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Longtime East Quogue School Educator Will Retire This Month

Cowardly? I don't fear a simpleton like you.

All you have are emotional arguments, like your braindead liberal cohorts.

Those same children will have to leave Long Island because they won't be able to pay the taxes that will support a pension worth $3,000,000.

I don't begrudge this particular teacher from being paid a fair salary and pension, but $130,000 a year? WE CAN'T AFFORD IT.

How much is enough fcmcmann?

Of course, property taxes doubling again over the next decade would be fine with you, wouldn't it? After all, those hard working families aren't "beloved"." Jun 11, 11 9:56 PM

Bishop Supports Ethics Investigation Into Weiner; Will Return Contributions If "Tainted"

Is filing a false report to DHS an example of your ethical standards?

Your mother should be ashamed of the low life she raised." Jun 11, 11 10:09 PM

You just can't answer that question can you?


" Jun 11, 11 10:17 PM

Bishop Explains Vote Against Debt Ceiling Increase

Have you called in any more false reports to law enforcement?

It's astoninshing that you would try to destroy someones life because you disagree with them politically.

If you'd go that far, where does it end? Are you going to set some "baggers" house on fire? Maybe you'd get lucky and kill their children too.

" Jun 13, 11 5:19 PM

Well, it's been a week and you still can't answer.

...and you blather on and on about other people's inability to grasp reality." Jun 13, 11 5:31 PM


You've publically bragged about seeking vengance on a supervisor by filing a false report against them to Homeland Security.

I was told you worked at a school, and couldn't believe a teacher could be A) Be so evil as to try to hurt someone like that & B) So stupid to brag about it in public.

Now, I've been informed that you're just a low level aide, but that a cross check of your posts with your work schedule shows you've been doing this on the taxpayers (who don't pay enough in taxes) dime.

Criminal liability aside, what kind of lunatic does this from work?

At least those awful teabaggers won't have to pay your salary for much longer." Jun 13, 11 7:09 PM

Wow, that's a lot of typos phil, are you upset?" Jun 13, 11 7:29 PM

Oh, and a as far as "dangerous", you have nothing to fear from me. I'll just let the legal process run it's course.

Had you been a bit more law abiding (or didn't have such a big mouth) you wouldn't be stressing so much right now." Jun 13, 11 7:31 PM

Personally, Captn, I think phils post about filing that fake report was bravado (he's actually made quite a few in the same vein). Ed Schultz's forum seemed to be a haven for leftist lunatics making veiled and not so veiled threats against conservatives. He was probobly trying to fit in.

The problem for him is that after all his pronouncements about conservative "liars", it's kind of hard to back off of now.

He's either a liar or a criminal who's hatred for conservatives has spilled over from rants (irritating but allowed) to real action.
" Jun 13, 11 7:44 PM

philathome - "I don't hate anybody"

philathome - "You had better believe I hate the baggers."

Phil, there seem to be two people who live in your head. You'd better warn the guy who doesn't "hate anybody" to look out for that other nut.

I'll tell you what phil, I'll refrain from name calling and ad hominem insults, if you promise to do the same. Some civil debate around here would be a relief." Jun 13, 11 8:31 PM

A leftist who only sees "despicable behavior" on one side and they must be silenced, what a surprise." Jun 13, 11 8:34 PM

The above comment was directed a progressnow. Interesting you don't find what phil claimed to do to a former supervisor as "despicable"." Jun 13, 11 8:35 PM

The post clearly stated that a report the DHS was made following the fraudulant subscription. You're starting to sound like weiner." Jun 13, 11 8:37 PM

Southampton Town Board Delays Vote On Affordable Housing Project In Hampton Bays

If you haven't owned within the last 3 years, and make less than $125k (for a family of 4, it's lower for smaller families/individuals), and are looking for something under $600k, you can buy with zero down.

A USDA loan and government grants will mean very little out of pocket.

Let me know if you want links to the relevant information.

...and no, I'm not a mortgage broker, just a former long time Long Island renter who feels your pain." Jun 13, 11 8:45 PM

Don't forget HB also has some of the highest taxes in the Hamptons.

Not too many people are interested in a $250,000 house with a $12,000 tax bill, when you can buy a much nicer $400,000 house with $3,500 in taxes for the same monthly payment." Jun 13, 11 8:52 PM

Bishop Explains Vote Against Debt Ceiling Increase

I did. If you really, REALLY want to keep going I'll post the exact quote again. See post above at 8:31 for my analysis of your behavior." Jun 13, 11 9:06 PM

Southampton Town Board Delays Vote On Affordable Housing Project In Hampton Bays

Strange as it may seem, most of Suffolk County still qualifies for these government backed loans designed to encourage development in rural areas.

