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County Road 39 billboards defaced

I saw somebody in a yellow truck defacing our new signs... in broad daylight!" Dec 3, 08 7:12 AM

Suffolk to change signs on County Road 39

I am please that these signs have been removed. Now, I hope the County responds to the Town's request to remove all of the static 35MPH signs and replace them with one or two digital display signs strategically placed." Dec 10, 08 7:42 AM

Nuzzi proposes cutting the size of regulatory boards

The problem with the town's boards especailly the Planning Board is the cumbersome and time consuming procedural processes it follows. Who has filed an application with the PB and not asked the question, "Why does it take so long?" What is needed here is a thorough procedural review of how the PB processes applications. Improved processes will result in cost savings and increased effficiency. Simply reducing the number of members on the board equates to firing the coach because the team is not playing well. It is a simplistic approach that does little to address the real problem but does make for good press." Jan 7, 09 10:42 AM

$19 million in Southampton Town capital budget unaccounted for

What a fiasco! Can we have a better illustration of the incompetent leading the ill prepared. Ms. Kabot immediately seeks to place blame elsewhere, while Mr. Nuzzi complains that he is only just learning about this 19 million dollar shortfall. Where has he been for the past three and one-half years? He was an integral part of the "creative" budgeting of the previous administration as well as the current one? The fall election can't come too soon." Jan 24, 09 4:08 PM

Town Board members ask advisory boards for suggestions

What a unique idea! Ask the people who actually do the job what they think should be done to help reduce costs. It's about time. Kudos to Ms. Pope, Ms. Graboski and Ms. Throne Holst." Jan 31, 09 10:33 AM

Town capital budget discrepancy is downgraded

It's the fault of the press, in this case the Southampton Press. Now there's an original response!" Jan 31, 09 10:39 AM

Blowes to focus on town finances; Jones named deputy supervisor

What exactly is the job of a deputy supervisor? Is there a job description for this position? Does a human resources professional meet the requirements for that position? Just asking." Feb 3, 09 3:51 PM

Immigration bill to be revived

I attended the meeting reported in this article. The faces of the young women who spoke of their stories as members of an immigrant family, the faces of the young families in the audiences that listened to the speakers, and the faces of my neighbors who asked important and serious questions are the faces of our Town. The faces that make this Town one of the most wonderful places to live. It is too easy to demonize people with faceless statistics. If meeitings such as this one are held again, I would encourage everyone to attend but with one condition - leave your statistics at home and meet your neighbors - new and old - face to face." Feb 5, 09 7:19 AM

Springs teachers suggest investigating students

There are very clear procedures and criteria for registering students in a school district in NY State. If those procedures are followed properly and the criteria are met, students who are ineligible will not be registered. It sounds like somebody is not doing his or her job!" Feb 12, 09 10:01 AM

Federal auditors will examine Southampton Town's 2007 financial books

Finally, the Board is going in the right direction both with a objective budget review and an appropriate use of the ethics review board. We hear, and have heard, a substantial amount of lip service given to transparency in government. These two steps are examples of what can be done to achieve that transparency. One can only hope that both actions are implemented expeditiously. Bureaucratic delays will only serve to foul this initial breathe of fresh air." Feb 21, 09 2:56 PM

Republican majority on Southampton Town Board quashes plan to restructure financial department

Accountability has been a four letter word in Town Hall for too long. The proposal outlined in this article does not appear to add one dollar of cost to the Town while achieving a much higher degree of accountability. Of course, given the track record of this administration any accountability will be a higher degree of accountability. What will be interesting to watch is how the supervisor will twist this proposal into a whiney criticism of the newspapers, or Ms. Throne-Holst, or anyone who see some sense in taking a sound, unvarnished, objective look at our Town's finances." Feb 25, 09 7:23 AM

