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Angry Residents Want Answers Before Hampton Bays Shelter Opens

Community Housing Innovations has a very weak track record concerning the supervision of other properties they own in Southampton Town." Nov 16, 11 12:48 AM

Hidden Cove Puts Human Face On Homelessness

Is this the same Ed Hernandez who worked for Community Housing Innovations? Now he is the Deputy Social Services Director who gets this contract?" Dec 24, 11 10:48 PM

By the way CHI has been involved in other parts of Southampton Town;
Their track record is poor." Dec 24, 11 10:50 PM

Source: Candle Might Have Sparked House Fire In Westhampton

Room downstairs? I know this house very well - an illegal conversion from 3 bedrooms to six!!!
Code enforcement knew about it - the owners also were informed their tenants were involved in another fire where they rented." Jan 17, 12 8:23 PM

Snowfall Makes Region's Roads Slick On Saturday

Hampton West Estates neighborhood- highway department did a super job - early sanding followed by plowing as the snowfall was higher than the original forecast.
Thanks Alex and crew!" Jan 22, 12 9:53 AM

Southampton Town Comptroller Is Still Considering Options

looks like she's going to Brookhaven.
She did a good job - hired in 2008
Gee I think Linda was Supervisor then" Feb 2, 12 10:14 PM

Finn's In Westhampton Beach Could Close Soon

I remember the Match Box and Friday night fried clams
I've had a couple of good meals at Finn's
Hope it stays, that stretch of Old Riverhead Road looks like a ghost Town" Feb 23, 12 10:52 AM

Attorney Warns Quogue Village Not To Reject Eruv Application

I've said this before - I don't understand why a civic government has to grant an exemption to a religious law. Oil and water folks.
Let the Orthodox community hand out maps, it will serve the same effect as the polemarkers." Mar 24, 12 5:27 PM

How does it spend money on Christmas? By putting up some lights and a Menorah? Come on now - You haven't answered the issue - why is a civic government being asked to repeal a religious law? Religious law should be changed or amended by religion, not government. Hand out the maps, simple soliution." Mar 27, 12 4:47 PM

Bishop Campaign Touts Early Lead In Polls Over Altschuler

after 38 years of employment, 26 with the same employer, my job and most of the IT staff I supervised were eliminated and out-sourced to India, and I was lucky, I qualified for a pension while no one else did. Gee, guess who I'll send a few bucks to as a contribution." Apr 4, 12 11:31 AM

Corwin Family Keeping Time For 130 Years

I maintain a clock for the City of New York at 346 Broadway in Manhattan - also a Howard and this one was built circa 1894 (its a Type 4)
Every Wednesday we wind it - fortunately we have an electric motor to do the heavy lifting but their have been times where we used the hand crank!!!!" Apr 13, 12 5:50 PM

Bronx-To-Riverhead Drug Ring Busted By East End Drug Task Force

I'm not so sure Overton's method was wrong - it seemed to me Overton's force got down to the lowest levels, that is street sellers where this bust is clearly at the top. There had to have been other lower level sellers and runners involved. " Jul 31, 12 11:25 PM

Around Southampton Town Hall: Busy Summer For Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement has been up in my neighborhood of late. Nice job Mr. Betts and crew - keep up the good work!" Aug 22, 12 1:09 PM

Suffolk County Employees Union Endorsement Goes To Altschuler Over Bishop

Reminds me of the time AFSCME DC 37 in New York went for Rudy Guiliani over David Dinkens - Dinkens ticked off the union by having some minor layoffs and contracting out and giving the UFT a little more money. In the second faceoff between the candidates DC37 endorsed Rudy and this effectively denied Dinkens access to the union's phone banks - probably more of a hit than the loss of the endorsement itself. Rudy won - and immediately offered a severance agreement to union members, who did not sign up in great numbers, and then proceeded to lay off a thousand or so union members. Little short-sided on the union's part." Sep 6, 12 12:04 PM

Press Columnist And Author Reynolds Dodson Dies Following Battle With Cancer

A great loss - always enjoyed his comments -
my regards to the family" Sep 10, 12 10:03 PM

Police: Man Stabbed During Brawl At Westhampton Beach Restaurant

Its a shame for the restaurant. This Anglo has eaten there (Maxine, your the best!!!) many times and have enjoyed good inexpensive food and the ambiance is great and authentic. .You won't find a Latino "honky tonk" like this north of the Mason Dixon line and as one who lived in El Salvador for a few years, its a great place. Sadly the place is labeled with incidences like this. It could have happened in any restaurant." Sep 25, 12 9:00 PM

Sandy Deals Glancing Blow, Leaves One Death, Destruction Behind

nice job PBR
this one has the potential to exceed 1991 Halloween storm
The buoys are always good sources of information, especially wave height and temperatures.
Everyone should be watching this one." Oct 25, 12 8:58 PM

