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Southampton Students Petition District To Change Columbus Day's Name

Sad that a teacher can pimp out students to advance a personal agenda." Feb 6, 15 4:23 PM

Nathaniel Rogers Renovation On Track To Cost $9 Million, Take 13 Years

Bulldoze the money pit. Construct affordable housing " Mar 2, 15 8:33 AM

Tim Bishop Named Distinguished Professor At St. Joseph's College

How many family members can Bishop weasel onto the payroll of St. Joseph's?
" Mar 13, 15 3:26 PM

Jason Lee Acquitted Of East Hampton Rape Charges Wednesday

This dirtbag was fired from Goldman Sachs. It seems to be a politically correct statement of liberal fools to blame the dreaded evil Bank. " May 2, 15 9:39 AM

DEC Closes Western Shinnecock Bay To Shellfish Harvesting Due To Toxin

A Sewer district should be established with the Preservation funds. Sewer treatment is a Better remedy than land purchase. " May 8, 15 7:57 PM

Goldman Sachs CEO Sued By Contractor After Working At Bridgehampton Estate

A slimy attorney is most definitely responsible for this legal action. " May 10, 15 7:45 AM

Tuckahoe Uncertain If It Can Continue To Educate Shinnecock Students

These children would be able to attend if their parents came to the US. Illegally and lived in a home with 5 other families not paying taxes. " May 16, 15 8:52 AM

Southampton School Officials Nix Columbus Day In Favor Of Indigenous Peoples' Day On School Calendars

With this renaming, Indians can now celebrate the day Christopher Columbus discovered America. " Feb 14, 18 4:26 PM

Public Meeting For East Quogue Village Incorporation Sees High Turnout As Vote Approaches

Another layer of Government results in higher taxes. Alleged Higher property values means higher assessed tax values. Incorporating will benefit a select few. " Sep 28, 19 10:22 PM

East Quogue Residents Will Vote On Village Incorporation Next Week

It appears that those who support the Incorporated Village will gain personally. TAXES WILL INCREASE SUBSTANTIALLY with no added benefits. VOTE NO " Oct 16, 19 9:35 PM

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