Southampton Town Board considers capping County Road 39 moratorium early

Currently there are 10 unoccupied retail and commercial spaces on CR 39 along with the unrented apartments above Ocean electric. What economic advantage is there to more empty space and vacant apartments? These are indeed difficult economic times. Will lifting the moratorium create short term benefit or long term blight? The Town Board makes the claim that the moratorium is an obstacle to economic development but offers no evidence to support their claim. Economic development is not being frozen as the article states. If the King Kullen project and the Southampton Hospital project started today, they would be 3 or 4 years in the planning process. The Fairdield Developement project (not affected by the moratorium)proposed in the area adjacent to the King Kullen project has been in the planning stages for 4 years. There are 22 exemptions in the law establishing the moratorium and a process for seeking an exemption. Any project that wants to go forward can go forward. This suggestion and any effort to advance it is short sighted and reminescent of the kind of thinking that created the conditions along CR 39 in the first place. The Town Board and the Town's chief planner short not be so short sighted." Mar 1, 09 6:35 AM

Supervisor has bone to pick over councilwoman's dog

According to this article, Ms. Kabot said, "“I really don’t want to get involved with it as this will be considered petty at this point with the other bickering going on,” Ms. Kabot said. “There is no need to create more tension and dysfunction in town government.” Then why did you bring it up in the first place and why is it being reported in the Press. I thought the supervisor did not like airing personnel matters in the newspaper. She said that way of addressing such issues was hurtful. Are we seeing a return of do as I say but not as I do philosophy in Town Hall? Did it ever leave? Ms. Kabot is the town supervisor and as such it is her responsibilty to set both the tone in Town Hall. Petty is what one does when you can't do substance. One can only imagine how her harping tone and me first attitude in full view at Town Board meetings displays itself in less public settings. Dignity and character are the hallmarks of effective leadership. It appears that both are in short supply when it comes to the Supervisor. " Mar 4, 09 11:53 AM

Southampton Republican Party chairman says Kabot is not a lock to secure nomination

Contrary to Mr. Stinchi's belief it is about one person - Ms. Kabot. She made that perfectly clear when she was a councilwoman under Mr. Heaney and she continues to make it all about her as supervisor. Attend any Board meeting, whose voice do you here most often, who condescendingly contradicts other Board members most often, who uses the public portion of meeting to voice her point of view while other Board members respectfully listen to the public's comments? Let me give you a hint, her initials are Linda Kabot. Kudos to Mr. Stinchi for keepiong an open mind" Mar 5, 09 6:28 AM

Elected officials hold press conference to outline goals of new immigration coalition

Someone much wiser than I once said, "Not everything addressed can be resolved but nothing can be resolved unless addressed.' Kudos to the elected officials and local leaders who are prepared to address this very complex and important issue." Mar 9, 09 9:50 PM

Immigration coalition holds its first forum

Congressman Bishop has it right, "The present situation is unacceptable." Neither amnesty for all (which no one had proposed) nor deportation for all (which some have proposed) offers any chance at resolving this problem. The staggering costs (in the hundreds of billions of dollars) and the massive infrastructure that would need to be created to affect deportation makes such a sugggestion pure folly. Comprehenive immigration reform, as desecribed by Congressman Bishop and others, is coming because it is the only proposal that can improve the current situation. and because a majority of the American citizens see its value. Any other atlernative is hopeless. Kudos to Congressman Bishop, Assemblyman Thiele and Councilwoman Throne-Holst for facing that reality and trying to get some in the community to do the same. They have the support of many." Mar 19, 09 1:11 PM

Southampton Town officials: Capital budget is short $4.9 million

Blame! Blame! Blame! This sounds too familiar. Take responsibility for fixing the problem. Read Tom Friedman's column in today's NYT. He could be describing Southampton Town administration. Immature is the word he used." Mar 22, 09 9:37 AM

Southampton Town Board updated on status of two land use studies

For the record, there are 22 exemptions (more than some) in the CR 39 Moratorium legislation. Both King Kullen and the Southampton Hospital can apply for an exemption and they have not. The Sandy Hollow Project consists of 16 units." Mar 22, 09 9:41 AM

Woman dies in crash; driver flees on foot

Shame on those who have turned this tragedy into a platform for their political agenda. But, apparently, such people have no shame. My condolences and my prayers to all injured in this terrible accident. and to their families and friends." Mar 30, 09 6:10 PM

Code enforcement shuts down soup kitchen at Southampton Tire

The kindness of the Whitbys is a model for us all. Thank you." Apr 1, 09 7:33 AM