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Plans For Restrooms Across From Southampton Village Helipad Up In The Air

Have they given any thought to building restrooms were they are truly needed? Why build them way down there at the Helipad? Just to accommodate the Helicopter passengers? Maybe a portable toilet might be a cheaper alternative.

If we build them people may want to use them. DUH. Considering the alternative would that not be best. More so in light of the new income stream recently suggested by the police chief?

In Chief Wilson's report he did not cite the Helipad as public urination problem area. Would it not make more sense to build toilets where there is a need for them? More public toilets in the shopping district would be a relief to many residents, voters, taxpayers, and visitors. It certainly would not hurt.

" Mar 9, 11 10:53 AM

Overton Says Staff, Funding Forced Him To Pull Task Force Member

Does not look like much of a buy in by the look of thinks. Pretty much most articles are locked. There is no need to come here to read news. What good is it to just stare at ads and no one is commenting on any thing as of today. There is really not anything to read here anymore. I think it offers a tremendous opening for the competition. There is no reason for this site to take up a bookmark space on my bookmark bar. " Mar 10, 11 7:00 PM

Heaney Seeks Nomination To Run Against Schneiderman

Why should Heaney be held to a higher standard than Tim Bishop on budgetary matters. These are legislative positions and not executive positions. Bishop had deficits every year while running the college with a cumulative total of $ 70 million and look how often he's been reelected. Heaney's record is nothing compared to that. " Mar 14, 11 9:21 PM

Southampton Town Zoning Board Again Delays Decision On 7-Eleven

Have I missed something? Do the day laborers gather at the 7-11 because there is a bus stop there or because there is a convenience store there? " Mar 19, 11 1:12 PM

I agree that location is due a stop light in both directions. Its the probably one of the higher speed points between the College and Magee Street lights. So a traffic calming light there might not be out of consideration. According to a study the motorist access to businesses along 39 is one source of vacancies there. The other is permitting process and high rents. So the light would be helpful to all." Mar 21, 11 12:23 PM

SEA-TV Sets Its Sight On New Home

They don't need to build anything. There's plenty of empty places around all alon 39. Up by sleepy's maybe. There is space to kazoo in the village. Lets not stop projects one day because there are too many empty businesses and turn around the next day and spend taxpayer money to build more. " Mar 25, 11 1:08 AM

Candidates Jockey For Levy's Position Amidst Investigation

Essentially, as I understand it, Levy was engaging in pay for play in exchange for Suffolk County contracts. I wonder if all those contracts will be revisited. Is the Gabreski PDD/project be up for grabs again? Or is all above board on that one?" Mar 25, 11 12:36 PM

And Pat's a really good cook too....He cooked the books around here for years.
Isn't Malone another Levy appointee in Suffolk gov.?" Mar 26, 11 12:41 PM

Levy is shrewd. He knows a good deal when he sees it.MD" Mar 26, 11 8:59 PM

Steve Levy should resign immediately. We cannot afford to have him making executive decisions in light of this scandal. I expect the governor and the NY State DA to read him the riot act. Leave! " Mar 27, 11 9:56 AM

Special Education Cuts Trouble Parents

I don't know how to save this program. I certainly hope that any school budget that I am asked to vote would not include a cut in this program. I would have to vote against such a budget. I hope others would feel the same way. This town values its young athletes. It should hold its special needs students in the same esteem. Fortunately, I am lucky that no one I know suffers from this disorder. I wish these families well." Mar 31, 11 8:38 PM

Town Changes Leaf Pick-Up Program Again

The Town Board should freeze all hiring and purchases at the Highway Department. Obviously if this program is cut the staffing and equipment needs of the department should be substantially reduced. Based on this article it is absolutely unclear what this voucher program is all about. I should take my leaves to a drop off point for what purpose? There is a lot to be said but Gregor has a lot of nerve for being so deceitful about this matter with the residents and taxpayers of Southampton over this matter. I don't think we walk around with idiot written on our foreheads or that we don't know how to read our tax bills and see how much we are paying for this service. Alex Gregor has never provided the per capita/ household cost of the leaf program because he knows the number is not that high. In East Hampton it was something like 15 to 30.00 per household (as best I could calculate). Alex Gregor can tell you how much it cost to repave a mile of road with a two inch coat of asphalt when a planted question is asked of him during a political campaign to embarrass his Republican opponent but cant provide a simple per capita cost for leaf pick for a department he's been running for two years? Come on ..." Apr 7, 11 12:26 AM