Most real estate agents have no idea what a USDA loan is, and neither do most local banks. Don't be afraid to use a bank that has experience with USDA loans, even if they're located out of state. I recommend National Bank of Kansas City (search NBOKC USDA to find the right page), but the important thing is that the bank has lots of experience with the USDA program.

Start at the link below.


Check the property eligibility(an address check), then income eligibility. They have 2 types of USDA loans, Direct and Guaranteed. The only difference is that Guaranteed loans are issued by a regular bank, but the USDA guarantees they will be paid, which is why you don't need a down payment. A direct loan actually comes from the Dept of Agriculture and there is less paperwork. You will probobly only qualify for a Guaranteed loan, rather than Direct.

Once you know you and the house are qualified, go to "contact us" and get the number for the regional office. They will tell you how to proceed.

Here's the link to the bank I recommended (you could just start with them if you want. They'll probobly qualify you in 5 minutes. BTW, the USDA loan has very lenient credit requirements, much more so than traditional loans).


Best of luck. Rents are going up as more people are renting, and I think that it's going to get much worse for renters in the years ahead." Jun 13, 11 9:32 PM

Take it easy. I was thinking of Flanders actually, my bad.

Still, $600 a month in taxes for a $250k house? The loan payment is only $1,200." Jun 13, 11 9:40 PM

Bishop Explains Vote Against Debt Ceiling Increase

You want hypocrisy? Where are all the anti-war protesters now? How many are we in now 4, 5? I've lost count.
" Jun 13, 11 9:44 PM

You're correct. You did not say that and I inadvertantly attributed that post to you.

I sincerely apoligize, it was an accident and the result of reading a little too quickly." Jun 13, 11 9:51 PM

Yeah, the result of 2 minutes of googling is really frightening.

Go read the emailed death threats sent to Palin and her family by your fellow progressives if you want to see frightening." Jun 13, 11 9:59 PM

I'll quit yanking your chain over the Schultz post.

You've been civil and decency dictates I do the same." Jun 13, 11 10:05 PM

Southampton Town Board Delays Vote On Affordable Housing Project In Hampton Bays

There are also Suffolk County grants you might qualify for(I think up to $10,000), but I'll have to post tomorrow. I'm exhausted." Jun 13, 11 10:10 PM

Bishop Explains Vote Against Debt Ceiling Increase

How are you "appending" comments? I don't see a button for it on the comments page." Jun 13, 11 10:13 PM

Why was the official one banned? (I could guess, seeing the contents of some of the posts that had been there.), but it's not like there aren't worse ones still around." Jun 13, 11 10:24 PM

Former Southampton Press Employee Richard Musarra Dies At 66

I've interacted with him briefly a few times over the years. A real pro and a credit to the SHP.

RIP." Jun 13, 11 10:26 PM

Bishop Explains Vote Against Debt Ceiling Increase

The Palin post wasn't directed at you, but at progressnow.

I appreciate your position, but in my opinion, the Democrats seem to have been taken over by an unholy alliance of the hard left that hates the US, and groups, including mega corporations like GE, that do not have the interests of our country at heart. I miss the "classical liberals" that disappeared from the Dems sometime around Reagans second term.

Despite our differences, I believe the sincerity of your post, and you have the interests of our country at heart. I have a deep appreciation for it as well.

The chasm between our positions may not be insurmountable after all." Jun 13, 11 10:37 PM

Southampton Town Board Delays Vote On Affordable Housing Project In Hampton Bays

Business is tough for me right now, but if you need it to get into the house, I could certainly loan you at least $1,000." Jun 14, 11 12:31 PM

Bishop Explains Vote Against Debt Ceiling Increase

What does "corn bread" mean exactly?

Would you like here better if she spoke like she was from da projects and had 5 baby daddys instead of a husband?" Jun 14, 11 12:42 PM

I don't know which conservative forums ban liberals for their views. Every one I've ever gone to had plenty of liberals agitating, and posts (from either side) were deleted if they crossed the line, but banning based on viewpoints is not something I have seen on the boards I'm on.

DailyKos and DU however, are not so tolerant of dissent.

Hanging around sites that only reinforce ones preexisting views don't allow you to refine your understanding or find the truth, which is why I'm always happy to play around in "enemy territory". " Jun 14, 11 1:09 PM

Thanks for that." Jun 14, 11 1:21 PM

Wikipedia lists that quote as coming from an "unreliable source".

The origin seems to be left wing blogs referencing other left wing blogs.

Do you think for yourself or just spread the propaganda fed to you?" Jun 14, 11 4:16 PM

Subtantiate the quote. Where's the context? You rail against conservatives as being unthinking and stupid when all you're doing is cut and pasting something which may or may not have been said. Is that critical thinking?

How could any rational person draw a conclusion from a snippet?

It's noteworthy that you made it through a post without using epithets though. I promise to treat you with the same consideration." Jun 14, 11 4:56 PM

Do you really think that what I'm asking for is so unreasonable?

