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Impaled Turtle Recovering Well, Officials Say

It's not "hate" that's likely behind this. Odds are the person who did this is a sociopath devoid of empathy. Unfortunately, even if they catch the evil b*****d who did this, they'll get a slap on the wrist.

Many serial killers started out torturing animals." Jul 9, 11 5:48 PM

A Keen Eye On Arab Revolutions

"And while some Americans have fretted about the role the Muslim Brotherhood will play in Egypt’s political future, Mr. Dorph is not worried. He said that, like religious conservatives elsewhere in the world, the group is motivated by a desire to get back to old-fashioned values and reacting to what they perceive as the ills of the modern world, including consumerism, inequality and corruption."

This summary of the Muslim Brotherhood is utterly inaccurate. "Back to basics" within the Muslim Brotherhood includes a conquered world ruled under a worldwide Islamic Caliphate where non-muslims must convert, be killed, or enslaved. "Back to basics" means every Jewish man, woman, and child in Israel must be slaughtered outright. It goes on and on.

The Muslim Brotherhood are absolute masters of PR, and know exactly what western audieces need to hear. There are a tremendous number of contemporary writings and speeches from the Brotherhood available that anyone can read for themselves. I suggest you do so, because Mr. Dorph clearly assumes you won't..

" Jul 13, 11 9:02 AM

Foster, Quigley Spar at East Hampton Town Board Meeting

You are joking right?

Do I need to prove you're a liar in addition to all the rest of your despicable traits?" Jul 13, 11 1:37 PM

Southampton Town Will Need To Come Up With Millions To Meet Tax Cap Next Year

The only "working people" you give a rats ass about are the ones making $100,000+ working for the government and the union thugs who campaign for leftists.

You don't care about all the tradesmen who lost their livelihoods to your precious illegal immigrants.

You don't care about the small businesses, who CREATE the majority of jobs, crushed by ever increasing tax and regulatory burdens to feed your beloved welfare state.

You don't care about the tens of thousands of jobs outsourced by Obama's "jobs czar" and major donor, GE CEO Immelt.

You're not motivated by caring for anyone or anything other than your sense of moral superiority.

As for 2012, you’d better stock up on your meds now, because you’re going to need them.
" Jul 19, 11 11:40 AM

Wow, you just can't stick to anything substantive, can you?

Like a good liberal every debate decends into name calling, ad hominem attacks, and emotional diatribes.

How answering one point? Just one:

What do you say to all the carpenters, roofers, and masons who can't provide for thier families any more because they've been undercut by illegal immigrants working under the table?" Jul 19, 11 11:49 AM

"How answering" should have been "How about"" Jul 19, 11 11:50 AM

Town Board Will Hold Hearing Tuesday On New Energy Efficient Building Standards

In this case, 70 HERS is a modest requirement that is feasible with reasonably priced technology. We're talking $10,000 to $15,000 for a 2200 square foot home

The added cost of this level of energy efficiency will be quickly recouped by the homeowner, and the savings will continue to mount over time, so it's a win for everyone.

Mandated efficiencies are only problematic when government entities think they can just wish them into existence, without regard for cost or unintended consequences." Jul 22, 11 9:21 PM

Razza, incapable of adding anything intelligent or productive to the conversation, speaks again.
" Jul 25, 11 10:26 AM

That's really why this is important. As a consumer, it's nearly impossible to know what's behind the walls in new construction, and if it's a spec house, the only people who will know for sure are the builder and the inspector.

Unfortunately, many builders have proven that if they can save $100 in construction costs that will cost the buyer $1,000 a year in additional energy costs, they prefer to add the $100 to their bottom line." Jul 25, 11 10:32 AM

Family: Sagaponack Plane Crash Pilot, Passenger On The Mend

Not exactly at their own risk when each year there are dozens of people on the ground, truly minding their own business, who are killed by light aircraft crrashes." Jul 26, 11 6:54 PM

Guldi Pleads Guilty To 35 Counts, Will Receive Concurrent Sentence

I love it, a crook (Guildi) rips off other crooks (banks who did zero due dillegence since they were loaning other peoples money) who were ripping off institutional investors (primarily other crooked banks) with the help of yet more crooks (bond rating agencies).

Who was the victim here again? Oh right, the taxpayers who bailed out the investment banks holding the mortgage backed securities. Well, not exactly the taxpayers, since we borrowed the money for the bailout....future taxpayers would be more accurate.

