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Scaled-down 'Tuckahoe Main Street' Still Finds Opponents

Read the comment above mine that I was replying to with respect to the lower taxes. If it's accurate, which I presume it is, then school taxes would be lowered.
The additional congestion that would be had at that location could be managed better if there was a circle instead of a light at that corner. Dare I say look at rt. 58 in Riverhead. Traffic flows well there. Here I believe its going to be better for traffic on 39, N. Magee Street traffic, northern village traffic going to the stores and traffic flowing in and out of the shopping mall.
The addition of this Mall would relieve congestion in the Village as it will give people in the area another shopping alternative. No more Hill Street blues for many. So the convenience will not just be for Tuckahoe residents for many others as well: North Sea, North Village, South Shinnecock hills I suppose. The convenience of not going into a congested village for many is an important consideration. For the Village and its residents that could be beneficial including the reduction of carbon monoxide emissions there.
I think that the project will be a benefit to Tuckahoe. Look at what you have there now. An incoherent group of stores in all sorts of conditions. Look at this as a way to rejuvenate the area, constructive destruction, in a more cohesive zone. That will add value to the properties." Jan 19, 11 12:06 PM

Actually, CR39 is safer than many of the small roads out here because of the wide shoulders. Occasionally I like to ride my bike on CR 39 too." Jan 19, 11 12:11 PM

I agree. There should be more bike lanes on the side roads in town." Jan 19, 11 12:13 PM

Think about rt. 58 in Riverhead. A traffic circle might be a better way to relieve the concerns with respect to traffic.

Your other concerns are valid. The issue of pedestrian walkways has to be studied. Putting lights at a certain distance back from main traffic with button so that when people want to cross there is an option for crossing. A subterranean walkway under the traffic circle.

I think in the future there will be a need for other locations for stores on the Eastern side of the village. Unfortunately the developers own this property there. Further west might not accommodate as much of the population as this location would. Maybe between the Hess Station and the golf range? Too far out same road problems. Further North. The 39 issue, less centric, more residential. I guess they all look at these considerations calculate where the maximum amount of hits will come from for the store to make a good return.
Could we live without it? Now probably yes. In the future we might be happy we have it. " Jan 19, 11 12:40 PM

I'm sure trying to come up for solutions to your concerns. Trying to make this work better for you, David. I don't live in Riverhead. But I don't care to have to travel to Riverhead when shopping could be more convenient to me here. David there is nothing that I can say that is going to change how you feel about this project. Its in front of your house. I would tend to believe that this thing is going to get done. Try to get out of it what you can before you regret not having insisted on one thing or the other.
I would seriously consider the benefits of such a project in my area. But we already have the town dump where I live, another cluster of condominiums, and I don't think the economics of your shopping mall will work here yet." Jan 19, 11 12:56 PM

How could I forget to mention this to you David, I live off of the second busiest road heading East in the town. I take a certain amount of risk when I get on that road because I've got speeding traffic in both directions. I wish I could get that situation fixed to what it used to be. " Jan 19, 11 1:15 PM

Police Investigate Shooting In Tuckahoe

Come come Fact. All the sophistry in the world wont let you weasel out of your apologist defense of bigots and racists. Your statement stands on its own. Fact. Your extrapolation into the Arizona shooting I fail to see how they contribute to the discussions here. One thing has nothing to do with the other. Of course someone who is mentally unstable and thought to be erratic should have received treatment. But people like you who assume that because someone is a foreigner or here illegally is ergo ipso facto a criminal are what incite mobs into lynchings. Sometimes thinking so makes it so. " Jan 19, 11 2:17 PM

Dan I just think it refers to the fact that is father was from Kenya. Many people who emigrate to this country still hold on to their or their parents country of origin and continue to associate with it. Its quite common in countries like ours that have flourished with immigrants" Jan 19, 11 2:30 PM

