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Altschuler Declares "Rematch" With Bishop

NYSHIP is extremely generous.

You don't even need a referral to see a specialist.

kaluss: I hope you know that there won't be a reponse to your careful analysis. The liberals on here are hit and run with soundbites or meaningless anecdotes." May 30, 11 9:35 PM

Police: Shinnecock Hills Restaurant Burglar Nabbed

Si Se Pueda!" May 30, 11 9:36 PM

Two Cited For Underage Drinking Parties

squeaky may be riight.

However, the SHP are very conscious of WHO they are dealing with.

All these small forces are very susceptable to undue influence (even if it's self imposed).

Get rid of all these little police forces and replace them with the NY State Police. They are by far the most professional law enforcers out there." May 30, 11 9:39 PM

SHP=Southampton Police, not the press." May 30, 11 9:40 PM

East Hampton Superintendent Accepts Post At Pittsburgh Area School District

That's really disturbing.

I've heard of IB in passing, but wow. Thanks for the link." Jun 3, 11 9:19 PM

Bishop Calls For More Spending On Rail Security

What's wrong razza, couldn't find any veterans last Monday to spit on?" Jun 3, 11 9:22 PM

Suggesting a one time $75 mil expenditure would make any meaningful improvement in security, in the context of the largest public transportation system in the world, is nothing but political theater.

To put this in context, the MTA spends $1.8 BILLION a year just paying interest on its debt.

Still, it's always entertaining to see how pro-national security and pro-war the leftist bloc and their enablers have suddenly become in an effort to innoculate themselves from criticism about their antipathy towards protecting the country.

Expect more bombs to be dropped on "brown people" as the election approaches." Jun 3, 11 9:42 PM

Town Looks To Take First Step To Regulate Wastewater

Aside from enviornmental concers, having your septic system inspected every 5 years (at least) makes sense, and you'd be nuts to not have it looked at before purchasing a property, but if the inspection must performed by someone from a septic servicing company don't they realize every inspection is sure to "fail"?

Most septic servicing companies are really crooked in my experience. " Jun 3, 11 9:49 PM

I did say "most", not all." Jun 4, 11 10:29 PM

Brilliant analogy, and I've met a few guys in the septic business that stepped right out of the Sopranos." Jun 4, 11 10:32 PM

Two Cited For Underage Drinking Parties

I agree! Though it would better if NO names were published without a CONVICTION." Jun 4, 11 10:34 PM

"The law is the law."

Someone should tell that to the 200 or so illegal immigrants that gather at the 7/11 just a few miles to the west of Ms. Petrie's house." Jun 4, 11 10:37 PM

I didn't think anyone was arguing....the comment was just an aside since a pickup overloaded with day laborers in the back nearly crashed into me earlier in the day." Jun 5, 11 9:21 PM

Altschuler Declares "Rematch" With Bishop

Part of the leftist pathos is an obsessive need to attach labels that make them feel superior.

That's why accusations of racism, bigotry, "violence inducing language" and all the rest are tossed out on the flimsiest of pretenses.

Most liberals do this to some extent, but hardcore leftists like philathome do it as a matter course.

philathome considers conservatives of all stripes to be worse than, say, any of the 9/11 hijakers. After all, you'd never hear him make the sort of vicious ad hominem attacks and thinly veiled threats of violence against those who killed tousands of Americans. Once you understand that mindset, his comments are perfectly reasonble for someone with that despicable viewpoint." Jun 5, 11 9:32 PM

Your "facts" are leftist talking points.

"Verification" is an article on a Soros funded leftist website, that quotes a leftist blog, that refers to another leftist website.

I do my own research, rather than gulping down some predigested opinion piece." Jun 5, 11 9:36 PM

Bishop Explains Vote Against Debt Ceiling Increase

"And so many of these obscenely profitable American multinationals lobby the Congressional Republicans to create 1001 loopholes so they don't have to pay US taxes on any of those obscene profits that have cost many Americans their jobs, like General Electric, one of the most profitable American companies who have paid no taxes in the last three years."

General Electric is a great example is definately the poster child for coprorate tax avoidance and job outsourcing. No doubt about it, you are 100% correct.

Why are you associating them with the Republicans?
" Jun 6, 11 12:32 PM

In the last 3 years:

-GE has donated far more money to the Democrats than Republicans.

-GE's CEO Immelt was appointed Jobs Czar (!!!) by Obama. (as an aside, you hypocrits railing against Altschuler should keep your mouths shut. You have NO problem with your president appointing this collosus of an outsourcer to lead the effort to create jobs).

-GE has lobbied in favor of every major Democrat piece of legistlation, including Obamacare, all of which funnel money back to GE in one form or another.

Please, hypnotized liberals, explain how the evil Republicans are in bed with GE and the saintly Democrats are for the "little guy"." Jun 6, 11 12:45 PM


Please enlighten us as to how GE paid no taxes because of Republicans.