Beachgoers Rail Against Napeague Lawsuit

Don't forget ambulance and fire and other first responders and town employees providing services." Apr 7, 11 1:39 AM

Town Changes Leaf Pick-Up Program Again

According to the East Hampton Highway Supervisor, Mr. King, the cost of leaf pick up only was about $183,000. The $500,000.00 is the cost,I believe, for the whole highway department. Using the first number the cost of the leaf pickup program was about $15.00 to 30.00 per household I believe (depending on the number of households in East Hampton). If these numbers are correct and similar for Southampton, residents will be hard-pressed to find any carter to remove their leaves from the front of their houses at those rates. The reason the town is able to do so at these rates is because of the economies of scale that they possess with equipment and manpower provided by the taxpayers over the years. Their cost of capital being distributed amongst the 60,000.00 households across SH. The leaf pickup program contributes to offsetting the cost the highway program. Other wise the effective cost of running that program would be very expensive. Is it too much for the highway superintendent to provide data to the town residents for a open discussion as opposed to taking autocratic decisions. Better ways might be found but without dialogue no one will be satisfied.

The Town Board, as far as I know, has remained reticent on this manner. Its not right that they sit back and let Gregor take all the blow on this. I think Mr. Malone has been the coordinator on the board for the highway department. I suppose then he is endorsing this new policy? He is an architect of it with Gregor?

People are now starting to do the spring clean-up of their yards that might explain the reason for some leaves not being picked up in some areas.

Its important to remember that the leaves don't get to to the curb by themselves. It takes me about 2 solid days to get them their. I usually have about 1250 cubic feet of leaves that is way too much for me to take to the dump to get a voucher (for what purpose anyway?). Also I have hardly any trees on my property, they rain down mostly from my neighbors. Am I suppose to blow them back onto their property? Deposit them in front of their house? Ask them to cut their trees? Will residents start cutting their trees down in order to curtail their leaf pick up requirements?

Bagging is not a solution either. It will just add to the hours of work it takes us already. Furthermore, the highway department workers will more than likely be the first to tell you, that they are not going to spend their days tossing up heavy leaf bags onto trucks. The front end loaders that the town employs is the best way to go. Paid for by you know whom.

We spend millions on CPF on the one hand, and will we see the razing of our woods by residents who will not be able to afford the bi-annual costs of carting their leaves by private contractors. (Will residents also become the victims of unscrupulous carters and be the subject of price gouging etc. .). It might be logical to have CPF fund part of this pick-up, in addition to what the taxpayers contribute to offset the cost to the highway department.

" Apr 10, 11 12:13 PM

Southampton Town Code Enforcement Targets Flanders Home

They claim not to have money for leaf pick-up. Now you want them to go around buying real estate. Please don't give them something else to mismanage. " Apr 12, 11 3:02 PM

Town Changes Leaf Pick-Up Program Again

The idea is that the Town has always picked up the leaves and this service is incorporated in the tax bill they send us. Leaf pick up has, I presume, also represented a portion of the department's budget. Now they want to do away with the service, and keep the money, and expect the taxpayers to pay for private carting. That is called a tax increase that to some further squeezes their finances. There has been little dialogue and search for other solutions to the issue and no data presented on this matter. We have been given no figures as to what the costs are either from Gregor or the Town Board.

The reason the leaves get piled up on the side of the road is simply because of the town pick up program. As far as hazard is concerned, I am not aware of any accidents being reported due to leaf piles on the side of the road. Still, I agree it can be dangerous especially when the leaves get wet and blow onto the road. Yet the roads are never perfect to drive on in rain or snow.

