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Hamptons Online sues former publisher, seeking millions in damages

Like all things American, you need to read between the lines here. Rob is an honest, hardworking person who had the smarts, initiative,drive, ambition, talent and know how to revolutionize our ability to get news/culture/arts on the East End by just hitting Enter. Big egos get in the way and the brainchild gets chewed up and spit out. Don't forget who bore this baby. It was Rob and he deserves a lot of credit and support." May 13, 10 7:48 PM

Former Sag Harbor Trustee, Suffolk County Legislator To Hold Forum On High Cost Of Policing

Hi. This is Bill Jones. Keep guessing. I have never posted a single comment on this blog/site. Not as High Hat nor any other tag. " Mar 8, 13 12:01 PM