If that's an excerpt from her speech, where's the rest? It had to come from somewhere.

I don't know if the quote is accurate or not, but latching onto something with no substantiation just because it mesh's with your own pre existing views isn't critical thinking.

I understand the temptation to do so. It's very comforting to constantly reassure yourself that you're "right". I used to do the same thing. Now I question everything. There are lots of forces with their own agendas trying to manipulate us, why make it easier for them?

Phil, thanks for your intellectual honesty, it makes your opinions, even where they are in direct opposition to mine, credible. I'm sure your posts will give me plenty of food for thought, and will make me reasess my positions.

Peoplefirst, I made my peace with Phil, but I'll make it crystal clear. I let my emotions get the better of me, and my recent posts crossed the line of acceptable behavior. Sorry phil." Jun 14, 11 10:55 PM

How do you know she said it? I have searched extensively, and as far as I can tell the text of the speech is nowhere to be found, except for this quote.

There are other quotes that have been circulated about her that turned out to be complete fabrications. Would it bother you if it turns out the quote was a lie?

"Countless verifiable sources" - there isn't a single verifiable source.

As far as the issue related to the comment, frankly, I'm not going to start another 100 post thread in a 2 week old unrelated article." Jun 15, 11 6:21 PM

I've seen this lie so many times. We never went from being in debt to having a surplus.

On Clinton's inaugural we the United States had a debt of
$4.1 Trillion. When Clinton left office the United States had a debt of $5.7. There was never any "surplus" on our balance sheet.

" Jun 15, 11 6:32 PM

Southampton Village Officials Dispute New York Post Allegations


What do you think would be a fair salary for a patrolman in Southampton? " Jun 16, 11 1:06 PM

Bishop Explains Vote Against Debt Ceiling Increase

I'm sorry to see him go too. Damn you democratic leadership for forcing him out." Jun 16, 11 1:27 PM

Southampton Village Officials Dispute New York Post Allegations

The lowest paid officers (not sergeants, not detectives, but the lowest rank) - Make $90,000 a year. After 5 years it averages $160,000, after 8 years pay averages $180,000.

Making sergeant or detective pushes salaries up into the $215,000 range.

Poor guys, no wonder they need second "conflict of interest jobs"." Jun 16, 11 9:12 PM

By the way, $180,000 is a higher annual salary than governors in 45 states make, higher than a 4 star general or fleet admiral with 20 years experience, and higher than the average salary of a US Senator." Jun 16, 11 9:25 PM

New Southampton Village Police Chief Will Seek Closer Ties With Other Police Agencies

Keep hoping. When was the last time you saw deep investigative journalism here?" Jun 16, 11 10:07 PM

Former Southampton Town Employee Files Complaint Claiming She Was Wrongfully Terminated

Believing in equality of opportunity, rather than equality of outcome is clearly a sign of a bigotry and "hate".

Congratulations peoplefirst, you've outed yet another secret racist. Your sense of moral superiority is preserved." Jun 17, 11 9:03 AM

You're a hard left wing lunatic, yet you seem to think you're some sort of moderate.

Who do you think you're fooling?

" Jun 17, 11 2:56 PM

Is it justice when someone who scores higher on a professional, skill specific test is denied a job becuase of their skin color?

It happens every day, in the name of diversity.

I guess your compassion and sense of fairness is suspended when the person denied a fair chance is the wrong color." Jun 20, 11 9:14 AM

Also, you're ignorance of the "3/5th's compromise" is shocking, but not surprising.

Southern states wanted slaves counted as a full person, and Northern, largely abolitionist, states didn't want them counted at all.

This was about the population based apportionment of political power amongst states, and wasn't a statement about the value of one person in relation to another." Jun 20, 11 9:20 AM

"But something even more important needs to be pointed out-the suggestion that a white person will always score higher on a standard test than a person of color.This is one of the ways racism creeps out ...more of the right."

Absurd. A meritocracy is what conservative want, not some beaurocrat choosing winners and losers based on their skin color.

That's the definition of true prejudice, and that's exactly the system you want.
" Jun 20, 11 4:55 PM

Center Moriches Man Charged With Trying To Rob Speonk Deli

Si Se Pueda!" Jun 20, 11 4:57 PM

You equate underage drinking with a with an armed robbery?

I guess the guy holding the gun is the "victim" because his skin is brown." Jun 22, 11 9:29 AM

Let's not forget last year's murder in Remsenburg/Speonk. Wasn't that the first murder in the area in nearly a century?

Surprisingly the guy with bloody hammer is nowhere to be found. I'll bet the unfortunate victim's body wasn't the only thing that went back to Guatemala that week." Jun 22, 11 9:56 AM

Upcoming Changes For Southampton Town Leaf Program

They used to do both, with less money." Jun 24, 11 10:56 PM

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