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Southampton Town Board Appoints Wilson As Police Chief

Tenaglia is now a shoe in to replace Malone. He should run for town board." Apr 29, 11 8:49 PM

"Rumors have it that a relationship ensued between Anna and the lawyer ..." Naughty me, I thought you were talking about Bridget. I forgot about what's his name... What's a comfort dog?..." Apr 30, 11 12:16 PM

Yippee ki-yay Run Linda Run...From Sea to the Bay...
Yippee ki-yay Run Linda Run...From Sea to the Bay...
Yippee ki-yay Run Linda Run...From Sea to the Bay..." Apr 30, 11 12:25 PM

We can all grumble and complain about what has transpired. We swear we will vote the bums out. Unfortunately, they may well leave or be voted out, but we the taxpayers and voters will get stiffed with the bill for their actions for a long time to come.

Those that argue that this is comparable to the Kratoville appointment are wrong, and we know that two wrongs do not make it right. However inelegant that selection process, the consequences of that selection are not as weighty as the outcome of this one will be. Besides probably being overpaid for the job, Kratoville's job and responsibilities do not rise to the same level of importance and outcome.

Clearly, the choice of police chief is more important. Not only is it a matter of our safety and security, but the police department is the largest budget item and a cost that has been growing. It covers a very large area geographically and socially. I do not think that Mr. Wilson brings enough to the table here to take over this post. What compounds this problem for the citizens is the too close for comfort relationship between the Supervisor, the police union, the Conservative party, and probably Mr. Wilson. Where are the checks and balances? Where will our taxes go in order to fund whatever they have planned?

Mother, can I trust the government?

Trust the Supervisor? Forgetabouit. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. For those who would give her the benefit of the doubt over her role in the Kabot arrest, they were naive. What other proof would you need at this point. Bridget=ditto. Malone I'm frankly not surprised. I wonder how Nuzzi and Gabrosky will come out of this.

Its not enough to vote them out, its important that we retain a long memory.

" May 2, 11 2:04 PM

Et tu? Nuzzi.." May 3, 11 8:21 AM

I can agree with many aspects of your statement, but comparing the our police to the SS is in very bad taste. This is local politics run by schmucks and not the horror of the nazi's and the holocaust. " May 4, 11 11:55 AM

I appreciate your thorough knowledge of history and what you are saying. I too am appalled with what has transpired. Still, most of us lack your historical knowledge and are more simple minded and your comparison of our police department to the SS or storm troopers are unwarranted. I am well aware of the terror of dictatorships and their puppets from a family and personal perspective. I don’t think we are quite there.

While I agree that the line of cops behind the town board was inappropriate, it was not as disturbing as the action on the table. The hypocrisy of the board members reading from their prepared statements that they valued Chief Wilson because he was progressive and forward thinking, yet regressing into defensive posturing and refusing to answer questions from the town’s citizens to allay their concerns about the selection process was not to be believed-- but then not unexpected.

Chief Wilson’s statements equally disturbed me. “I’m humbled by the faith that the Southampton Town Board put in me, and I will work tirelessly in to the future both to lead and work alongside the members of the Southampton Town Police Department.” That is fine, but he should also remember that he works for and alongside its citizens as well. Likewise, many people lost their lives unfairly on 9/11 and they were damned good people too.
" May 4, 11 3:05 PM

Edwin M."Buzz" Schwenk Legacy Etched In County Road 39

Loved the photo of ATH in her mirror aviator sunglasses. wink wink. A gift from the PBA perhaps..." May 6, 11 7:20 PM

...That being said...Its good to see a man who gave so much to our community being memorialized. " May 6, 11 8:52 PM

Southampton Town Board Appoints Wilson As Police Chief

A process were the outcome was predetermined and gave out false hope to long standing candidates. How can you weigh the consequences of hiring a police department chief to Kratoville? In the scheme of things, except for being overpaid, Kratoville is inconsequential." May 7, 11 11:04 AM

I have to agree with you. Had ATH and the board taken some questions they might have been able to allay some of the suspicion around this decision. Instead of stonewalling the public a little back and forth might have illuminated the public about their thinking with respect to the police department and how it should be run and how their choice reflected their philosophy.

There will be no need for expensive campaign advisers and advertisers for ATH' opponents. Just still of her ice cold glare and tape of that meeting will suffice. Caption: " Anna Throne-Holst, Only answers to the PBA!"

A little transparency would have gone a long way.

" May 7, 11 9:08 PM

Southampton Democrats Pick Slate; GOP Convention Slated For Wednesday


Nuzzi Not Sure If He Will Accept GOP Nomination For Supervisor

Headline: Southampton Town GOP Throws in the Towel... Needs more time to get act together." May 19, 11 10:48 AM

I could not agree more with progress now. I've always felt that Nuzzi was only there for the moment and does not come across as prepared or particularly very interested. Often he has become the butt end of jibes by Ms Fleming as to whether he is following the proceedings etc. This apparent disinterest coupled with his statement that he would not seek the Supervisor's position in order to spend more time with his young family leaves one wondering whether he will have it in him to deal with the day to day minutia of governing the Town and the organizational skills that job entails.

