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Southampton Village Nixes Sidewalk Sales During SeptemberFest

Sounds like they are saying, "Let's have a festival but make sure people don't have too much fun". A great part of the appeal of any festival or fair is sidewalk shopping. Village officials should get their noses out of the air and rejoin the folks who actually live here all year.
" Sep 28, 12 6:14 PM

Unfortunately, today's weather was cloudy and drizzly, so we can't know whether Southampton might have had a better turnout in good weather. One thing was clear. The few stores that dared to have merchandise spilling out their doors (at least three on Job's Lane) looked so much more festive and inviting than their drab neighbors. Next year, if this event gets a third chance, merchants should as a group ignore the Village rule against outdoor displays! It's very unlikely that they would dare arrest every storeowner, and the Village would look like it was ready for a festival." Sep 29, 12 11:32 PM

Fate Of Peconic Bay Water Jitney Is Uncertain

I hope a solution is reached. The Water Jitney was a thoroughly enjoyable experience." Oct 10, 12 10:46 AM

Southampton School District Officials Do Away With Val And Sal

Sounds like ulterior motives somewhere, and appears to be an unpopular position. It is definitely unfair to students who have gone all out for academics. This affects all of our children and is one decision that should be made by vote of ALL residents of the district." Nov 29, 12 11:47 AM

SPCA Searches For Woman Accused Of Abandoning Rabbit Inside King Kullen

This is just silly. With all of the neglect and cruelty to animals in the world, why spend so much time and effort targeting a person who obviously tries to leave the animal in a safe place where it would be found and cared for? Possibly mistaken, but not cruel. Go after folks who leave their poor animals chained up or caged outside in the rain or cold." Jan 30, 13 9:43 PM

Nine Southampton Boys Suspended After Altercation In Basketball Game

Of course, good sportsmanship should be part of home training, but it also should be insisted upon, without excuses or exception, by coaches and school administrators. Missing one game is hardly a penalty, especially when the offending players get to participate in the playoffs as if nothing had happened. Establish standards, make good sportsmanship a priority, and penalize poor sportsmanship seriously - three games out as a minimum. Sportsmanlike conduct is a life lesson that will carry young people far in life if taught early and applied consistently. " Feb 10, 13 6:08 PM

Southampton Village Planning Board Approves Citarella Site Plan

The Village ruined the parking lot behind Hampton Road last fall. They took away 30 spaces just to make it "look better." They redesigned the whole lot and Pine Street into one nasty mess. The jumble of vehicles when school lets out now is far more dangerous than it ever was before they came up with this mess." May 7, 13 3:08 PM

Fowl Play: Water Mill Turkey Found With Its Legs Bound

Disgusting. Maybe the cops should start looking for the person who did this. I've always heard that people who torture animals often escalate to harming people next. Do we need to wait for this sicko to tie up a child before we take him seriously?" Jul 2, 13 4:36 PM

New Flower Shop Opens In Hampton Bays

Hope it's a huge success. The gifts are a great idea, and much needed in town. Congratulations!" Jul 24, 13 10:31 AM

WLNG Looks Back At 50 Years On The Air

Each morning as I was getting the kids ready for school, Joe Ricker gave us a heads up on everything we needed to know for that day. I can't imagine those years without the wonderful sound of his voice every morning!" Aug 13, 13 5:32 PM

Greek Orthodox Church Opening Celebration Scheduled For Thursday

Congratulations! It is beautiful." Aug 15, 13 11:16 AM

Colin Powell Visits The Tuckahoe School

What a wonderful opportunity for these lucky students to meet such an outstanding American!" Aug 28, 13 11:17 AM

Armed Men Rob North Sea Home

This is scary. Why did it take so long to get the news out? Why is it not a headline?" Oct 23, 13 6:36 PM

Southampton Students Protest Failed Merger Vote

The second and third paragraphs of this comment should be posted in front of each member of the Southampton and Tuckahoe school boards and remain posted in front of them until the "cancerous Culture of Negligence, Mediocrity, failure, and fiscal irresponsibility" has been cured." Nov 4, 13 12:25 PM

Southampton Football Game Forfeited In Response To Sexually Explicit Act

Sounds like this offense crossed way over the line from hazing to bullying to criminal assault and battery, and should be treated as such." Nov 6, 13 11:42 AM

State Education Commissioner Fields Questions On Common Core

My guess is that the union has asked for a moratorium because teachers do not want to be held to standards which they have overlooked for so many years. " Nov 27, 13 9:58 AM

New Senior Condo Plan To Go Before Southampton Village Board This Week

Sounds like a great idea if the cost is reasonable. So many local seniors are going to Florida now because of prices here. Let's hope the Village boards don't insist on making it too grand to be affordable." Jan 8, 14 1:37 PM

Meant to hit reply, not like. Why expect Southampton seniors to move to Hampton Bays at a time in their lives when they most want to be near family and friends, and probably are cutting back on their driving? Can't there be senior communities in both places? I'm sure there are enough seniors to go around, if the costs are reasonable." Jan 8, 14 3:21 PM

UPDATE: Driver Of Car In Fatal Friday Bridgehampton Crash Identified

Shame on you, Southampton Press, for publishing a picture of this unfortunate lady who has just learned that her husband was killed in a horrible accident. Such invasive pictures are seen in the worst of the tabloids, but one would hope that The Southampton Press would never stoop to that level. Surely, if this lady lived in the estate section, her picture would not have been published due to its sensitive nature. Shame, shame, shame. You should hang your heads and beg the lady's forgiveness." Jan 15, 16 10:38 AM

Absentee Ballots Are At Center Of Storm Of Accusations

My absentee ballot has not arrived at all.
" Nov 6, 18 9:06 AM

Southampton Elementary School Installs Buddy Bench To Encourage Student Friendships

What a lovely idea! Everyone needs a buddy at times." Dec 10, 18 9:50 PM

Dust From Amagansett Farm Concerns Residents, Business Owners

This is the country, folks. Sometimes Nature happens here." Jan 17, 19 1:41 PM

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