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Abrupt and tearful end to Stony Brook Southampton dream

Stony Brook Southampton is the home of 72 beautiful acres right between Sunrise and Montauk Highways. We can see the water from our campus. We have a marine science center on the water, accompanied with 5+ 'floating classrooms', ocean-going boats as well as pontoon boats to study the local bays.

We have a brand new LEED Certified-Silver Library with a geothermal heating and cooling system- the first LEED building on any SUNY campus. Our Library holds the Pollack-Krasner archives collection. We have a wind generator that powers the Student Center. We have one the East End's historic landmarks- the Windmill, that was just recently renovated might I add. We hold Meditation in the Windmill twice a week and have 'Tea with the Dean' nights. All of our buildings are wireless and have the most advanced education technologies. A brand new baseball field was just installed.

Some of our clubs include Scuba, Colleges against Cancer, Sailing, Marine Biology, Organic Garden and Greenhouse... We have a 90ft X 40ft organic garden where we grow vegetables for our cafe. We planted a fruit tree orchard last spring. We buy our coffee from the Shinnecock Nation. We get our apples from the Milk Pail.

Our Fine Arts building houses the largest Shakespearean Theatre on the East End: Avram Theatre, as well as Avram Gallery which highlights local artists. We hold lectures, movie nights and events that are open to the community.

We have classes that study the Sustainability of the Pine Barrens, Red & Brown Tides and Algae, Long Island Marine Habitats, Whales off Montauk, Green Business, Environmentally Friendly Architecture and more. Students do research on our marine, environmental and economic situations on Long Island. Our students do internships for Quogue Wildlife Refuge, Southampton Town, The Riverhead Foundation, Atlantis Marine World, Piping Plover recoveries, Wildlife Rescue Center of the Hamptons and the Peconic Land Trust.

We organize beach cleanups. We work at your bakeries, hardware stores and coffee shops. We go to your gyms, bars, and movie theaters. We rent your houses that stay empty all winter.

Is all of this going to waste?
Do you not need us?
Is this worth saving?

" Apr 10, 10 12:39 PM

Officials want to use Southampton Town's Community Preservation Fund to save Stony Brook Southampton

Please stop commenting, you're making it seem like a lot of people disagree with this plan, but really, it's just you.
Thank you.
Save Stony Brook Southampton so we can save you!" Apr 28, 10 2:43 PM

Have you ever taken a business course? Or understand any business principles? Southampton is only in it's third year, it's still in it's start up phase, so of course we will be spending money. How will you get students to come to a school if there are no dorms?! The necessary money is being spent at this school which shouldn't be considered in cost / profit calculations.
Also, students from Southampton are only enrolling in Stony Brook main campus classes for next semester because classes over there get filled up within 20 minutes of being put up on the web. It's a jungle over there and we're just trying to cover our backs. Hoping for the best but planning for the worst. Stony Brook main campus is extremely over-populated and an unefficient educational environment.
There is still an outpouring interest in this campus and sorrow following the realization of this campus being no more. This is the dream school for prospectice students all over this country. Admission applications would still be much higher than anyones expectations.
You obviously have no idea what it's like to go to Stony Brook Southampton and be told you have to go to Stony Brook main campus because a) you have to graduate sometime this century and there are things called 'residency requirements' of a year or two, depending on the school, in order to graduate or b) transfer deadlines have already passed.

Save Stony Brook Southampton so we can save you!" Apr 28, 10 2:58 PM

you're wrong press guy, stop asserting false words!" Apr 28, 10 3:24 PM

I reiterate DOC's smart words, Stop bickering and let's try to find a solution. Please stop being so immature and selfish and start thinking about the future of this entire planent for a second." Apr 28, 10 3:29 PM