" historical fixture of Hampton Bays. If so many people in Hampton Bays feel this way then I suggest that they ALL get their checkbooks out and write checks to save THEIR beloved CPI building. NO??? Figures...everyone has a big mouth and opinion when IT IS NOT EVEN their property or money.Well once again to all the naysayers "Put you money where your mouth is." No they rather have a summer nightclub that causes noise and trouble for the police. Drugs & alcohol...with some being underage usage I am sure. Drunks leaving and driving...WOW what a great place. No we wouldn't want respectable looking properties that bring in people that will act properly pay property taxes,spend money in the local shops, delis, grocery stores, restaurants, etc...and jobs to the area. I went there in the late 60's when I was in high school to see the Lovin' Spoonful....hate to say this but it was a dump then and from what I can see hasn't improved in 40 years....CPI....RIP." Oct 18, 11 11:01 PM

I have been in the food business since I was 10...inn, store, catering, etc....The cost of renovating that building so it could be a presentable catering hall will be astronomical! Not to mention although it is located by the channel it is a tough sell when there are so many more places that are much more visually appealing to have an event..i.e. the multitude of vineyards, country clubs, etc...The financial return would take years to make back....they wouldn't see a profit for at the very least 5+ years after completion of the construction. There are so many variables.." Oct 22, 11 10:26 PM

The Fresh Market Is Store Interested In Southampton Village Site

There is no argument the Waldbaum's is small for a grocery store that has to accommodate a huge amount of traffic the store sees during the busy summer time and the holidays. I find it amazing how many people forget or don't know that we had 3 major supermarkets in the Village of Southampton at one time..IGA now CVS...Gristedes now Rite Aid...and A&P now Waldbaum's...not to mention smaller independent markets...Herbet's on Main Street...Catena's still open..and Schmidt's which earlier was called MacClaren's Market. The interesting aspect is why did some of them leave?? Running a food market is very difficult in an area like this....I know I did...You may think the prices are high...they are...but the % of profit is very low in the overall look of things. Small businesses like Avanti suffer from being independent and having to pay an even higher wholesale price for goods then a chain because they are
small...it's called bracketing. Avanti is no man's land in Watermill and not easily seen for the road...not to mention even with a traffic light you have to make a concerted effort to want to go there.....there is no "Oh yeah lets stop here" pulling off the highway easily. To those who think Avanti doesn't meet their standards it is not a market that you would go to to purchase you main groceries and relies heavily on local repeat business. Unfortunately they have missed the boat.....but in their defense ...if it was such a great location why did
Citarella's leave??? Why....because they weren't making enough money and that is what it is all about....rumors have it that Citarella's wants to leave East Hampton...rent to HIGH. Gee what a surprise. By the way why do so many people rave about a place that makes a lot of the food in NYC kitchen facilities and trucks it out here...even some the fried foods??? Anyway...back to the Glennon property....it is a difficult situation...but a Large 10,000 to 20,00 sq. ft building and the traffic AT THAT INTERSECTION...WOW...no one will ever be able to get through...what a nightmare. 27 it is backed up for hours on the weekends and that means Hampton Road and Flying Point road will have to absorb the traffic. Changing the zoning to accommodate a store that size at that location would not guarantee that the store would stay forever...if the store doesn't make the profit they want they could leave when their lease if up and then we are left with a Bigger empty building....I truly think there are better locations for a new supermarket. " Nov 25, 11 1:35 AM