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Southampton Town department heads try to dodge layoffs

"Cutting the fat?" How does a salary freeze cut the fat? We need layoffs NOW. My taxes have more than doubled in the 12 years I have owned here and this is the typical amateur fiscal management I have to put with. And for republicans to tout this as a step forward is just contributing to the mass fiscal denial, fueled by excessive alcohol consumption. Incidentally, how do you approach something as pragmatic as a mass layoff when all your friends and relatives are employees on our payroll?? This is why organizations have rules against nepotism; but I guess Southampton wants to keep things as 'cozy' as possible as long as enough parasites are getting their pockets lined with taxpayer dollars. Incidentally, besides being an unremarkable administrative assistant, what exactly qualifies Linda Kabot to run a major municipality? That she makes sure all the republicans that kiss her ass continue to be in on the graft and nepotism?" Sep 20, 09 9:18 AM

Throne-Holst budget revisions approved by Southampton Town Board

... and the PBA (and its regular demands for pay increases) is not part of the deficit? I know it's in your interests to believe this, but it is scarcely believable. Keep in mind that a large, increasing percentage of our national and local populations are unemployed; they'll have little under their Christmas trees while you 'cave in' with your 3-4% increases and what other vestiges of greed you can come up with. Comparisons to cable bills and former increases are laughable." Nov 27, 09 5:00 PM

Trustees reject mayor's attempt to add seven resolutions after walk-out in Westhampton Beach

do you think if they disbanded the local govt. and got rid of the local police anyone would really notice? much ado about absolutely nothing." Jan 8, 10 3:59 PM

Westhampton Beach board member, father of Village Police chief, exchange words in supermarket

why is everyone ganging up on kametler? he's a good man; so what if he shot at a racoon; at least he is not hiding his coworkers guns" Feb 3, 10 11:01 AM

Westhampton Beach Village Board rejects all seven resolutions pertaining to two police officers

This is an interesting debate; a lot more interesting than the underlying story; what is remarkable is how residents/commenters will take the time to try to apply rational thought and intelligent thinking to nepotism, greed, patronage and graft; that's all this is; and no, it won't get shut down; too many connected people putting too much money in their pockets, and they'll fight to the death to keep it going, your requests for files from the press and arm wrestling over disciplinary procedure will never overcome the engrained, heartless greed that prevails in this snotty little village, whether you carry a gun, lost it, had it stolen or never had one in the first place!" Feb 13, 10 10:51 AM

Southampton Town Board candidates square off in first debate

Hiring hall? I hate to sound like a conservative, since I usually don't but on this issue, my feelings are clear. Round them up, put them on a plane, and bring them back to Central America; they are here illegally anyway. If it makes the liberals happier, we can put a "hiring hall' decal on the side of the airplane." Feb 22, 10 11:51 AM

Southampton Town leaf collection policy forums scheduled

I have owned my property for 13 years and my taxes have more than doubled; I figured this ever-increasing cost should cover the ONLY service I get from the Town. Get rid of the nepotism, graft and corruption and you'll find the necessary funds." Mar 25, 10 12:34 PM

Sag Harbor School District asks entire staff to consider pay freeze

Are you listening Westhampton Beach? Hello!! There's no more money! We don't have $100K for guidance counselors who rent out their homes in the summer. The party is officially over." Apr 1, 10 2:33 PM

Congressman Bishop prepares for difficult race but remains hopeful for outcome

What is this debate about cowardice? Immaterial. He is not a soldier going to Afghanistan who needs to be brave. He is a politician devoid of ideas, purpose and charisma; I am sure we can do better than this. Can we elect someone with ideas this time rather than a party hack? Too many Republicans and Democrats just seem to wander around in a daze waiting for handouts from lobbyists. I guess you don't need a lot of imagination to do that. Stop playing off each other and use your brain." Apr 9, 10 9:56 AM

Publisher of Dan's Papers files for Chapter 11

Amazing how someone with so little writing ability and ridiculously high advertising rates could last as long as he did. Why those idiots in Cincinnati would waste their money on such an inferior product is hard to figure out." May 4, 10 10:37 AM

Dog poisoned; was it whale meat?