If that's true, why all the support from GE for Democrats?

Why was the CEO of GE appointed by a Democrat president to lead a committee in the White House?" Jun 6, 11 4:45 PM

Don't worry kaluss, he's not getting away with anything." Jun 6, 11 4:47 PM

Altschuler Declares "Rematch" With Bishop

No one is advocating the repeal of Medicare, and you won't find a single economist who believes Medicare is sustainable in it's current form.

Stop fear mongering." Jun 6, 11 5:10 PM

You back up your left wing talking points with references to other left wing blogs.

That does not qualify as "fact" based reasoning.

Try opening your mind, unless you fear your head will explode when your "beliefs" disintegrate in light of real facts and analysis." Jun 6, 11 5:13 PM

Town Looks To Take First Step To Regulate Wastewater

Spare us your intellectually dishonest straw man arguments.

Wanting to limit the growth of government is not the same as dismantaling it.

You take reasonable opinions to the extreme and then argue with the position you create out of thin air.

" Jun 7, 11 9:18 AM

Oh, isn't that cute, you and peoplefirst are in the same gang. Maybe that "powerful progressive voice" Wiener can join you. After all, your arrogance, ethics, tactics, and contemp for Americans are the same as his." Jun 7, 11 12:30 PM

Thanks LaRazza!

Si Se Pueda!
" Jun 7, 11 1:17 PM

Altschuler Declares "Rematch" With Bishop

Liar. They's be able to choose the plan that would work for them, JUST LIKE MEDICARE ADVANTAGE AND PART D, both of which are very popular with seniors.

Keep touting your democrat talking points, after all, that's what "useful idiots" are for.
" Jun 7, 11 8:06 PM

You're projecting. " Jun 7, 11 8:08 PM

Longtime East Quogue School Educator Will Retire This Month

Get off your high horse fcmcmann. You've repeatedly expressed resentment at anyone who makes themselves financially successful in the private sector.

Just because someone works in a "noble" profession doesn't mean taxpayers, predominantly made up of working calss families, should be taxed into bankruptcy to pay the some of the highest teacher salaries and benefits in the world, especially in light of the fact we rank 39th in state hIgh school graduation rates.

There are plenty of fine teachers who'd be happy to work for $80,000/year + another $20,000 or so in annual benefits." Jun 10, 11 1:59 PM

Bishop Supports Ethics Investigation Into Weiner; Will Return Contributions If "Tainted"

Have you been contacted by the authorities yet?

They have assured me you're claims of filing false reports about a former supervisor to Homeland Security will be investigated.

I can't wait for you to answer for your crimes." Jun 11, 11 7:54 PM

By the way, even thought the page showing your admission to such despicable behavior is now offline it's available in web chaches, and was not deleted before the subpeona was served:

Philathome posted:

QUOTE (Mac McFadden @ Sep 24 2009, 05:38 AM)
I had someone who kept emailing me offensive ReichWing stuff.
Since I knew his name and home address as well as his email address, I took the following action:
(this was not long after The Patriot Act passed and governmental paranoia was at an all time high)

First I went to the Al Jazeera website and signed him up for a free subscription.
Then I emailed Homeland Security and mentioned that he was an Al Jazeera subscriber.

He quit sending me stuff.

I remember you saying that and I did the same thing to one of my former supervisors" Jun 11, 11 7:58 PM

Sorry for the multiple typos, but the thought of this hypocrite who lambasts conservatives as evil and claims the moral high ground being caught red handed has got me giddy." Jun 11, 11 8:15 PM

Longtime East Quogue School Educator Will Retire This Month

Cowardly? I don't fear a simpleton like you.

All you have are emotional arguments, like your braindead liberal cohorts.

Those same children will have to leave Long Island because they won't be able to pay the taxes that will support a pension worth $3,000,000.

I don't begrudge this particular teacher from being paid a fair salary and pension, but $130,000 a year? WE CAN'T AFFORD IT.

How much is enough fcmcmann?

Of course, property taxes doubling again over the next decade would be fine with you, wouldn't it? After all, those hard working families aren't "beloved"." Jun 11, 11 9:56 PM

Bishop Supports Ethics Investigation Into Weiner; Will Return Contributions If "Tainted"

Is filing a false report to DHS an example of your ethical standards?

Your mother should be ashamed of the low life she raised." Jun 11, 11 10:09 PM

You just can't answer that question can you?


" Jun 11, 11 10:17 PM

Bishop Explains Vote Against Debt Ceiling Increase

Have you called in any more false reports to law enforcement?

It's astoninshing that you would try to destroy someones life because you disagree with them politically.

If you'd go that far, where does it end? Are you going to set some "baggers" house on fire? Maybe you'd get lucky and kill their children too.