If leaves are one person's peeve, then let me add mine which are service vehicles, especially landscapers, that park their trucks on the roads , rather than pulling into the shoulder. They block traffic, with no cones, no flagmen and leave drivers to determine whether it is safe to go onto the left lane to get around them. Again, I am not aware of any accidents being reported due to this but i would not be surprised that it might happen.

If this process was done in an open manner with more community input, maybe the taxpayers could suggest that leaves only be placed on the road two weeks before the pick up begin. Minimizing the time period that a leaf pile hazard is present. People sometimes prefer to pile the leaves that fall a bit at a time and place them on the road to make the process easier or keep their property clean. Landscapers do to because its less of an expense for them as the town will pick them up. I don't know if landscapers are being charged for leaf drop off or not. But if they are, than these fees should be waved to minimize leaf pile up some more.

Additionally, the taxpayers should be presented with a factual cost to each of what the per household cost of the program is and let them determine individually or by referendum whether they want the town program or their private carters to pick up the leaves. If they choose the latter they should receive a rebate, or voucher, to offset their highway department tax. I believe that due to the economy of scale, the town pick up will be preferred even at a reasonable increase in their tax.

Most residents don't have trucks to cart their leaves. People that don't cannot be expected to stuff leaves into their cars to take them to the dump. Doing so may be even more hazardous if their visibility is blocked by the piles of leaves in their cars. Private carters might be involved in price gouging for this service. Also you will have an increase in people rather than piling their leaves neatly on the side of the road, just blow them onto the road creating a further hazard. These leaves don't come with bar codes to identify who they belong too so fining people will not be an option. Others may do the fill up some bags with leave routine and go dump them elsewhere, maybe a dumpster here and there, or in front of someone else’s house, or again the road. I think this policy will create more risk for the Town’s roads.
Its been weeks that the weather has been more moderate and that most leaves picked up. I don’t see any pot holes being patched. The residents in Noyack have been so peeved that they are putting up signs up on the side of the road complaining. The craters there are huge, and a road hazard. Rather, than patching the roads this year Gregor recently told the Town Board that they would be using a repaving method that would be more durable and save money in the long term. So its not leaf pick up in this case that is delaying the process. But in the short term can we afford these potholes? How much pounding and car repair will the taxpayers have to endure before Gregor’s plan comes into effect? Again its on our dime.

" Apr 14, 11 9:31 AM

I would disagree that this program is a courtesy to the residents. The taxpayers have always been taxed for this as part of their highway taxes. As the number of homes has increased so should the corresponding tax levy have increased as well to accommodate staff expansion and maintainance of the service. If that was not done that was a town management error and not a reason to now penalize the taxpayer." Apr 14, 11 9:38 AM

Town Police Chief Appointment May Be Clouded By Politics

I support Captain Tenaglia. He is a long time officer at the Town level with a steady record. I think town level experience is what we need with the diversity of issues that that entails. The Town is not a uber rich enclave like the Village. It has multifaceted issues and is culturally diversity. It seems the issues that primarily preoccupy the Village police are traffic related and of course the sense of additional security they provide homeowners.

Unfortunately that department has also suffered its share of lawsuits. I think the Town board has to factor these in and evaluate If the Chiefs management style might have contributed to these.

" Apr 15, 11 10:23 AM

Town Changes Leaf Pick-Up Program Again

Thank you for raising this point. Its not just a matter of what do they do the rest of the time, but where is all this money going and why, and is it because all of these outside contractors have to be payed that now there is no money for leaf pick up. Town residents pay taxes, contractors make political contributions? " Apr 15, 11 3:02 PM

Southampton Village To Rework Cherry Tree Idea After Opposition From Veterans

I say put them at the entrance of the Village to hide Epley's "tree fence" at Aldrich Lane park." Apr 16, 11 8:07 AM