I don't know what this hang up is about his place of birth. I know its written in the Constitution...In this modern era, post WWII, when many American's went abroad for business, official, military, or personal reasons and their children were born in foreign countries, naturalized Americans, the issue of native born American should have no weight in determining who can become President. Some have interpreted the Constitution as allowing for such latitude. " Jan 19, 11 2:42 PM

Scaled-down 'Tuckahoe Main Street' Still Finds Opponents

Nope wrong guy David. Why koookie? Any more koookie than you? doubt it..." Jan 19, 11 2:58 PM

I'm glad that there is somebody that agrees this thing is going in even though we disagree on its merit." Jan 19, 11 3:12 PM

I'm sorry. I had interpreted what you said before as essentially that the fix was in and the project was bought and paid for the only thing under negotiation was the scale of the project.

You know like the joke about the millionairess and the handsome man. She asks him if he would sleep with her for a million dollars... He says he would for a million. When she asks him if he would do it for 20.00, and he says "of course not, what kind of guy do you think i am" she replies "we've already established that. We are just haggling over the price".

Personally I think the board's mind is decided. The current majority has had one of its members, Mr. Malone, declare himself a pro development member. The other two will likely tag along. I don't know that ATH's vote matter's at this point.

As for the rest of the other communities support and electoral defeat etc. I don't know that level of support or interest is that great outside of the immediately affected community. Tuckahoe and the perhaps those in the Village that think empty stores there have anything to do with a non-existent competitor. Why would Shinnecock Hills be a supporter? They would only benefit here." Jan 19, 11 4:23 PM

Very well said. I agree with what you say. I'm skeptical about the last paragraph. I wish it were true but I have not seen it being effective here. The vote is fractionated." Jan 19, 11 8:33 PM

Police Investigate Shooting In Tuckahoe

Is your source's name called google and here is the link? http://easthampton.patch.com/articles/gun-shot-wound-victim-transported-to-hospital-police-looking-for-suspect.

Great primary source a guy posting in a forum..." Jan 19, 11 9:17 PM

Yea right. You ran the plates and got all the info from patch. " Jan 19, 11 10:38 PM

Rechlers Say Southampton Town Board Supports Plan For Canoe Place Inn

Don't forget the Conscience Point Inn in North Sea on that list." Jan 20, 11 9:22 AM

Thank you for the clarification. Hopefully, the town board will scale this down. Who would want to own a time share here from December to March? If short stay rentals are not allowed would time shares not be allowed too?" Jan 20, 11 9:56 AM

Let's Go Sofa Shopping

Very good idea. This should help local businesses. But how far west will you be looking for stores and opportunities for shoppers? Is this column geared to the consumer or the retailer? Advertiser and non-advertiser? " Jan 20, 11 10:16 AM

Police Investigate Shooting In Tuckahoe

Please read the story in the Press at this link from this morning. Note the names of the "perps". One more example of how you can't go around making assumptions about ethnic origins of criminals.
http://www.27east.com/news/article.cfm/Southampton/321171/Pre-Dawn-Raid-Nets-Drugs-In-North-Sea" Jan 20, 11 10:25 AM

Maybe its better to let them vent here I suppose. Otherwise they might feel compelled to act on their delusions and go out and look for individuals to beat up on like the teenagers that killed the Ecuadorean man out in Patchogue. " Jan 20, 11 6:36 PM

Town Board Lauded For Undertaking PDD Reform

More cooperation and less posturing. Get work done, don't get in the way of the work to be done." Jan 20, 11 6:48 PM

Police Investigate Shooting In Tuckahoe

Then he should have been sent back appropriately and not murdered by a lynch mob. Did they murder him because he overstayed his visa or because he was Hispanic and they are deplorable racists?" Jan 20, 11 7:58 PM

JH I'm glad its only at times as opposed to all the time..LOL." Jan 21, 11 7:59 AM

Watch out ICE, JH is going to put you into that "You sound ridiculous at times" bucket of his..

