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Head Start May Face Federal Budget Cuts Next Year

Please back up your claim that we've "cut spending on education".

The amount of money we spend per pupil goes up every year." May 10, 11 8:21 PM

Court Bans Sale Of Tax-Free Cigarettes By Tribes

I don't understand how the state can mandate that the tribes collect taxes on sales made on the reservation.

Once those goods cross the "border" into the state, it's a different matter, but frankly, that's New York State's problem, not the tribes.

New York would need to set up the equivalent of a customs checkpoint outside of the the reservation to collect those taxes, but I guess they don't want to spend the money to do it the correct way.
" May 12, 11 9:15 AM

Which version of history? The myth of "Native Americans" living as one with nature in a peaceful paradise until the evil europeans came along...or the reality of viscious warrior tribes who conquered and burned villages, raped, enslaved, and dispatched their captured opponents using the most horrific torture imaginable?

That said, the US Government not honoring deals made in good faith is unacceptable, just like the tribes currently fighting to deny tribal rights (and casino revenue) to the descendants of raped slaves (yes, many tribes bought black slaves) is also unacceptable.

" May 12, 11 9:53 PM

Woah! I don't even smoke, but your logic doesn't make any sense to me.

Remember, these are SOVEREIGN nations within our state.

If I make cigarettes in New York, and export them to Japan, the only taxes levied on those cigarettes will be whatever Japan imposes, not New York State taxes.

Similarly, if a tribal nation imports cigarettes, no state taxes are charged. When the tribe sells them on their reservation, they are free to impose their own taxes or no taxes at all. It's only when those cigarettes are brought into New York State that make subject the NY taxes.

" May 12, 11 10:01 PM

Look, the whole notion of "racial guilt" is absurd, and the only people who seem to be peddling it have a self serving agenda.

In my experience, it's not decendants of Native Americans trying to affix blame for what happend 200 years ago on any particular people, it's liberals who take it upon themselves to rescue "oppressed brown people" from "evil white people".

The tribes just want the deals they made honored, and rightly so. " May 12, 11 10:10 PM

Indian Exchange Student Visits Host 'Mom' In Westhampton Beach 33 Years Later

Hosting 3 and sending out 30?

It's a great program, but the ratio is so out of whack they should really try to get more families to host foreign students. I would think demand is high for stundents to come to the US, but the cost to those in poorer countries is probobly the hurdle.

Surely an organization like the Rotary can figure out some way to raise money to help poor foreign students with the expense of participating in the exchange program." May 19, 11 8:34 PM

Southampton Town Will Consider Plastic Bag Ban

You have absolutely nothing of substance to say in response so you resort to name calling.

Have you spit on a veteran today peoplefirst?" May 20, 11 7:26 PM

..and while I dislike the mess these bags make, I wouldn't advocate a ban. Just require a deposit on each bag, and use the unreturned deposits to fund a clean up of all the garbage strewn around our roads.

While they're at it, surcharge fast food too since that's 90% of the garbage polluting our enviornment.

Lastly, how about enforcing the $1000 fines (that is already law) against all those a**holes who dump trash out of their cars. I'll bet there hasn't been a single ticket issued for littering in years." May 20, 11 7:33 PM

Oh come on, like hemp is the only enviornmentally friendly material to make bags out of?

Besides, hemp is legally grown and sold in the US." May 20, 11 7:36 PM

Indian Exchange Student Visits Host 'Mom' In Westhampton Beach 33 Years Later

If the economy keeps going according to Obama's plan, being adopted by prosperous Asian families might be our only hope." May 20, 11 7:39 PM

Southampton Town Board To Consider Most Expensive CPF Purchase In History

No downside?

A working class familiy buying a $350,000 home (ie, a shack) is forced to contribute $2,000 towards land preservation that will raise property values on the east end, making it even more difficult for the next family to buy a home.

...another idiot liberal who can't see the unintended consequences of just doing what feels good.
" May 23, 11 4:52 PM

Seven School District Budgets Get Passing Grades In Western Southampton Town

Should the taxpayers have a choice in who they hire, and how much they can afford to pay them?

Stop pretending teachers salaries are determined by fair negotiations and a free market, they are not.

If your plumber was employed the same way teachers are, fixing a small leak would cost $2,000, and you'd have to contribute $1,800 a year for life toward his retirement." May 23, 11 4:57 PM

"What a child you are."

Coming from someone who engages in relentless ad hominem attacks, name calling, and arguments unburdened by facts.

You live off the largess of others and contribute nothing but hot air, peoplefirst." May 23, 11 5:02 PM

Why should government employee salaries have any connection to the people in the community who pay the taxes to fund them?

Your suffering is not relevant. Just pay your taxes and shut up." May 23, 11 5:05 PM

Altschuler Declares "Rematch" With Bishop

Altschuler involved in outsourcing: Razza says "Evil!'

Obama appoints GE's CEO, the man responsible for outsourcing American jobs by several orders of magnitude over Altschuler as the country's "Jobs Czar": Razza says...nothing.

Illegal immigrants decimate the middle class building trades on the east end: Razza cheers.

Razza doesn't care about America, jobs, or principles. It's just about scoring points for his "side"." May 26, 11 6:27 PM

Maybe Senator Clinton should tell that carpetbagger where to go!" May 26, 11 7:24 PM

Southampton Village Hires Specialized EMT For Bidens' Visit

Will he get back to White House in time for the Patriot Act signing ceremony?" May 26, 11 7:45 PM

Apparently Obama will be signing the Patriot Act tonight via "robopen", so no rush home to celebrate the administrations legistlative victory..." May 26, 11 9:06 PM

Altschuler Declares "Rematch" With Bishop

What difference does it make? All it takes is a (D) next to a name to get your vote." May 26, 11 9:54 PM

East Hampton Man Drops Phone, Hits Pole In Hampton Bays

At least he admitted it, but shouldn't the punishment have been steeper? This shouldn't be downplayed, pure chance is the only reason he didn't kill someone on the sidewalk." May 26, 11 10:17 PM

Two Cited For Underage Drinking Parties

It's because Isaac Gad is very wealthy, and Heather Petrie is not." May 28, 11 9:34 PM

See above comment." May 29, 11 3:58 PM

Altschuler Declares "Rematch" With Bishop

You calling someone "Anti-American" is like Hitler accusing someone of anti-semitism.

