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Rechlers still have not made decision on whether to demolish Canoe Place Inn

Thank you for your clarification MECTO." Oct 13, 10 9:40 AM

Oops, METCO.." Oct 13, 10 9:41 AM

Clashing ideas about jobs dominate congressional race

I hear Tim Bishops rants against Mr.Altschuler and his outsourcing of jobs to foreign companies. But as a multi-term incumbent what did he do about the problem. As a person in a position of power to affect changes, did he sponsor, co sponsor, or support any legislation to prevent outsourcing or punish firms that outsourced jobs abroad? Was he instead voting for more free trade bills, including services? Was he a supporter of WTO and NAFTA initiatives that lay the groundwork for people like Mr. Altshuler to engage in these businesses. Is he being a Hypocrite? Let me know. Thanks." Oct 13, 10 10:22 PM

East Hampton Town considers eliminating leaf pick-up

I love the visuals...Look at the bright side, at least you have a station wagon. " Oct 14, 10 9:19 AM

Doors close at Saks and Citarella; emotions high

When did the sale start?" Oct 14, 10 9:38 AM

Grateful Dead concert film to screen at Parrish

That's nice , a Dead Head reunion of sorts...And the joint was? jumping.." Oct 14, 10 1:02 PM

Suffolk County rolls out red carpet across East End to attract filmmakers

Steve Levy..SHOW ME THE MONEY...The film industry usually come into town with all their trucks and equipment bringing their own caterers and toilets, their stays are not that long (long enough for the shoot in most cases). Their need for food and lodging is the exception and not the rule. Claiming that for every dollar spent, $3.00 stays in the economy is a stretch..even for every $3.00 spent one stays behind there is room for skepticism. So Show me.

The film industry's contribution locally is transient and insular. The county and the industry should work together to bring the studios and other infrastructure out east. That would be a more sustainable economic model for the county. Have the trucks and staff drive west to the city for the urban shoots rather than east for the bucolic shoots. It would be beneficial locally and maybe even for the industry where the cost of living out east might be more attractive than the expense of living in NYC especially for staff. We have the space, the housing, the schools, and we are the week-end getaway.

Are there any fees collected from the film industry for filming and how is this fee redistributed to towns and villages? Are we just satisfied with the crumbs on the table? A lot of work goes into preserving our towns. On a daily basis citizens and governments are "standing on that wall 400 feet from the barbarians" ready to invade are towns with unbridled over-development. That's what makes the east end a quaint place. Should we not collect a fee for these efforts and the cost of upkeep? More wheat, less chaff.

"Hi, I'm the new Sheriff"..Cough, cough. Excuuuuuuuuuse meeeee? The county wants the towns and villages to cede control to it to expedite the bureaucratic process. We "see nothing, we hear nothing, an we say nothing?" Please take your movie elsewhere. Thanks. No way. Non starter. The towns should very much be involved with whats going on where and when. Can you imagine the movie director saying " yea, we removed the dune..it was in the way of the shot of the house from the ocean..." Not funny, they'll do it. Also we should have some editorial content and choice. The "Hamptons" image and brand should be protected from distasteful movies. Think Amytiville.

Another issue is display of permits and policing. I've come across so many of these shoots, whether films or commercials or photo, and wondered what gives these people the right to be there. I presume its all legit but displaying a permit to that effect is reassuring and insures that nothing unsavory is going on. ( All use of town resources should be under permit in general including surf schools and parties) Residents should also be forewarned where filming will occur. That way we can avoid those areas if we wish. " Oct 14, 10 3:59 PM

Groups sue East Hampton Town over planned land sales

I presume the property was not purchased with CPF money. So why not use CPF money to purchase the property from the Town? Why not do the same with other similar properties worth saving?" Oct 14, 10 9:02 PM

Bid To Bag Leaf Pickup

Its nice to see that the cost of leaf pick-up is has gone from the original $570,000.00 to $180,000.00 as revealed by Scott King-albeit disconcerting that the new Sup doesn't seem to have any more command of the numbers than the last guy. What the town has not provided is a cost per household for this service. How many households in EH? If the no. of households is 20,000 then the cost of pick up to the town per household is only $9.00., at 10,000 it would be $18.00, or if there are only 5,000.00 households the cost would be $36.00.

