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Southampton Town Board Accepts Town Attorney's Resignation

No, I don't think the payout was that much. Nuzzy and Malone would never have allowed that. They would have looked out for the taxpayer and the town. They would have forced the issue. Remember the MTA thing, remember the I want my reports, they have the votes. They could have voted no, fired the guy. After all, would they not have just cause? Sordi you dropped the ball and exposed the town to a 70 million default judgment...They could of fired him and not payed out? It was more interesting for them to keep up their drama no? Let them let him resign, pay him out, and we just abstain because we are uncomfortable.

Geez, If your uncomfortable don't you force a no vote? Not them. They abstain...Fearless leaders." Feb 11, 11 9:36 PM

Sorry I should have bean clearer. They should have voted no to any payout and to remove TA anyway. In this case their vote to abstain was a yea vote. They endorsed the payout." Feb 12, 11 1:05 AM

State Releases Audit Of Southampton Town's Finances

I don't know the history very well. I think Mr. Heaney was somewhat imperious in his governing style and I don't think he was rellying on LK in any meaningful way for political and administrative support. As I recall Pope and ATH where the leaders in the audits and LK came on board and worked with them. Even the other two board members went along with to, Nuzzy and Grabosky. This was a long long time ago in a different Galaxy of course.." Feb 13, 11 12:24 PM

Southampton Village Hopes To Relieve 'Number 1' Problem

Besides being too small for an assignation one would have to be concerned about the effects from the agitation that would occur. It would not be a discreet venue...So I've been told." Feb 14, 11 11:39 AM

Town Releases Details Of Sordi Separation Agreement

Well IMO Nuzzi and Malone owe an explanation as to why this agreement makes them so uncomfortable as to justify an abstention... Lights, cameras, action...Where are the thespians?" Feb 14, 11 10:04 PM

Or,they wish to preserve our treasure to pay overtime and benefits to the SHPD?..Lol." Feb 15, 11 1:01 PM

There would still be the cost of hiring someone else doing his work. The town hired, wisely IMO, outside counsel to take over his cases. I don't know that he is being paid for the rest of this year except his medical insurance through May. I think for morale purposes you would rather not have him around. " Feb 17, 11 9:20 AM

Southampton Village Nears Decisions on Parrish Future

Mr. Samii, Nice job so far with respect to lightening up the park. For years that park has gone unused because maybe people like me felt it was private property belonging to the Museum and the fact that it was hidden behind a 10 foot high wall likewise was unwelcoming.
Still, while the grates are better than the wall they sill say stay out. I think it would be nice to open up that park to the public by replacing the grates with steps leading up to the park. This would also allow pedestrians, and shoppers when they return, a nice place to rest and hang out. It would also open up the access from the parking lot to jobs lane for all. Benches under the trees would also be nice.
When I saw that fountain, it reminded me of the No. 1 problem in the Village. Hopefully a municipal toilet can be built on that property. This would certainly alleviate the needs of many concerned. " Feb 17, 11 12:40 PM

Town Releases Details Of Sordi Separation Agreement

In the general scheme of things was this that relevant? Are you becoming a bit too obsessed with your disdain for ATH? You seem to see conspiracy under every leaf. Get some sleep. " Feb 17, 11 1:48 PM

Of course Anna told the truth. The problem is that her version of the truth is different from yours. Given that, neither of you will be able to reconcile your differences on this matter at least.

I for one think she does herself a disservice with her nuanced and indirect answer to this question about who called whom when. Whatever the consequences take a page out of Linda Kabot's book and grab this bull by the horn. Let the chips fall where they may and put it behind her once and for all. Asked and answered. " Feb 17, 11 1:57 PM

Good summary of the information on the update of the original article about the resignation. It does a good job of informing us as to all the previous misdeeds of this attorney.
However, I would add that Mr. Nuzzi was also aware of this attorney's troubled record in Nassau. Although the article does point out two versions of what went on there. Anna bought the wrong version,the one that defended his record. She is accountable for that. Did Nuzzi, or did he have an obligation, try to impede this appointment at the time? If he knew what he knew then, I will say for arguments sake, that he should have with all his might fought the appointment. If he did and no one listened to him then then he has no responsibility in this.

More importantly, the revised article elaborates on the reason for Mr. Malone's abstaining. Malone explains that he was uncomfortable with the agreement because essentially it absolved the attorney of any liability against the town and there is no way to determine what's out there. Fine. But given that concern could he have obtained any agreement that would have been agreeable to the attorney that would have not absolved him. I doubt it. Firing him for just cause would seem to be the only way to mitigate Mr. Malone's concern. That of course carried the risk and cost, I presume, that would have been worse than the deal at hand. In this context, I find his abstention disingenuous and week kneed." Feb 17, 11 3:11 PM

Town Will Investigate Charges Of Code Violations At Springs Home

I don't think your being racist for reporting a violation of the town code. Especially when they are so egregious. Your complaining about the overcrowding and disturbances and not necessarily about the people. I think the Town Code and Board can work on that basis. " Feb 23, 11 1:33 PM