The man tried to defend himself from a mob of !8 teenagers. I far would he have gotten. Really.

One man's economic terrorist is another's landscaper's, contractor's, restaurant's, store's cheap labor so that they can afford to run their businesses. Go ask any employer around here why they use the economic terrorists not just the Hispanics but the Eastern European one's, the Irish ones that grace this community. Why does Walbaums bus teens in to work at the market. You may not like it but these guys are filling a labor shortage gap out here. They work for less and they help keep your cost of living down. Yes Papito chulo give it some thought" Jan 21, 11 8:15 AM

JH if the shoe fits wear it. I don't apologize to bigots and racists. I did not initiate any talk of Mexicans...I was just repulsed that someone would. And when otherwise intelligent people give intellectual fodder to the racists and bigots against those that have no voice and live on the margins, then I try to defend them. You don't like it...TFB !!!!! " Jan 21, 11 8:21 AM

The scary part is when the kids want to emulate them.." Jan 21, 11 8:43 AM

Rechlers Say Southampton Town Board Supports Plan For Canoe Place Inn

Thanks again. Maybe its the way the story is written that threw me off." Jan 21, 11 8:45 AM

Police Investigate Shooting In Tuckahoe

Papa pimp no, learn some Spanish. Papito Chulo is a friendly term of endearment. As for the rest I see some of your points. I could bother to counter argue but I allow your points some are logical.

I can't agree on your logic that its OK to lynch people without reason or justification because you don't like the color of their skin. These kids had no justification to go after Mr. Lucero. Nor did they a right to justify his legal status in this country. One would have to be surrounded by a group of menacing men before judging how another man reacted. Its saddening that you feel its ok to kill an innocent person because they don't have a piece of paper. Think about it.. " Jan 22, 11 9:05 AM

Village Latch Inn Hotel Listed At $24.9 Million

NO...Gambling at Ricks place? I did not know..." Jan 25, 11 6:57 PM

Southampton Village To Modify Snow Removal Plans In Wake of Complaints

End of plastic bags...There they go again...What else can they think of to complicate commerce in the village? " Jan 26, 11 2:04 PM

ZBA To Decide on Tuckahoe 7-Eleven Next Month

Bankruptcy might be a better option. If they can lower their debt servicing costs they might be able to charge a lower rent and thereby attract more potential renters. " Jan 26, 11 2:26 PM

New Health Care Plan Pitched To Westhampton Beach Village

Could residents/taxpayers participate in these plans or is it just for municipal employees? " Jan 26, 11 3:03 PM

Village Latch Inn Hotel Listed At $24.9 Million

Is the area zoned for a Casino?" Jan 26, 11 3:08 PM

Storm Punctuated By Snow, Freezing Rain And Sleet Dumps More Than A Foot Of Snow On Long Island

Thanks. " Jan 26, 11 3:18 PM

Before we send the highway department to NYC. Lets make sure the SH Village is in good shape." Jan 26, 11 3:23 PM

If my leaves are now in front of my neighbors house, are they still my leaves? " Jan 27, 11 5:09 PM

They changed headlines since the thread began." Jan 27, 11 8:48 PM

Rechlers Seeking Amendments To Gabreski Airport Project

My guess is that to attract a hotel chain, you need to place the hotel close to a main road where it will be visible and easily accessible. To place it further away makes the site less attractive. Also, given that it is an airport ( I have not looked at plan), maybe having building on the periphery might make more sense. Is the building lower or higher than currently existing hangars?" Jan 28, 11 11:22 AM

Thanks for pointing this out. I'm not aware of their track record. I am concerned that they are involved in two major projects in the Town. Would rather see them complete one and then look at the other. Are there any other developers involved? I would have presumed that more developers and contractors would have been involved. Looks to me like the town got themselves into quite a pickle with these people and their litigious penchant." Jan 28, 11 11:51 AM

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