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UPDATE:Oddone Released On Bail Monday

it certainly should. What a travesty." Dec 21, 13 10:18 PM

Plan For Tuckahoe Apartments Is Retooled Again

Sorry but the STHousing Authority and its predecessors have kept Hampton West Estates near Gabreski Airport from becoming the middle class enclave it should be. Their continued issuing of Section 8 vouchers with no enforcement or follow-up or screening have led to some tenants who are detrimental to the community. Most of the voucher families are fine folks who play by the rules, but it only takes a couple to drag down a neighborhood. If the Housing Authority is involved I'd be very wary." Apr 1, 14 12:23 PM

Federal Judge: Westhampton Beach Village Cannot Block Religious Boundary

why is a municipal government called upon to offer an exemption to religious law?
the decision stinks." Jun 18, 14 8:22 PM

Southampton Town Looks To Stock, And Tap, Its TDR Bank To Build Affordable Housing

First time i have ever agreed with Joe." Aug 7, 14 11:17 AM

Jewish Religious Boundary Goes Up In Westhampton Beach

Its not the Eruv its the rabbi.
I still recall his comments about Westhampton Beach being like Nazi Germany in the 1930's and his stunt of getting a standing Governor of the State of NY to come to Westhampton Beach and berate its residents with his " a new Sheriff is in Town" speech, just to show he was a tough guy with clout.
pathetic performance by the Rabbi who has alienated the village for his own personal gain. Under any other circumstance nobody would have cared about the Eruv - he made it his personal issue for his personal gain." Aug 16, 14 8:00 PM

Two Women Arrested For Possession Of Crack In Hampton Bays

i do live by the airport, in that "lovely neighborhood", and you know what? It is lovely, with the exception of about 5 families who are either Section 8 (and not all section 8 folks are bad) or are stuffed into absentee landlord houses. Just 5 out of 170 homes - but thats all it takes to get labeled. Our big issue is getting the Town to do some real code enforcement, and I gather Hampton Bays has the same problem." Nov 7, 14 5:03 PM

Court Upholds Eruv Ruling; Boundary To Stay In Place In Westhampton Beach

bad decision
they want an eruv, fine, hand out a map
civic government has no business in determining exemptions to religion's laws" Jan 8, 15 7:52 PM

UPDATE: Opponents Raise Concerns Over Southampton ZBA's Decision To Approve East Quogue Golf Course As Recreational Amenity

how does one get on the ZBA? I assume they are appointed, not elected" Nov 16, 18 4:12 PM

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