Luxury Recycling Charitable Organization Comes To The East End

Sounds like a great idea. Let me know if you are opening a branch in the French Riviera and need to send someone there." Feb 23, 11 1:41 PM

Farming Use Pitched For Aldrich Lane Park

This land was purchased on behalf of the public, as I understand it, so its use should be for the public and not a private individual. As a park it should have facilities for such. I suggest soccer fields, or a football field, a running track...And of course municipal toilets for many. Ideally, if allowable, it would make a great location for an Olympic quality municipal swimming facility indoor/outdoor, long course/short course, with saunas. That would be a great place to spend that PDD public benefit cash." Feb 23, 11 2:18 PM

County Trumpets Opening Of New Entrance At Gabreski Airport

Still sounds very pie in the sky project to me. Hotels, movie industry, fashionable new industries...What we need there is a Costco, and that has nothing to do with the rest.
New industry is not going to settle there. What are they going to have to pay their employees to afford living out here in the Hamptons? Are there local people with the skills they will require? Are the local educational institutions developing programs to develop or sustain these skills? These industries are going to go where there is University level research in those fields are. I guess if its something that our "friends" at Stony Brook are developing or research coming out of Brookhaven then maybe you'll have tenants for that property. But then you have to wonder how much more research money will overflow from those two institutions to fund the smaller businesses that will rent there? Will the venture capital money come? Silicon Valley did not develop in a vacuum. The intellectual capital and infrastructure there was already pretty deep. Southampton, in spite of its good efforts, can't manage to keep an undergraduate college going.

Also remember, Senator Gillibrand is not looking to develop Eastern LI into a high-tech hub. She's working for the Hudson Valley.

What about logistics? LIRR and MTA? More trucks parked on the LIE?

I don't think It serves anyone any good to be throwing around concepts that have nothing to do with the local reality. Your better off attracting a leisure boat builder out here.

As for shared interests. Seems to me the county owns the Grabesky project,. The question is what is the Town getting in return. Not even crumbs I think." Feb 23, 11 6:52 PM

Farming Use Pitched For Aldrich Lane Park

or perhaps a medical green stuff community garden...So we can all get along...Can you imagine the Board giggling after having smoked the medical green stuff..."what do you mean the attorney didn't file a reply to the doggy suit..." hihihi.. By the way where is the Burrito restaurant?" Feb 23, 11 8:04 PM

I think that farmer that puts up that fall farm-stand is one of the more successful farms out here. He supplies many of the local "farm-stands" around --those that are just stores but pose as farm-stands--and other localities. His own farm stand during the season is a modest shack that still operates on the "money box and trust basis".. That fall themed stand of theirs is actually quite popular with the up-island day trippers that come out for the apple picking and pumpkin picking. Replicating that in the Aldrich lane park would be a traffic nightmare. " Feb 24, 11 12:43 PM

Can you really say someone is enjoying that green space.? The way things are now its not a very welcoming place the fast food businesses, the busy street, the gas station the tire placd, and of course the sight of undocumented laborers standing around for work. Nobody enjoys that park as it is. The people that want dog parks don't want it there. They want it on Agawam park. So building a park with park like facilities might be interesting. A nice playground where parents can drive their kids too might be nice too.
" Feb 24, 11 4:04 PM

The Press News Group To Offer Premium Membership Subscriptions

I myself like it real. The feel of newsprint between my hands, able to carry all over, fold it, bathe with it, read it whilst on the potty... All that is bulky to do with my lap top. I would rather pick it up that have it delivered when I travel about town. So I buy the print version anyway. As for the digital version I would have to give serious thought before I signed up. As is now the 27 East site is a disaster. I was made worse than what came before. You give priority space to your advertisers as opposed to your readers.

Day in and day out we stare at these dumb ass ads that have nothing to do with new. Face it no one who read this is in the market for a multimillion dollar home. People who are, usually go to a broker directly and more than likely by referral.

The front page contains roughly on 35 percent in news content, including , calendar, photos,videos, community. The other 65 percent are ads and listings.

In the news you have two different streams of current or new news. These stories are around maybe a day to three, sometimes more. Suddenly a story your following for the comments disappears from being a feature to page nine of the " all town news". (maybe this is what you are attempting to correct).

Running stories in the paper but not on the online site. I now check two sites for local news. This one and the other one. I noticed a story about the new town town attorney on that site which I did not see featured on here. And I was going to comment on this comment that the info and stories now have to be more of a daily feature than weekly feature, with follow up daily, such as in the case of the recent trials. A little while later i was sitting down with a cup of coffee and the newspaper version of the Press on my lap when I came upon the new town attorney story. Which I have yet to find on here at least four days after you published it on paper. This story should have taken priority to this story how your going to charge for access to the site.

In general there seems to be no synergy between actual time, current stories, print stories and online stories. News that has been on the site for a week, is suddenly featured. A new story suddenly dropped. In some section you are running five week old stories as features?

