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New proposal for religious boundary on public roads spurs questions in Westhampton Beach

I don't understand why a civil form of government must give its permission for an exclusion to a religious law. What ever happened to separation of church and state?" Aug 26, 10 4:29 PM

Schneiderman: End in sight for homeless sex offender trailers in Riverside and Westhampton

secret!!!! Blank this - government owes it to us to tell us.
Better not be the Coast Guard Housing at Hampton West - we'll protest - beleive me" Sep 20, 10 11:24 AM

Ed Hernandez, the Suffolk County Deputy Director for Social Services, is a former employee of Community Housing Innovations, the lone bidder on this project. Do we have a conflict of interest here?" Sep 20, 10 12:32 PM

Community Housing Innovations (CHI) has proven to be a poor neighbor in Hampton West Estates. The one house they own on Edwards Street was an eyesore until the community hounded Mr. Alex Roberts, CHI's director to fix it up. There tenants were involved in drug use and one of them worked at the CVS on Main Street and stole credit card data from customers - some of you readers may remember this.
I shudder at the thought of CHI handling the placement of sex offenders in our neighborhood. By the way, from CHI's last 990 tax filing in 2006, Mt Roberts made $250,000 a year in salary and compensation.

" Sep 20, 10 8:13 PM

they don't want to give the community time to organize against the plan.
Plain and simple - they want to circumvent local opposition before it starts." Sep 29, 10 8:59 AM

Debate over Jewish religious boundary begins to heat up

It is perplexing to me that a civic government is being asked to amend a religious law!!! Separation of church and state folks - civic government is under no obligation to act on this, Its not a question of intolerance, its simply law. Civic government should not even consider it, case closed. Let religion change the laws of religion." Oct 1, 10 8:28 AM

Sex offender trailers still open after deadline; political grappling continues

Try again
I subscribe to this paper
Why do I have to wait for mail delivery yo read this story?" Oct 20, 10 5:12 PM

Lawsuit Targets One Of Region's Oldest Farm Families

I indeed subscribe to this paper
I have logged in
I still don't get the whole article." Oct 22, 10 10:37 PM

Sex offender trailers still open after deadline; political grappling continues

How is it Community Housing Innovations is driving this train?
I've commented before about their poor record in Westhampton." Oct 23, 10 9:56 AM

New Housing Plan For Homeless Sex Offenders Passes Legislature

that's real transparency for you - we'll announce the location of these places after they are open. Community Housing Innovations has a less than stellar record with the property they manage on Edwards Street in Westhampton Besach.
This deal smells." Dec 24, 10 10:59 PM

Zinnias: Garden Stalwarts That Need A Comeback

Mine almost always mildew
If you can please make some recommendations!!!!!!" Feb 19, 11 9:23 AM

Winter In The Vineyards

His gerwurtz wines are world class!" Feb 19, 11 9:25 AM

Southampton Police Chief James P. Overton To Retire In April


You were the best. Hampton West is a safer drug free place because of your and your departments efforts. God Bless - you will be missed." Mar 7, 11 7:56 PM

Town Police Chief Appointment May Be Clouded By Politics

Jim Overton to his credit and wisdom did not give in on the 12 hour tour issue.
This is what the PBA wants and I bet they see Mr. Wilson as a better choice for getting this "benefit"." Apr 14, 11 5:51 PM

Southampton Town Board Appoints Wilson As Police Chief

The Praetorian Guard has spoken and has selected the new Emperor.

12 hour tours, here we come" Apr 30, 11 9:32 PM

Two Firefighters Injured Battling House Fire In Westhampton Monday

Bless them indeed
glad no one was hurt
I remember the 1995 Wildfires - I was always amazed that people who never knew me would risk their lives to save my property" May 10, 11 9:27 PM

Throne-Holst Explains Her Decision To Go With Wilson

Its all about the 12 hour tours. The PBA wants them, the department under Chief Overton didn't; and Anna owes the PBA. You will see 12 hour tours here, a bad idea and don't be fooled the union "numbers" showing this is a windfall for the Town. Its not." May 19, 11 8:27 AM

New Southampton Town Police Chief Has Plans To Improve Department

steady tours overall are good thing and I think its a healthy change. In my experience working with interns and residents in hospitals, some of which work very long hours, a work chart of steady appearances help morale.
But Chief Wilson is correct about the 12 hour tours, they will not be efficient as who wants an officer in this 11th hour on the job, make an arrest, and then have that tour go to 16 hours? " May 19, 11 8:33 AM

Throne-Holst Explains Her Decision To Go With Wilson

Thanks for the correction and you're right fidelis - not sure if his comment was for public consumption, I guess time will tell." May 20, 11 10:12 AM

State Warns Against Eating Of Predators Of Shellfish

Not funny indeed. What's going on here - Privateer Matt - in the past you have seemed pretty knowledgeable - what's going on? Any ideas?" May 22, 11 9:53 PM

Motorcycle Race Lands Two In Hospital; Driver Faces DWI Charge

I'm sorry for Melody's family - I hope she is OK" Jul 17, 11 8:10 PM

Some Still Upset Over Three-Story Hotel At Gabreski Airport

I am quoted in this article. I agree for years the airport was under used and an eyesore - overall this project as currently designed will bring in good paying year round jobs - the area needs this. The Rechlers came into this project full well knowing the size limitations on their project, and then essentially said - "whoops, we can't do this without three floors". When I spoke at a Town Board meeting as president of the Hampton West Estates Residents Association I mentioned my concern about possible litigation should a variance be granted. The very next public speaker was one Joe Gazza, developer of all those small shops on the west side of Route 31. His first comment was something to the effect that the Rechlers got to develop on 25% of their land, and he only got 15%, or numbers to that effect. How come I got so little and they (Rechlers) got so much?( I don't recall the exact numbers, Its all in the Town meeting records, but I think you get the idea.)
I'm all for the jobs but I'm all for an honest process here. Finally I'm disappointed that the Rechlers never responded to both my e-mails and letters requesting a meeting with our Resident Association to discuss the project. We are not NIMBY's - not in our back yard - all we asked for was an honest assessment of the project. The Board could have insisted the hotel be moved further away from Rt 31, perhaps further north on Rt 31 where no one lives.They just simply rolled on this one and got nothing for it.
" Sep 13, 11 7:44 PM

Sorry forgot to mention - I am Forest Markowitz, seasonal resident of Hampton West Estates since 1978 and now semi-retired and will be a full time resident soon." Sep 13, 11 7:46 PM

Kabot To Wage Write-In Campaign Against Throne-Holst For Southampton Supervisor

Good luck Linda
Tough row to hoe on a write in." Sep 21, 11 7:18 PM

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