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Westhampton Beach might ban amplified outdoor music by next summer

This is so pathetic, I'm so glad I only spend my summers in WHB. Even then, there's nothing for the 30 and up crowd to do. It's bad enough WHB lacks the young professional scene our neighbors to the east thrive on every summer, now people want to kill the music on Main Street? No wonder all the yuppies go east of the canal. Why don't we just make Main Street a haven for everyone under 16 and over 50 (not that it pretty much already isn't). The solution to this is very easy; boycott Sydney’s “Taylor” Made Cuisine next summer. Businesses along Main Street can post signs in their windows stating why there is no more music for people to enjoy while strolling down the street. Someone find a lawyer to word them correctly and I'll volunteer to post them come Memorial Day. BOYCOTT SYDNEY'S!!!!!!" Nov 23, 08 11:58 PM

Group seeks to reenergize Westhampton Beach business district

Perhaps a few less real estate offices and a few more restaurants might do the trick? " Jan 22, 09 2:53 PM

Couple robbed at gunpoint in their car

Four males wearing bandanas? Are we so politically correct that we can't describe their ethnicity? We sure don't want to offend these criminals. I mean, would it be so terrible to try and prevent them from doing this again? Before they kill someone?" Feb 25, 09 9:31 AM

If they're white, they're white! Find them and prosecute them! What's sad for you pstevens is making an assumption regarding my statement, which exposes your ignorance. Read it again." Feb 25, 09 4:55 PM

Westhampton Beach might ask Village Police to monitor outdoor musicians

How pathetic and lame. No wonder they call it "Worsthampton". " Mar 5, 09 12:38 AM

Some opposition to proposed farmers market in Southampton

It's called capitalism. If you can't compete, find another means of income. Then again, just have the government bail you out. " Mar 17, 09 5:54 PM

Madonna suffers minor injuries when thrown from horse in Bridgehampton

was she riding bareback?" Apr 20, 09 7:55 PM

Two confirmed cases of swine flu at Eastport South Manor High School

It's a good thing those Mastic kids don't go to WHB anymore!" Jun 3, 09 12:56 PM

Canes win battle but Sharks win the big prize

Congrats Canes! How about a crossover game vs Southampton for The Mayor's Trophy? Or is it The Mayor's Cup? I believe they've had it since 1992. " Nov 2, 09 7:57 PM

Actually it was 1991. Anyway, it would give the kids something to play for. " Nov 2, 09 8:01 PM

Abrupt and tearful end to Stony Brook Southampton dream

"NYU - Southampton" has a nice ring to it. They've got the money. " Apr 8, 10 9:13 PM

East Hampton Village looks to liven up empty storefronts

Dennis Farina rocks!" May 3, 10 6:15 PM

Publisher of Dan's Papers files for Chapter 11

Bring back The Improper!" May 4, 10 12:57 AM

Shinnecocks casino team visits Brookhaven airport at invitation of town and county officials


Southampton Town code enforcement slaps landlord with 50 violations at six houses

Be careful what you say here folks or you might find yourself in a brand new pair of cement shoes!" Jun 4, 10 10:34 AM

Lindsay Lohan's father in talks to open club in Westhampton Beach

There aren't enough sophisticated, over the age of 30 professionals "summering" in Westhampton anymore; just boring families with kids. This will never last. " Jun 9, 10 4:39 PM

Shinnecock Nation explores opening tribal college at Stony Brook Southampton site

I can't wait to sign up for Basket Weaving 101" Jun 23, 10 4:25 PM

Great white shark confiscated by federal agents at Star Island Shark Tournament

I think we're gonna need a smaller boat. " Jun 24, 10 4:40 PM

The hospitable housewife: At Home with Countess LuAnn de Lesseps

Countess Pretentious. " Jul 3, 10 1:32 PM

Stand-up paddle boarding is growing sport

This appears to be a growing sport among cougars. I like cougars! :o)" Jul 8, 10 3:05 PM

Bonackers shut out Bayport for second league win

No big deal, it's just soccer. :o)" Sep 23, 10 2:14 PM

The incompetent adults who ultimately failed them can explain it to them. Either way, soccer will always be boring and lame in this country. If this statement bothers you or them, grow some thicker skin; that's life. Anyway, I'm entitled to my opinion! ;o)

P.S. I'm the oppositie of a citidiot (if you glanced at my handle a little longer, you might have figured that out). Why would what I said have anything to do with where I'm from anyway? So in regard to your logic, would that make you a dumb hick for coming to that conclusion? " Sep 23, 10 3:11 PM

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