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Drugs, Money May Be Missing From Southampton Town Police Headquarters

Time for a Shake up. An independent investigator is needed. " Mar 20, 13 4:56 PM

Southampton School Will Have To Cut 12 Positions To Stay Under Tax Levy Cap

Holy moly, districts have to stay within their budgets, and tough decisions have to be made. Welcome to the real world!" Mar 20, 13 4:59 PM

Items Missing From Southampton Town Police Property Room Resurface

Every member of Town Board should unequivocally be voted off next election. No matter who opponents may be. Voters must speak out in order for things to change." Mar 27, 13 4:01 PM

Bishop Revives Bill Targeting Billions In Big Oil Tax Breaks

Bishop is at least smart enough to know there are all these pretend "GREEN" people on the east end. By playing to their ideology he gets their vote. " Apr 17, 13 10:38 AM

Nationionwide Sequestration Cuts To Head Start Will Hit Home

Obama Regime's initial idea, Obama's ideology keeps Washington from functioning. Now Major Scandals, mostly ignored by liberal media, hinders any chance of compromise. " May 24, 13 6:29 AM

Crashed when Nancy P took Speaker position" May 24, 13 11:18 AM

Future Of Hampton Bays Motel Remains Uncertain

Permitting septic upgrade to keep undesirables out of town. " Jun 30, 13 7:56 AM

Vice President Joe Biden Vacationing In Southampton This Week

3000 feet of airspace, that's just what's between Joe"Bite Me" Biden's ears." Aug 14, 13 6:41 AM

UPDATE: Goldman Sachs Banker Allegedly Raped Woman Early Tuesday Morning

The Media jumps on the chance to Trash Banks whenever they can. Being an Employee of Goldman Sachs has NOTHING to do with this guys Sexual deviancy. " Aug 25, 13 6:29 AM

Tim Bishop Weighs In On Possible U.S. Military Strike Against Syria

Obama goes off TelePrompTer and Draws Red Line. He needs to save face. The EGO is enormous. Bishop has NO clue votes as he is directed to by party. Giving any credence to Bishop make that person just as dumb
" Sep 1, 13 8:02 AM

Both Southampton And Hampton Bays Football Teams Forfeit Final Regular Season Games

Place Most of the blame directly on the parents. Parents of today's sports players think their kids are superstars and the teams cannot do without them. The remainder of blame is on the EGOS of coaches." Nov 4, 13 6:47 PM

Armed Robbery On Sag Harbor's Main Street; Suspects At Large

Sign them up for OBAMACARE, if they have insurance they may not rob again.
" Nov 20, 13 3:45 PM

Number Of Sag Harbor Armed Robbery Suspects Grows

Amnesty for all law breakers. They vote Democrat Line.
" Dec 3, 13 6:07 PM

Oceanfront Boardwalk Part Of Town Plans For Neptune Property In Hampton Bays

Wouldn't a paved path along dune road or thru parking lots be more feasible?
" Dec 11, 13 6:34 PM

Sagaponack Bridge Repairs Could End Beloved Fishing Spot

Get some wacko to say that Pyrrhus Concer once crabbed from that bridge and maybe it could be saved." Dec 18, 13 8:59 AM

Those who always cite race seem to be the most racist. My comment was a satire on idiots trying to save every old structure. " Dec 19, 13 3:35 AM

UPDATE: Services Scheduled For Hampton Bays Woman Killed In Flanders Road Crash

POTHOLES TO BLAME? Every vehicle is equipped with brakes. SLOW DOWN don't swerve into on coming traffic." Jan 17, 14 8:24 AM

NOPE, just questioning everybody blaming potholes. Doesn't anyone take responsibility for their actions anymore? Swerving or whatever, truck crossed the line.
" Jan 17, 14 12:45 PM

7-Eleven Gets Building Permit For Amagansett Location; Community Is Not Enthused

Hey, if most people want low cost labor landscaping, painting and cleaning their homes, then a place serving low cost microwaveable burritos and breakfast patties is needed." Feb 13, 14 7:59 AM

Mayor: Quogue Will Not Sell Dune Road Property For Families To Build Dock

Mayor and board felt uncomfortable with under the table cash they were offered" Feb 23, 14 4:38 PM

Southampton Town Board Unanimously Approves Sandy Hollow Apartments Plan

Holy Crap, the "Hope and Change" voters don't want it in their "prissy" area. Hypocritical, self serving, uppity complainers. " Jun 25, 14 1:25 PM

New Westhampton Beach Mayor Seeks Pay Increase

Just another self serving LIAR. To go for the money grab immediately without proving her worth is disturbing. A Recall should be on the works
" Jul 9, 14 9:40 PM

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