A while ago, recently, you were running partial stories and directing the reader to buy the paper for the full version. Often I found that the full printed version did not offer much more relevant information. In my estimation it cheapened your reputation and reliability. Try bold cheesy headlines instead.

I suggest you fix 27 east before introducing a paying product. I for one will not buy. I put up with the current mess on this site, but no way will I pay for something that is clearly not working.

Additionally, one of the good features has been these comment sections. For better or worse. At times they are more informative than the articles themselves and often a good pulse of how the community feels about issues.
I fear that by charging for the content you might loose a lot of that and perhaps interest in the site itself.
" Feb 26, 11 10:49 AM

I think the site was working well before. When they went to this new format a lot of the problems I listed before started happening. I'm not being critical for criticism's sake here. I'm pointing out problems that might make their products better. Think of me as the unpaid consultant. Also, its not right of you to belittle people and call them cheap, whiner's, and foot stompers and delusional because we would like to see the product work better. Be careful climbing down that high horse of yours..." Feb 26, 11 5:10 PM

East Hampton Town Investigates Illegal Clearing In Springs Nature Preserve

These people did not cut down just some bushes that were in the way. They cut down a substantial amount of trees. The penalty should be stiff. Like wise this is the type of crime that the community has to become aware of. The perpetrators should be placed in stockades in the middle of the Village. And the good citizens could go up to them and admonish them for the their odious behavior. Subsequently they would never be allowed to park in the Village." Feb 28, 11 5:03 PM

Alternatively a big sign could be erected blocking that view until the trees go back. Only one word would be printed on that sign: _______. (pick your own, I choose IDIOT)." Feb 28, 11 5:09 PM

Beaches Will Get A Times Square Plug

Welcome to the Hamptons. Please be aware parking is limited at the beaches. Most beaches do not sell day passes. The No.1 beach charges $40.00 per day per car. Be aware that train service is limited too. Bus service will run you about $60.00 round trip. Cab service locally is also limited and figure it will run you $ 15.00 each way. By the way make sure you pack lunch and snacks because not all our beaches have concession stands and cafeterias. Some do have vendor trucks though. Also all concerned note: Not all beaches have lifeguards. Toilets? Just don't get caught.

If the Hamptons are as well known as the Alps why advertise them. More importantly, why is this towns trying to compete with Jones Beach and Robert Moses State Park that do have the infrastructure to accommodate the day trippers? We are not equipped for that. No one desires all that. Not the second home owner, that escapes here from that scene, not the renters, likewise, and not the full time local resident. What good is a day tripper for the local econonomy? They are in and they are out. There's not enough beach parking for what we've got even in a bad economy. There are not enough lifeguards for all the beaches. What do you charge these people for using the beaches out here? The bus company and the cab company make money. What about the towns and the taxpayers? Whose taxes support the parks department? Are we going to install trash cans on the beaches, and who is going to empty them, and how will that be paid for? The Suffolk county beaches are better suited for this day tripper. Jones Beach and Robert Moses have excursion fares S15-20.00 that include train and shuttle to the beaches ( round trip). Total lack of forethought.

You want to attract people to rent out here? Change your rental laws and be more accommodating. Renting in SH for less than a month is considered transient rental. Transient rental is not allowed. Rental requires a permit. The permit process is a bureaucratic mess of approvals and notarization and totaly out of wack with the rental process. No prospective tenant has the patience for it. They have the choice of moving on to the landlord that is not as stringent. Of course there is the pariah of the group rental limits as well. Considering the opaqueness of the brokerage rental process how else can renters rent but in groups. The affordable rentals are hidden from them. The brokers don't bother. There's no money in it.

So what is this promotion good for? I think it requires deeper thinking and preparation than a shot in the dark." Mar 4, 11 5:43 PM

Father Wants Chess Tables To Commemorate Josh Levine

Mayor Gilbride,
Please honor Mr. Levine's desire. It would be a great honor to all of us who do not live in Sag Harbor but love it as much as his son and continue to visit its movies and restaurants and theater and stores. I thank you for your consideration. Bless you." Mar 5, 11 1:37 PM

Request For $70 Million Default Judgment Against Town Dismissed

Does anyone know anything about the new town attorney that replaced Sordi?" Mar 6, 11 3:14 PM

The Press News Group To Offer Premium Membership Subscriptions

Phil take of the blinders and look at the forest before you make silly comments like that..." Mar 6, 11 3:45 PM

East End Officials Look Toward A Windy Future

In Southampton they would want them underground so that they don't spoil the vistas..." Mar 7, 11 3:18 PM

The Press News Group To Offer Premium Membership Subscriptions

Phil I'm gonna waste my second posting allowance to inform you that I'm not Joe's sock-puppet or in any way affiliated, associated, incorporated,allied,related,or as they would otherwise say his poodle.
We have never wined, dinned,or woken up in the same bed either. We may share an opinion here or there but that is by chance and, dare I say, common sense as in wisdom generally accepted by all and not just the two of us. My only sock-puppet is my twin as so dubbed by no less than the publisher of this website. Be Well." Mar 7, 11 3:52 PM

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