" Jun 13, 11 5:19 PM

Well, it's been a week and you still can't answer.

...and you blather on and on about other people's inability to grasp reality." Jun 13, 11 5:31 PM


You've publically bragged about seeking vengance on a supervisor by filing a false report against them to Homeland Security.

I was told you worked at a school, and couldn't believe a teacher could be A) Be so evil as to try to hurt someone like that & B) So stupid to brag about it in public.

Now, I've been informed that you're just a low level aide, but that a cross check of your posts with your work schedule shows you've been doing this on the taxpayers (who don't pay enough in taxes) dime.

Criminal liability aside, what kind of lunatic does this from work?

At least those awful teabaggers won't have to pay your salary for much longer." Jun 13, 11 7:09 PM

Wow, that's a lot of typos phil, are you upset?" Jun 13, 11 7:29 PM

Oh, and a as far as "dangerous", you have nothing to fear from me. I'll just let the legal process run it's course.

Had you been a bit more law abiding (or didn't have such a big mouth) you wouldn't be stressing so much right now." Jun 13, 11 7:31 PM

Personally, Captn, I think phils post about filing that fake report was bravado (he's actually made quite a few in the same vein). Ed Schultz's forum seemed to be a haven for leftist lunatics making veiled and not so veiled threats against conservatives. He was probobly trying to fit in.

The problem for him is that after all his pronouncements about conservative "liars", it's kind of hard to back off of now.

He's either a liar or a criminal who's hatred for conservatives has spilled over from rants (irritating but allowed) to real action.
" Jun 13, 11 7:44 PM

philathome - "I don't hate anybody"

philathome - "You had better believe I hate the baggers."

Phil, there seem to be two people who live in your head. You'd better warn the guy who doesn't "hate anybody" to look out for that other nut.

I'll tell you what phil, I'll refrain from name calling and ad hominem insults, if you promise to do the same. Some civil debate around here would be a relief." Jun 13, 11 8:31 PM

A leftist who only sees "despicable behavior" on one side and they must be silenced, what a surprise." Jun 13, 11 8:34 PM

The above comment was directed a progressnow. Interesting you don't find what phil claimed to do to a former supervisor as "despicable"." Jun 13, 11 8:35 PM

The post clearly stated that a report the DHS was made following the fraudulant subscription. You're starting to sound like weiner." Jun 13, 11 8:37 PM

Southampton Town Board Delays Vote On Affordable Housing Project In Hampton Bays

If you haven't owned within the last 3 years, and make less than $125k (for a family of 4, it's lower for smaller families/individuals), and are looking for something under $600k, you can buy with zero down.

A USDA loan and government grants will mean very little out of pocket.

Let me know if you want links to the relevant information.

...and no, I'm not a mortgage broker, just a former long time Long Island renter who feels your pain." Jun 13, 11 8:45 PM

Don't forget HB also has some of the highest taxes in the Hamptons.

Not too many people are interested in a $250,000 house with a $12,000 tax bill, when you can buy a much nicer $400,000 house with $3,500 in taxes for the same monthly payment." Jun 13, 11 8:52 PM

Bishop Explains Vote Against Debt Ceiling Increase

I did. If you really, REALLY want to keep going I'll post the exact quote again. See post above at 8:31 for my analysis of your behavior." Jun 13, 11 9:06 PM

Southampton Town Board Delays Vote On Affordable Housing Project In Hampton Bays

Strange as it may seem, most of Suffolk County still qualifies for these government backed loans designed to encourage development in rural areas.

Most real estate agents have no idea what a USDA loan is, and neither do most local banks. Don't be afraid to use a bank that has experience with USDA loans, even if they're located out of state. I recommend National Bank of Kansas City (search NBOKC USDA to find the right page), but the important thing is that the bank has lots of experience with the USDA program.

Start at the link below.


Check the property eligibility(an address check), then income eligibility. They have 2 types of USDA loans, Direct and Guaranteed. The only difference is that Guaranteed loans are issued by a regular bank, but the USDA guarantees they will be paid, which is why you don't need a down payment. A direct loan actually comes from the Dept of Agriculture and there is less paperwork. You will probobly only qualify for a Guaranteed loan, rather than Direct.

Once you know you and the house are qualified, go to "contact us" and get the number for the regional office. They will tell you how to proceed.

Here's the link to the bank I recommended (you could just start with them if you want. They'll probobly qualify you in 5 minutes. BTW, the USDA loan has very lenient credit requirements, much more so than traditional loans).


Best of luck. Rents are going up as more people are renting, and I think that it's going to get much worse for renters in the years ahead." Jun 13, 11 9:32 PM

Take it easy. I was thinking of Flanders actually, my bad.

Still, $600 a month in taxes for a $250k house? The loan payment is only $1,200." Jun 13, 11 9:40 PM

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