Dr. engine makes sense. These vets are thieves playing on the emotions of people who don't understand human lives have more value than pet lives; jacks, I feel sorry for your children if they have the same status as your dogs" May 6, 10 1:26 PM

Helping swimmers spot rip currents is focus of beach group

How does an article about rip tides become a discussion about racism? Are you people bored or what? BTW, a lot people drown because they don't know how to swim irrespective of the presence of riptides; I am really tired of the media automatically assuming that a drowning death was the result of a riptide. We have had incredibly calm ocean water up until about 5 days ago and people were drowning right and left and there were absolutely no riptides so ICE is right about the fact that these weren't swimmers; people drown in the regular ocean water because they can't swim in any water; I don't know if the media wants to present these idiots as being victimized by riptides vs. what really happened; they stupidly went in the ocean when they don't have the ability to swim in any water. That's why they drowned. Because they were stupid; not because they were victimized by unpredictable ocean water; I guess heroic status is too freely accorded through the media as an alternative to writing about how foolish someone was for killing themselves that way. So I guess we all feel better about how we conduct ourselves and some things just happen out of the blue. But wait, the media brings us a special committee that will keep a lookout for riptides that don't exist; this should keep the dumb riptide scare going and insulate people from their own foolish behavior." Jul 13, 10 3:31 PM

East Hampton Town Board approves wind turbine on Long Lane farm

It's seems the oil lobby money is well spent; if this kind of thinking is representative of predominant American thinking, then the whores posing as public servants in Washington are representing no one but the oil companies who make massive campaign contributions to people who end up representing oil companies, not intelligent, environmentally responsible Americans; was there as much government resistance to deep water offshore oil drilling as there is to windmills? No? Gee, what a coincidence." Jul 17, 10 1:23 PM

Throne-Holst: No layoffs in 2011 tentative budget

Any kind of tax increase in this fiscal environment, and to have the audacity to present it as not being an increase, is irresponsible and arrogant. Handing out raises to ANYONE in this fiscal environment is irresponsible and arrogant; therefore, by default, the Supervisor is irresponsible and arrogant. It's too bad she uses the performance of her predecessors as the standard of prudent performance; what she needs to do is THINK, OBSERVE and REACT to all the suffering that is taking place in our town and then, if she has any morals, she would have great difficulty approving budget increases or raises. This is immoral behavior seems to come so easily to her; nothing has changed; just another hack with a different face cutting inside deals, making moronic decisions and then insulting the intelligence of the public by distorting the changes with misinformation. She needs to go away." Oct 8, 10 11:02 AM

Board Members Argue Over Proposed Budget

Maybe if we can elect someone without having them sell out to the police, and the ensuing police state that no one can afford to support, then we wouldn't see tax increases like this. This budget increase is a disgrace not withstanding the mess she was left to clean up. Steve Levy is the only local politician with the guts to stand up to the police and he is systematically marginalized. What the hell is going on? " Oct 28, 10 11:04 AM

EDITORIAL: We Mark Our Ballot

And George W. Bush (I mean Dick Cheney, why do I keep doing that?) was a great president. Forget the tea party, sounds more like the LSD party. Boy do you people have short memories." Oct 28, 10 3:10 PM

Ballot Count Begins; Altschuler Travels To Washington

where exactly is randy from? I never heard of him; is he some kind of republican alien who just got beamed down here? You may not like Bishop, but at least he's from around here. And don't blame him because he is a party guy following the lead of the economic morons forced on Obama because of his campaign debts." Nov 7, 10 10:54 AM

what was so great about that dynamic duo of bush and cheney? what did they do for main street, america?
just like your new republican reps, representing the private sector, for "our" benefit
I know you can't get jobs around here if you are not a republican, but do you really believe this crap you are writing to justify your tenuous position?" Nov 7, 10 12:00 PM

UPDATE: Sears To Remain In Custody, Orders Of Protection To Be Requested For Children

If arrogance was a felony, this guy would have been incarcerated years ago. Funny, I have yet to meet an architect that is even remotely likable." Jan 26, 13 2:17 PM

UPDATE: Police Believe Teacher Recorded Students With Cellphone; Released After Posting $25,000 Bail

I am trying to figure out what's more inappropriate -- the fact that this school district decided to name its football field after a coach who committed suicide, or the way this amateur videographer showed up dressed for court. " Mar 28, 13 12:29 PM