I think the Chris Nuzzi of today is not the same one that lead the poles the last time around. His role in the recent ill fated triumvirate destroys any sense of balance and independence he enjoyed in the past. This was the instrument that allowed the GOP to put Kratoville into an overpaid position, while giving the current ATH trio the justification for strong arming the Police Chief appointment. His vote of support on that was disgusting. Leaving his colleague out on a limb by herself and exposing him as a fuzzy wazzy.

The other candidates are really a question mark whether they can retain Grabowsky's seat much less defeat Bridget Fleming.

So the decision puzzles me. " May 19, 11 12:02 PM

Mystified might be a better word. Face it Nuzzi is a dud and you know it. They had a candidate that wanted the job and was not shy about it. A candidate with character and guts who was not afraid to ruffle some feathers. What happened to her? " May 20, 11 12:44 PM

Another site reported the story as if Nuzzi was running as well. They actually ran the story first. IMO the reaction to his choice might be more at play here." May 20, 11 4:16 PM

Southampton Town Will Consider Plastic Bag Ban

Maybe because a DWI is worth more points to the police than a littering ticket..." May 21, 11 10:36 AM

Get back in your car and have lunch at home? Its the European thing to do...oh lets all become Europeans again..." May 21, 11 10:39 AM

Southampton Town Board To Consider Most Expensive CPF Purchase In History

It would be a shame to take this important property away from private developers and the town tax base. It would be an ideal location for a mall like on Rt. 58 in Riverhead and affordable housing, and luxury closed communities. Stores like Home Depot, Costco, Best Buy and the like could be anchor tenants for such a development. It would be a boom for the tax coffers of the town as opposed to a drain. We are told that we cannot have developments along route 39 further West because of the traffic and the school in Tuckahoe. So here is a location that is further East were traffic is lighter and no school. Why should the town forego this opportunity to retain income and taxes locally rather than exporting them to Riverhead. This is going to cost residents more than CPF money, there is an opportunity cost here to all the residents.

Why spend all this CPF money there? What are the other opportunities available for the CPF? Who really benefits from this purchase? Not the average resident of the town. The uber rich of Sagaponack will. Its seems like the CPF coffers will be depleted for this enclave. What are the benefits to the whole town population? Who gets out to Saga.? Don't you need a copter and
a limo? to get there? Seems like the East Hampton residents would benefit more than th majority of SH residents. I hardly get up to Saga. myself. Does not seem like a very "democratic"( small d) acquisition.

What's going to become of this farm after it is purchased? Is it going to become a huge Aldrich Lane park? Are we going to be subsidizing people to farm at prices way below the rent on the land?

We can't give in to the preservationists..Next they will want us to take away our plastic bags and tell us to mulch our leaves..

You know I'm right.

" May 23, 11 6:23 PM

Throne-Holst Explains Her Decision To Go With Wilson

So we have a clarification. ATH did not select Tenaglia because he would not play along with her to promote policies that the PBA wants. He dissed her and she gave him the change. It was only a matter of political payback. She deserves kudos for confirming what everyone suspected. " May 23, 11 7:28 PM

Southampton Town Board To Consider Most Expensive CPF Purchase In History

Why would you think I was being sarcastic? I have a radically alternative view as to what is being proposed and maybe unrealistic and not entirely feasible but I really don't see a great community benefit here. If I feel a commercial or residential development would be more beneficial in the long run than preserving another farm field to preserve vistas for whom. What about spending that money to develop more beaches?

Every month I look at my electric bill and pay a tax in the name of preserving vistas. Vistas of what and for whom? The Halseys, the Walentas, the Suskinds, a private golf club, and a whole lot of other private developers? Did the town tell those property owners well we're going to chip in here and help you out but you can't hide your property behind hedges and we will assess a windfall transfer tax when you sell to pay down the outstanding principal on this "loan" from Lipa.

If there is an opportunity to dilute all town residents tax bills by developing the property otherwise than it should be considered. If there is money from the county and the state to compliment this acquisition than it should be solicited.

If I'm cynical are sarcastic so be it. But lets think things through before waving that great green flag.

And surely if we can afford this we can afford leaf pickup." May 24, 11 11:08 AM

Well Nature ..Who made you god? You think you're the owner of the truth? Better than anyone else? Go buy a house and pay local taxes before you wag your dirty little finger at others...You know were that finger has been right?" May 24, 11 2:29 PM

Southampton Village Narrows Chief Candidates To Three

I've heard that Mr. Lamison has businesses on the side in addition to his job for the police department.

I heard he is a property owner and may own as many as sixty properties around town. That number seems high to me. Is there anything to this? Could any issues arise as a conflict between this and his role as chief?