Town Changes Leaf Pick-Up Program Again

Is it possible to obtain the cost of leaf pick up to the town and the per
household cost of leaf pick up? Does Alex Gregor know these numbers do you know? Thank you." Apr 16, 11 8:23 AM

Town Police Chief Appointment May Be Clouded By Politics

The last time I saw a photo in the Press of an incoming class of officers to the STPD I remember being struck by the lack of diversity in the Town's recruits. They were 10 white men. This must have been maybe 3 to 5 years ago. So I doubt that there will be a diverse pool of candidates who reside in the town to fill this position. Someone from outside might challenge this requirement and the PD's hiring practices in general. " Apr 19, 11 12:55 PM

Board Hears Update On Mecox Bay Sailing Program

One would think that 120,000 square foot shopping district was being proposed, or perhaps 40 condos/townhouses on 5 acres. But what a great to do about a simple little sailing club. How ridiculous and petty this all seems . I had the opportunity to visit the site of the future Port Mecox and can certainly appreciate how the residents would like to "privatize" that lovely cul-de-sac as their own. But its town property for all its residents to enjoy not the privileged that can afford to live in such a neighborhood. The Town should have the right to determine what happens on "our" property and parks.

Members of the Mecox Bay Association have accused the Town of spending town resources to the benefit of a private sailing club. I do not see it that way anymore. I think this has become more of a battle to maintain town resources available to the public. There are more than a few of such "civic associations" that try to push through measures that restrict access to the public property abutting their communities. We see them all over as the ubiquitous "No parking any time" such as the signs along the Meadow Lane and Dune roads of the town. Or the "parking by permit only" at the end of certain roads, and then of course if your a resident of that village or hamlet as opposed to the town. So I think the expense here is warranted as part of that greater battle on behalf of all residents and not just the sailing club.

The accusation that the club is private is a bit of a distortion. Its my impression that the club is rather public having agreed that membership would be unrestricted and that sailing lessons be offered to all the town residents. This is somewhat more public than many other clubs around. Likewise, accusations by the Melville attorney representing the Mecox residents against the club are unfair. I believe that the people who initiated this project were well intentioned and only wanted to reopen a simple little shack and clear up the surrounding reeds to place a dozen sailfish boats. Had they expected such a well organized and financed opposition with a sophisticated attorney coming at them they would have been easily discouraged. So its understandable that they don’t have it all figured out. I’m glad that the town is using my tax money to support the sailing club. Its become about much more on so many levels.

Every year the town trustees open the let at Flying Point to regulate the water levels and quality in Mecox. Bay. I don’t know that the residents of Mecox bay are assessed an additional fee for this purpose. I assume they are not. I think the cost is diluted throughout the community. When LIPA wanted to place huge posts to run the lines to East Hampton, the community picked up the bill to burry those lines. It would be nice if the 70 residents of the Mecox Bay Association remember the community at large as well and make a small sacrifice for us all.
" Apr 19, 11 4:05 PM

Southampton Town Earns Strong Bond Rating Again

Time to refinance the expensive debt on the books while rates and ratings are good." Apr 20, 11 7:07 PM

Town Board Opens Up Chief Position To Lieutenants

I know I'm a bad boy. But ever since I read this story I have this cartoonish image in my mind...
Dead center looming large in the picture sitting on a throne, pun intended, sits a hot looking Anna outfitted in a tight latex catwoman suit complete with stiletto healed boots, two leashes in her hand. The first leads to Bridget, curled up on her lap. She wears a collar on which is written the world "kitten" from her mouth a bubble says "Purrr, Purrr". The other leash leads down to the floor. At her feet lies Jim his tongue seemingly licking her boot. On his collar the word "slut" is written. From his mouth a bubble states "Mistress Anna, I'm your beeetch... Honest!"...Off to the side two lines lead to an automobile weaving in and out. An arm is sticking out the passenger side waving. The bubble coming out the window states "Do you miss me?"...

I know..I've been a bad boy and deserve a spanking..." Apr 22, 11 3:37 PM

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