I seriously doubt that any private carter would be as competitive as the town of East Hampton. I'm not an economist, but it seems that the fact that this service in embedded with the other functions provided , that the town is properly equipped, experienced, and organized for the scale of such an endeavor than any private company. So this where the public sector proves that it is superior to private initiative.

It would be indecent for the town to discontinue this service and shove its residents into having to contract private carters. In this case from one day to the next. The financial impact on some would be too high. Inevitably price gouging would occur.As well, Its not clear that the dumps would be free to the carters as it is to the residents.

The advantage of having the town perform the service is that it focuses the residents to do their leaves by a certain date ( and it is important to note that the leaves don't get to the curbs by themselves and it usually take homeowners a lot of work to get them there for the pick-up). This reduces the amount of leaves that might be blowing around on the roads in certain communities and villages thereby reducing the risk of accidents in rainy weather- leaf skids. If one home does their leaves one day and the others randomly throughout the winter and spring the blowback from one yard to the other to the road is only going to generate hot tempers between neighboors- and, hopefully not, the need for police intervention and court time with the costs associated with these. There will be the inevitable jerk that will just put their leaves in front of undeveloped or public properties to avoid carting to the dump. And as others have pointed out,could lead to dangerous driving conditions to those that don't own pick up trucks and stuff their sedans with bags of leaves reducing their visibility. Others will just brush their leaves to a corner of their garden and increase the risk of disease to themselves and their neighboors, as cited, but also as these leaves dry in summer the risk of fires will increase.

On a per household basis the cost of the leaf pick up is not that great. To those who are wealthy enough to pay for the carting themselves and those who are not wealthy and wish to reduce their taxes, they could opt out of the service and receive a rebate for the $9.00 to $36.00 dollars it costs the town to pick up their leaves. The rest would stay in the system.

Note: If the town would accept such a system to those who also have no need for certain other services. No kids no school or youth service taxes. Not a senior, no need for senior services tax. A good and sober driver, no need for a police tax...

Is $180,000 really that expensive for one of the richest communities in the world?" Oct 15, 10 11:51 AM

Groups sue East Hampton Town over planned land sales

Thanks for the clarification. " Oct 15, 10 1:03 PM

Can the town really sell the property if they receive private donations to buy it? Also if they sell the property< i would hope they could use part of the money for leaf pick-up too. " Oct 17, 10 6:35 PM

CPF Revenues End Streak With Dip In September

Seems like buyers in September retrenched from the market in anticipation of the elimination of the leaf pick up programs. It seems that the best way to reverse that trend would be to commit to the continuation of these services." Oct 18, 10 3:22 PM

Lawsuit Targets One Of Region's Oldest Farm Families

I agree. The article is incoherent. Don't write and text at the same time!" Oct 21, 10 8:30 AM

As the French say: " Quel dique!"" Oct 21, 10 9:20 PM

The Fate of the Canoe Place Inn still hangs in the balance

Beware of Trojans baring gifts.." Oct 21, 10 9:37 PM

CPF Revenues End Streak With Dip In September

Why not use CPF money for leaf pick-up costs? Seems only logical to me. The towns are spending Millions on the one hand to preserve open space, but risk the loss of those trees in residential areas to the buzz of chain saws as people will try to reduce the volume of leaves in their yards. Where will their carbon print be then? Seems like we talk green out of our mouths, but don't care to manage the brown. " Oct 21, 10 10:51 PM

The Fate of the Canoe Place Inn still hangs in the balance

Oops..make that Spartans.." Oct 21, 10 11:25 PM

Riverside Man Dies Hours After Being Shot Outside Hampton Bays Nightclub

Yea can't get used to it...too busy on the page and can't mskr out what is what. Where is the current latest news ongoing news and news from three weeks ago. What is news and what is advertizing. The real estate brokers, those who pay the bills..;), are happy as the Press has replaced their inserts, with a section front and center to readers annoyance. When will they learn that their multimillion estate buyers are not avid readers of the Press....Shhhh don't choke the golden goose." Oct 31, 10 9:05 PM