The other thing I heard is that he owns a private security company. Is this true? I assume the security company hires local (village and town) police officers. Will this is the case does this present conflicts?

I do not know about the other candidates. Do they also have other jobs or businesses that might present conflicts?" May 25, 11 10:08 AM

Truman Cowell Returns From Service in Afghanistan

Thank you for your service Lance Cpl. Cowell and welcome home." May 25, 11 4:37 PM

Police: Shinnecock Hills Restaurant Burglar Nabbed

Glad to see we are embracing bilingualism. Pero es Puede y no Pueda. .." May 31, 11 12:29 AM

Cupsogue Beach Remains Closed Even Though Sharks Are Gone

Its not the sharks you see that are dangerous...Have a nice summer all." May 31, 11 10:34 PM

Town Looks To Take First Step To Regulate Wastewater

How can you make a statement like that? Maybe money grows on trees for you. Most people who own homes have many expenses to up keep them. Many of these homes were built and bought with prevailing codes at the time now they are being told to remedy the standards established by the town not them. Now there is an apparent problem with the septic standards that the town established. Should the town not pick up the cost of replacing the systems and not the homeowners who conformed to its standards? Isn't the town liable here?

If all of us homeowners who are unhappy about this should not own a home, what do you think the value of homes is going to go to when they sell? You think the tax base would be large enough after? " Jun 4, 11 9:35 AM

Did someone say solar heated swimming pools again...

Obviously if you have a pool you should have a choice if you heat it and how you heat it. That would not have been so had ATH had her way.

Now it seems we are being told fix your septic system or else...

Its difficult to argue against doing something to fix a problem that would be beneficial to the environment and ourselves. However, most homeowners have septic systems that where built according the codes that were established by the town and for which the town provided the certificate of occupancy or approval for. Now we are being told that the standards established by the Town were originally wrong or inadequate bu we have to correct the problems or face fines. This is burdensome and unfair to the homeowners.

As someone has pointed out the town is also suggesting putting the foxes in charge of the hen house with septic companies determining the adequacy of our septic systems. Please. Someone else pointed out other waste water problems associated with our homes. Are we going to be expected to retrofit everything in our homes?

Obviously the issues being contemplated here are not issues particular to only Southampton. They certainly are Peconic, Suffolk and State related issues. If not national in scope. The solution has to be larger in scope than burdening the least common denominator, the local homeowner.

The solution should be forward looking. Impose new standards on new construction. For existing homes, the town has to share in the burden. It cannot be dictatorially imposed. A system of subsidized loans or tax incentives or credits could be used. There are programs for transitioning to solar power after all. Why not for better septic systems?

What about the sacrosanct CPF? Isn't its mission to environmental preservation? Couldn't funds from CPF be used to finance the upgrade. Come on share the love here...

As well intentioned as Group for the East End is, I suspect that money flowing into this organization is streaming into to the political system, to use a water metaphor. Its a power that most homeowners don't have and the only alternative is to vote for candidates that may not be as amiable to environmental concerns. It is in their interest to find means of financing this transition other than imposition. Additionally, they should not come across as being partisan. Their message gets drowned out." Jun 4, 11 10:43 AM

Southampton Village Board Still Undecided On Chief Pick

Looks like Deja Vu all over again.." Jun 6, 11 2:44 AM

How come this story got buried so fast to page three of the SH news? " Jun 6, 11 10:45 PM

Southampton Village Poised To Pick Police Chief On Thursday

The only people responsible here are the village residents that vote these people into office and don't vote them out. Of course its true that there are not many viable alternatives being offered to them. I would be surprised if Cummings is selected. I hope I'm surprised." Jun 7, 11 10:22 PM

Nuzzi Declines Republican Nomination For Supervisor

Lol...Dial-a-Supervisor..." Jun 7, 11 10:32 PM

Large-Scale Condominium Development Gets Praise At Southampton Village Planning Board Hearing

Could this site have been used to accommodate the Hospital to keep it "in the village" or is the College a better fit? " Jun 9, 11 7:42 AM

Thank you. if its a toxic pit then not a viable location for a hospital." Jun 9, 11 10:31 AM

Southampton Post Office's "Green" Landscaping Draws Complaints

The landscaping is fine. No worse than what was there before, in keeping with the CPF culture wild look, and not any more shaby than Aldrich Lane park. Perhaps they could lease the land to some small scale farmer/s who could cultivate small vegetable gardens like has been proposed for Aldrich park that could then be sold at the farmers market. Of course there would be deer and rabbit fencing to deal with. ( and alas liability insurance).

The worse problem, again is the driveway and parking situation. On would have thought they would have gotten this right this time. If they were to use the garden area for more parking and better drive-thru mail drop off that would be a plus." Jun 15, 11 9:04 AM

Southampton Village Officials Dispute New York Post Allegations

Tip of the iceberg no doubt...Security from whom?" Jun 15, 11 8:38 PM

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