" Jul 29, 11 6:30 PM

I don't know what the losses were, but remember that while the $82 mil in mortgages were fraudulantly obtained, they are secured by real property, so the losses will be much, much smaller." Jul 29, 11 7:39 PM

Banks are supposed to do a simple MERS check (a nationwide mortgage registry) for existing mortgages before issuing new ones.

Are you saying he got multiple mortgages on the same properties? If so, I wasn't aware that was the case.

I'm not defending the guy, I just hate the use of inaccurate, but dramatic headline creating figures being used." Jul 30, 11 12:35 PM

East Quogue Couple Fears That Twice-Convicted DWI Driver Won't Face Jail Time

Sounds like Ms. DePersia should have become a teacher in the ESM school district...then she would have been able to get at least 4 DWI's before it became a problem." Aug 9, 11 6:06 PM

More Than A Year Out From Election, Outside Groups Begin To Weigh In

Your hypocritical, selective criticism rings hollow when GE's CEO Immelt made BILLIONS as the #1 outsourcer of high quality US jobs overseas, is now a close advisor to your President, and is the beneficiary of billions in no-bid contracts from the administration he backs." Aug 10, 11 5:36 PM

Southampton Village Board Suspends Highway Employee

Salaries paid by taxpayer money are a matter of public record.

www.seethroughny.org has the salaries, benefits, and pensions of every public employee in the state.

That said, I never liked the way the media publishes names of people accused of wrongdoing before due process has taken place. The "perp walK", figuratively speaking in this case, is a form of punishment before guilt is proven." Aug 15, 11 6:11 PM

LIPA Scrambles To Repair Massive Power Outages

LIPA is a service paid for with private money. Demanding that that service be provided is not an indictment against self reliance nor is it an argument for the socialist cradle to grave nanny state you crave.

Twisted logic and juvenile name calling are all you've got." Sep 2, 11 1:29 PM

LIPA: Fewer Than 200 Outages Left Islandwide From Irene

Well, the choice is easy. Cablevision for its unmatched 100Mb/s ULTRA service for internet, and cellular for phone service. Cell's have proven to be more reliable than verizon land lines during storms. I didn't lose cell service once during Irene." Sep 2, 11 1:32 PM

Police: Driver Ran Red Light Before Hitting Mini School Bus In Westhampton

As reported in other news sources, the driver was Rona Pereira, an unlicensed, uninsured, illegal immigrant from Guatemala who ran a red light before hitting the school bus." Sep 15, 11 3:06 PM

Businesses Fear Giant Wage Jump For Seasonal Workers

Progressnow and her leftist cohorts are perfectly fine with illegal immigrants taking advantage of all those services paid for by legal residents though.

Just say it progressnow, legal American businesses are evil, and unchecked infiltration of our southern border by people who don't have the respect for this country and it's laws to get in line make your heart flutter.

Now go ahead and repeat the liberal lie about how those guys standing in front of a 7/11 are actually paying taxes, paying for their own health care, and never taking advantage of taxpayer provided benefits. " Sep 30, 11 3:16 PM

philathome said: "Another one who supports importing low wage workers and keeping Americans out of work.
What a patriot."

..and yet philathome has no problem with illegal immigrants undercutting legal workers, do you phil?" Sep 30, 11 3:20 PM

Bishop To Speak On Issues

Look at the enlightened progressive. I see someone working at McDonalds as a person trying to improve their life by taking a starter step in the right direction, while to someone like Razza, a person working there is the target of ridicule.

No wonder so many liberals see no shame in a welfare check, but have no problem looking down on people working in jobs that are "beneath" them." Oct 21, 11 6:22 PM

So pouring water on the head of terrorists like Bin Ladin's right hand man was the most despicable, evil, vile war crime that George W. Bush should "answer for", but ordering their killing via drone or hit squad is ok?

It must be nice to have such, uhm, "flexible", ethics." Oct 21, 11 6:28 PM

Lawmakers Break Ground On Bridgehampton Sidewalk Project

Absolutely! Lets spend, spend, spend our way to prosperity!

Your grasp of economics is awe inspiring.

By the way, who's the unionized public "educator" we can thank for your spelling and punctuation prowess?" Oct 21, 11 7:03 PM

Your position is that taxing $1,000,000 out of the private sector, and spending it in through government projects is an excellent and efficient way to create jobs. Right in line with the brilliant economic management Obama has brought to the table.

I'm surprised you've chosen a straight jacket as your avatar. Given where you work, I would have thought you'd be more sensitive to the mentally ill.