The owner of the club and dinner is no more responsible for what happened in both circumstances than anyone else here. Could he predict that a fight would break out in the front of his establishment where one teenager would attack another with a knife? The same is true with the canal road club. Some stupid fight breaks out and two people get shot. Given the nature of late night clubs and late night dinners they are not always going to attract the most savory characters. Which could be true anywhere at anytime.

Remember that a few days before the police arrested a man for allegedly trying to sell heroin twice to undercover officers at the Publik House in the Village. I don't see any lynch mobs going after the owners of that establishment. Did they know the place is frequented by dealers as well as you or I? We also read about all the drug arrest at the Neptune club in HB in the summers ( Like shooting fish in a barrel).

Cut this guy some slack in lives with the woes of our society, he doesn't create them. " Oct 31, 10 10:56 PM

Canoe Place Inn Developers Terminate Lease With Nightclub Owners

Speaking of catering halls. How well is the one in SHV at the former john ducks doing. I drive by there regularly and have never seen any major events going on. Is there a need for another catering hall? Conference hall? Besides the club on canal road is also available for private affairs. And what is the town going to do with the other spaces it owns. The former CPI (Conscience Point Inn) still sits there all boarded up. Why not develop that? Could be a great catering hall too." Nov 1, 10 3:06 PM

Highway Dept. Floats Ideas To Fix Troublesome Water Mill Intersection

You need traffic circles from the Village to the Bridgehampton-Sag Harbor Turnpike. Stop signs will freeze up traffic which is will be worse than it gets now. " Nov 3, 10 5:17 PM

Town Finds No Takers for Poxabogue Restaurant

I don't know about the restaurant business but just the mention that they are stipulating that the restaurant close at 6:00 PM is unbelievable. The presumption that this proposal would have been vetted by 5 board members and the town attorney is frightful. The town should seriously look to selling these businesses it has no clue how to run. Further, in light of the tax increases they are trying to push through on the citizens, it is time that they sell these restaurants they own all around town. Sell them, reduce the operating maintainance costs, and collect taxes from private commercial owners. " Nov 12, 10 11:06 AM

Southampton Hospital Snuffs Out Smoking

I can't disagree what everyone has said. I can see how the hospital would want to impose such restrictions as they apply to its staff. Its disconcerting to see its staff at the hospital's entrance taking cigarette breaks. I was a smoker until two years ago so I know that that break is important, but not out at public hospital entrances where patients and guests are going back and forth.

Still I think the policy will only push the smoking "across" the street and the matter will become the neighbors problem. Whose gonna pick up the butts?

Also, hospitals are stressful environments and unfortunately cigarettes have become a way to deal with stress for most smokers. As a relative of someone who is at the hospital, maybe in the Emergency Room for example, I believe that some smoking space should be provided. In my mind its not the appropriate moment to be imposing wider no smoking restrictions to guests. Requiring that visitors have a scrips for free nicotine gum...Come on.

As for the staff I think the wellness program and counseling should help. But as a patient I would rather be treated by a nurse, or doctor, whose had their smoke and not walked a mile than a provider that is undergoing withdrawal, nervousness, and the shakes. Would you really want them sticking needles and cutting you with scalpels, dispensing medications, or interpreting lab results in that condition? No more than you would want them being high on drugs or alcohol.

" Nov 13, 10 10:50 AM

Four Seasons Caterer Southampton Renamed Seasons of Southampton

Kudos to Ms. Mackenzie for realizing that she has better things to do than waste her time and money on these people. Let their pettiness stand as a measure of their character. Next time I have a deal to close I'll ask my bankers that we commemorate instead by giving the money to charity. I encourage my peers to do the same." Nov 15, 10 12:15 AM

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