I wouldn't want to scare anyone but if I owned property in Westhampton Dunes I would pay serious attention to this situation.As PBR points out you also have a full moon on Monday. I recall in 1991 a few days before that storm I took my kids out to Pikes Beach on a beautiful clear warm day with no hint that a few days later the barrier island would be cut." Oct 25, 12 9:10 PM

PBR did you notice the water temp at 41001
Yikes!!! that will certainly keep Sandy supplied with juice.
I really hope this veers out to sea." Oct 25, 12 11:02 PM

Donna was 1960
1962 was a super wicked Nor'Easter Spring tide, full moon, - I lived in New Jersey at the time
The Shore was ripped up all the way to Sandy Hook to Cape May with plenty of breaches of the barrier island. Both Asbury Park and Atlantic City to substantial damage and probably contributed to their economic decline.
What might even be worse this time is all the development further inland and along rivers and streams - if this thing stalls over the Susquahanna (sp) basin flooding will be a big time issue like it was with TS Floyd a few years back.

I see the latest track takes this on land near Cape May; there was an early 1950's hurricane that took a similar course and the New York City subways near the Battery were inundated by the surge." Oct 26, 12 9:38 AM

Even if it looses hurricane status the wind shield will expand
Its important not to concentrate on the hurricane's status, the surge will be thaere and high winds will also." Oct 26, 12 2:32 PM

Yep PBR I see your point.
Looks like some strong shearing is taking place
" Oct 26, 12 6:04 PM

I'm back to the label that the storm is "weakening" - it seems to be so - but as it does the wind cone will expand - and NOAA (at last check) is still calling for some reorganization before the predicted turn to the northwest. Look, in all reality - a few hours of 75 mph versus 24 hours of 60 mph. which one is more destructive? A full moon tide and leaves on the tree; How about high tide in the back bays? Are they very different than the ocean tides?
PBR has done a great job here - I don't know who you are but I tip my hat." Oct 26, 12 8:28 PM

Ah come on man. What are you talking about? My wife calls me a "weather weenie" - I watch the Weather Channel, I follow all the storms, I also studied meteorology at Rutgers University many years ago - I love it. Now I don't know PBR but I appreciate his interest in whats happening in the environment and its no different than having a hobby in a specialized area. The guy likes to follow the weather - so do I and I have a life and I bet PBR does too. in addition he hasn't said or implied anything to the contrary of the official NOAA forecasts. Knock it off Captain Sig. And by the way if you are in Dutch Harbor Alaska my late uncle was there in June 1942 when the place was bombed by the Japanese. He was a meteorologist." Oct 26, 12 9:00 PM

Two Pulled From Shinnecock Bay Saturday Afternoon Were Disoriented Hunters

why don't we cut out all the non-sense
A sad situation was averted
two lives that were at risk were saved
the responders did their usual outstanding job. (don't take them for granted folks)
What more is there to say?

Merry Christmas folks.
" Dec 10, 12 8:25 PM

Cops: Two Nabbed In Connection With Prostitution Ring Disguised As Perfume Delivery Service

English is taught in China beginning in the 3rd grade, and is an official second language in China. By some estimates 20% of the population speaks some English. When I was in China two years ago I was constantly asked to tea by Chinese on the street to practice their English because they preferred to hear what a native speaker thought of their skills. Anyone in Shanghai under the age of 30 knows some English, and some are amazingly fluent." Jan 16, 13 5:54 PM

When my paternal grandparents came over in 1912 they spoke Belorrussian (White Russian), my maternal grandparents spoke Slovak and Ukranian. There was no cable TV in their native tongue; at best there was a neighborhood newspaper and maybe, maybe, a little later a weekly radio station with an hour or two of foreign language shows from the old country. Once they were here in the States they never went back. They hd to learn English and they did, even with an accent. Today its different - there are all sorts of dedicated cable channels in foreign languages. It become easy to be here and if you choose not to learn the language. A mistake in my mind but thats technology for you." Jan 16, 13 8:46 PM

UPDATE: Some Schools Closed, Delay Starts On Monday

By Nature is correct. But just in case I raise the temp a few degrees in the house.
In a real pinch running water will in general not freeze so if worse comes to worse you can let a water trickle from the faucets but from what I see at the moment freezing pipes should not be a problem.

PBR - are we a day away from a new moon? Lets just hope the storm doesn't stall." Feb 7, 13 6:01 PM

Tuckahoe Affordable Housing Project Draws Support, Criticism

the HA will screen tenants? Sure, just like they do with Section 8 families; most are OK folks but there are some that are not; look to Hampton West Estates as an example. The HA does not have the staff or where with all to manage these sites properly. " Aug 28, 13 1:55 PM

Lou Reed, 71, Dies At Springs Home On Sunday

Actually saw him a few times in the early 70's
Certainly on the dark side
And he was a force " Oct 28, 13 4:12 PM

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