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Stony Brook University will announce drastic cuts to Stony Brook Southampton

Southampton is an extremely special place for people to actually learn about something that they are truely passionate about. Unlike other SUNY schools, and especially the main campus of SUNY Stony Brook where you are just one in 400 and the professors don't have time to give a damn about the individual student, Southampton offers an environment where teachers get to know their students and actually impart valuable information. The students at Southampton are the ones that should be bolstered, not ignored. They have a chance to make a difference in the highly ignored fields of marine and atmospheric research and sustainability. This is an example of the world's inability to take seriously issues like global warming, ocean acidification, effects of run-off, and more that other schools and the government gloss over or completely ignore. Few other schools offer majors in these issues (Southampton being the only one that offers Sustainability Studies as well as one of only two that offer majors in marine and coastal science). Even fewer are the schools that are close enough to the ocean to actually study it first hand. By reducing the school to a commuter institution, the number of students able to study will fall drastically as Southampton is an hour from main campous and living in the Hamptons is not an option for many students. Although most of the classes will no doubt be soon offered at the main SUNY Stony Brook campus, there is no way that the future students will aquire the same experience or depth of knowledge. In thirty years when FISH are gone, and sooner when the oceans stop absorbing CO2 and the like, and the average person can see our environment visually crumble, we'll see how much things like traffic flow, health care, and cyberbullying really matter. " Apr 6, 10 9:47 PM