You hate this country, and your entire ideology is based on the premise that America is a force for evil in the world.

" May 29, 11 4:01 PM

Is that what Ed Schultz told you?" May 29, 11 4:01 PM

Do your high standards include making false reports to the Department of Homeland Security?

I hope for your sake the administrative subpeona being served on the admins of another forum reveal that there's another, unrelated "philathome from Long Island" bragging about making false reports in order to "get" someone they don't like.

It can't possibly be you. You're far too smart to admit to a felony in public, right?" May 29, 11 9:22 PM

You keep using words like extreme and militant to demonize your political opponents, and yet there's now ample evidence that you not only engage in despicable and deceptive propoganda tactics, you actually attempt to intinidate people by making false reports to Homeland Security.

Would you like me to post the links that put your ugliness on full display?" May 30, 11 11:43 AM

Does that include those "old, white people" you can't wait to see "die out"?" May 30, 11 11:46 AM


Funny how phil can never find the truth outside of leftist sources.

When faced with a point he can't counter, he runs to any number of Soros funded America hating websites and requests guidance on the proper slogan/trite saying/diversion he needs to respond.

This is what passes for "independent" thought in phil's mind.

Look for yourselves folks, he uses the same nick everywhere. Search google for "philathome"." May 30, 11 9:29 PM

"Of course, there needs to be corrections."

Like what, you contemptious, arrogant POS?" May 30, 11 9:31 PM

After labeling tens of millions of people "idiots", I hope you don't cry about being called a name, but I'm sure you will." May 30, 11 9:32 PM

NYSHIP is extremely generous.

You don't even need a referral to see a specialist.

kaluss: I hope you know that there won't be a reponse to your careful analysis. The liberals on here are hit and run with soundbites or meaningless anecdotes." May 30, 11 9:35 PM

Police: Shinnecock Hills Restaurant Burglar Nabbed

Si Se Pueda!" May 30, 11 9:36 PM

Two Cited For Underage Drinking Parties

squeaky may be riight.

However, the SHP are very conscious of WHO they are dealing with.

All these small forces are very susceptable to undue influence (even if it's self imposed).

Get rid of all these little police forces and replace them with the NY State Police. They are by far the most professional law enforcers out there." May 30, 11 9:39 PM

SHP=Southampton Police, not the press." May 30, 11 9:40 PM

East Hampton Superintendent Accepts Post At Pittsburgh Area School District

That's really disturbing.

I've heard of IB in passing, but wow. Thanks for the link." Jun 3, 11 9:19 PM

Bishop Calls For More Spending On Rail Security

What's wrong razza, couldn't find any veterans last Monday to spit on?" Jun 3, 11 9:22 PM

Suggesting a one time $75 mil expenditure would make any meaningful improvement in security, in the context of the largest public transportation system in the world, is nothing but political theater.

To put this in context, the MTA spends $1.8 BILLION a year just paying interest on its debt.

Still, it's always entertaining to see how pro-national security and pro-war the leftist bloc and their enablers have suddenly become in an effort to innoculate themselves from criticism about their antipathy towards protecting the country.

Expect more bombs to be dropped on "brown people" as the election approaches." Jun 3, 11 9:42 PM

Town Looks To Take First Step To Regulate Wastewater

Aside from enviornmental concers, having your septic system inspected every 5 years (at least) makes sense, and you'd be nuts to not have it looked at before purchasing a property, but if the inspection must performed by someone from a septic servicing company don't they realize every inspection is sure to "fail"?

Most septic servicing companies are really crooked in my experience. " Jun 3, 11 9:49 PM

I did say "most", not all." Jun 4, 11 10:29 PM

Brilliant analogy, and I've met a few guys in the septic business that stepped right out of the Sopranos." Jun 4, 11 10:32 PM

Two Cited For Underage Drinking Parties

I agree! Though it would better if NO names were published without a CONVICTION." Jun 4, 11 10:34 PM

"The law is the law."

Someone should tell that to the 200 or so illegal immigrants that gather at the 7/11 just a few miles to the west of Ms. Petrie's house." Jun 4, 11 10:37 PM

I didn't think anyone was arguing....the comment was just an aside since a pickup overloaded with day laborers in the back nearly crashed into me earlier in the day." Jun 5, 11 9:21 PM

Altschuler Declares "Rematch" With Bishop

Part of the leftist pathos is an obsessive need to attach labels that make them feel superior.

That's why accusations of racism, bigotry, "violence inducing language" and all the rest are tossed out on the flimsiest of pretenses.

Most liberals do this to some extent, but hardcore leftists like philathome do it as a matter course.

philathome considers conservatives of all stripes to be worse than, say, any of the 9/11 hijakers. After all, you'd never hear him make the sort of vicious ad hominem attacks and thinly veiled threats of violence against those who killed tousands of Americans. Once you understand that mindset, his comments are perfectly reasonble for someone with that despicable viewpoint." Jun 5, 11 9:32 PM

Your "facts" are leftist talking points.

"Verification" is an article on a Soros funded leftist website, that quotes a leftist blog, that refers to another leftist website.

I do my own research, rather than gulping down some predigested opinion piece." Jun 5, 11 9:36 PM

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