" Oct 21, 11 8:35 PM

The best part about leftists like peoplefirst putting their intellectual cards on the table, is that your true nature of these vile, spoiled, overgrown children is on display for all to see." Oct 21, 11 8:38 PM

your=the" Oct 21, 11 8:38 PM

Southampton High School Student Will Not Return To School After Shotgun Arrest, District Says

So if a handful of examples justifies your position, then I guess you'll be ending your support for illegal immigrants after this. They seem far more dangerous than an unloaded shotgun:

Mary Nagle, a wife and mother of two, who was raped and murdered by an illegal alien who came to her home to power wash her porch. If that wasn't bad enough, the perpetrator used Mary Nagle's own cell phone to call her sisters and friends describing how he sexually abused her. Read about the tragic story here and here.
The two Catholic nuns who were on a walk saying their rosary when they were attacked by illegal alien Maximilano Esparza who raped both and killed one by strangling her with her rosary beads.

Terry and Lisa Dilks of Urbandale, Iowa, who were murdered by two illegal aliens. Both perpetrators had previously been arrested on drug charges and turned over and subsequently released by federal immigration agents.

The 10 killed and 4 wounded victims of illegal alien Muslim fanatic and sniper John Lee Malvo.

Kimberley Hope who was killed while feeding her neighbor's dogs by illegal alien Daniel Gonzalez Berumen who simply wanted her car.

Vinessa Hoera was a young single mom, only 23, when she was kidnapped, raped and brutally murdered by an illegal alien from Guatemala.

Tracy Owen, a 23 year old, very pregnant woman of Nashville, who was murdered because a couple of drunk, illegal aliens thought they had struck her in a car-pedestrian traffic accident. In fact, they had not but shot her five times believing they had.

Norfolk Police Officer Sheila Herring who was shot by illegal alien Mario Roberto Keen as she responded to a disturbance at a sports bar. Keen had previously been sentenced to five years in prison in 1990 for selling cocaine and had been previously deported. Keen attempted to re-enter the United States in New York in 1997, but was reportedly barred from entering. Obviously, he found another way.

Officer Tony Zeppetella, 27, of the Oceanside, CA, police department, was murdered by illegal alien gang member Adrien George Camacho when he stopped him for a traffic violation. Camacho pulled out a gun and shot the officer. Camacho then pistol-whipped the injured officer before shooting him again, killing him with the officer's own gun. At the time, Camacho had a criminal history that includes five previous felony convictions had been previously deported several times.

Fort Worth Officer Dwayne Freeto was killed by drunken driver while helping a stranded motorist. The speeding car struck Freeto's parked cruiser, causing it to burst into flames burning Officer Freeto to death.

Police Officer Brandon Winfield, a 12-year veteran on the Houston police force with five children who was killed by illegal alien Juan Leonardo Qunitero who had been previously deported for molesting a 12-year-old girl. Officer Winfield thought he was assisting a disabled motorist when he was murdered in cold blood. " Oct 30, 11 11:39 AM

Westhampton Beach Mayor Won't Check Out Supermarket Proposal

The sale flyers for the Waldbaums in Westhampton are different than the flyers for the rest of the chain's Long Island stores. The prices are significantly higher, and the Westhampton store does not offer the same sales as all the other Waldbaums (including other Hamptons Waldbaums).

Monopoly is right.

There is nothing to gain by not listening to the constituents. He could have allowed them to comment, and then said no.

Does the Mayor have any business ties to Waldbaums or the owner of the building? It's hard to believe he's so passionate about retaining that wonderful scenic corridor known as Old Riverhead Road." Nov 18, 11 9:10 AM

So you want working families to pay more for the necessities of life so a trash strewn brownfield site can be "preserved"? Are these the spoiled children you are referring to?

Knee jerk reactions based on nothing but emotion, over the top hyperbole, unprovoked insults, and a complete lack of logical thinking are what one would expect from an immature teenager." Nov 19, 11 11:17 AM

New Cap On STAR Savings Angers Some

You have correctly observed that in liberal "newspeak" not taking your earnings is now "spending".

Another phrase that appeared around the same time in discussions regarding taxes is "you won't even feel it.". " Dec 6, 11 12:02 PM

Shinnecocks Want Grave Protection Plan In Place

It's perfectly reasonable to put rules into place to protect all graves. It's a matter of human dignity.

However, why is this so complicated? There are plenty of jurisdictions that have had protections in place for decades, and they've worked out the "bugs" over a long period of practical experience.

Just find a model that works to protect grave sites, allow archealogical access if warranted, permits development to continue after any human remains are relocated, and duplicate it. Not every policy has to be reinvented from scratch by every small locality." Jan 5, 12 12:56 PM

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