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Southampton Village Poised To Pick Police Chief On Thursday

The only people responsible here are the village residents that vote these people into office and don't vote them out. Of course its true that there are not many viable alternatives being offered to them. I would be surprised if Cummings is selected. I hope I'm surprised." Jun 7, 11 10:22 PM

Nuzzi Declines Republican Nomination For Supervisor

Lol...Dial-a-Supervisor..." Jun 7, 11 10:32 PM

Large-Scale Condominium Development Gets Praise At Southampton Village Planning Board Hearing

Could this site have been used to accommodate the Hospital to keep it "in the village" or is the College a better fit? " Jun 9, 11 7:42 AM

Thank you. if its a toxic pit then not a viable location for a hospital." Jun 9, 11 10:31 AM

Southampton Post Office's "Green" Landscaping Draws Complaints

The landscaping is fine. No worse than what was there before, in keeping with the CPF culture wild look, and not any more shaby than Aldrich Lane park. Perhaps they could lease the land to some small scale farmer/s who could cultivate small vegetable gardens like has been proposed for Aldrich park that could then be sold at the farmers market. Of course there would be deer and rabbit fencing to deal with. ( and alas liability insurance).

The worse problem, again is the driveway and parking situation. On would have thought they would have gotten this right this time. If they were to use the garden area for more parking and better drive-thru mail drop off that would be a plus." Jun 15, 11 9:04 AM

Southampton Village Officials Dispute New York Post Allegations

Tip of the iceberg no doubt...Security from whom?" Jun 15, 11 8:38 PM

Suffolk County, Town Could Team Up To Buy 415 Acres In East Quogue

Suffolk county is cutting social and medical programs left and right because of state cutbacks. Where does Mr. Schneiderman get the money for thins?" Jun 16, 11 4:13 PM

Hattrick Unseats Robinson In Southampton Village; Barbour Elected In Write-In Campaign In Sagaponack

Congratulations Mr. Hattrick. You out voted two incumbents and were close to the mayor's tally. That says a lot. Next election hopefully will be more contested thanks to you. " Jun 18, 11 6:44 PM

Legislature Agrees To Appraise 415 Acres In East Quogue For Possible Purchase

Maybe the legislature can set aside an equal amount of money than the anticipated value of the purchase in order to restore social and medical programs that have been cut in Suffolk county.

" Jun 23, 11 3:12 PM

Southampton Village Eyes Smaller Fall Festival

A one day affair on Main street and Jobs lane closed to traffic is more than adequate. There is no need to hire outsiders. Surely the village has someone competent to run this on staff. Advertise well ahead of time so that outside vendors can purchase booths and accompany that with advertising on LI and NYC. " Jun 23, 11 3:20 PM

Upcoming Changes For Southampton Town Leaf Program

This man is out of touch...Were are we supposed to get paper bags large enough to place our leaves in? Are there any commercially available? My leaf pile every fall is about 1500 cubic feet (fluff) does Alex really think they are going to fit in a 5x4x5 feet pile (100 cubic feet). ?

Second annual "leaf forum"? when was the first annual "leaf forum"? When was this one announced and where? Why not have a public meeting at town hall on the matter? Seems like Alex is always have these events without much prior publicity and like this one poorly attended.

Where does he come up with this arbitrary age of 73? Didn't he mean 73 if you are born an even year one year and the following year people 73 that were born on an even year? What are special needs ? I'd like to know to see if I qualify.

If he thinks illegal dumping is a problem now wait until this program goes into effect. If he thinks people are not going to blow their leaves onto the roads instead of piling them he is in for a rude awakening. He is not going to go around taking DNA samples to determine whose leaves are on the road?

Once again Alex fails to give any information to the public as to how much the leaf pickup is costing the town what share of his budget is it? What is the per household cost?Surely a highway superintendent has the managerial skills and information to divulge this to the public. Mr. King in East Hampton was able to tell residents there that the program there cost $183,000.00 . Surely the man who could tell us that it cost 136,000 to pave a mile of road with a two inch thick layer of asphalt during an election debate would be able to break down the cost of services for the department he now runs. Surely before he proposes to have a referendum asking for $750,000.00 for equipment and labor he might be able to provide the taxpayers with relevant information. Is that equipment going to be just for leaf pick up?

More importantly, its time for Alex to work with the town board rather than threatening the voters with these silly ideas of his.

The only referendum we need in November is the elimination of the highway superintendent as an elected position. The job should report directly to the board. They should be accountable.

I Alex must go!" Jun 27, 11 12:25 PM

Police: Molotov Cocktail Placed In Front Of Southampton Highway Superintendent's House

How do you know this is about leaves? Could be related to many things: labor problems, dispute with a contractor, or organized crime, or a personal dispute. But I agree with you it would be stupid if its over leaves." Jun 27, 11 6:48 PM

LIPA Scrambles To Repair Massive Power Outages

I don't believe any of the information coming out LIPA. Today on 92.1,ATH claimed only 30 householdes were out of power in North Sea. I don't believe it. If only we get honest information we could make adequate plans. But to be told that we will be up by Friday not credible.
Also the Town could be more accomodating with the people that are out of power. On Shelter Island, the High School was opened for people to shower and get water. I have heard of no similar initiative here in Southampton. There are people who are withoutr power and phones and water because the pump is out. They are running low or out of water to flush their toilets. Communication by the Town on radio is virtually non-existent. More resources should have been made available. Most can't complain because they have no power for telephone. " Sep 1, 11 1:48 PM

Yes You must be at the Library I suppose..lol.." Sep 1, 11 2:52 PM

Massive Brawl Breaks Out At 230 Elm; One Arrested

I never thought that place would last...they are going to meet the fate of so many of these places...later..." Sep 5, 11 7:57 PM

Day Camp Applicant Seeks Approval Through A Different Avenue

He should build an indoor swimming pool for the wintertime day campers and he is assured of a lot of community support." Sep 7, 11 1:40 PM

Residents Turn Out To Protest North Sea Day Camp

It sounds like a wonderful place to put in an indoor swimming pool facility. I'm sure the community would rally behind that. It would also allow the owners to operate the facilities year round. Sounds better to me than another 17 houses in those woods. " Oct 22, 11 8:37 AM

Southampton Town Leaf Pickup Program May Strain Waste Management Department

What an all around farce...Are we really to believe that the Town Board has not had a clue as to what has been happening? Hard to believe...Now they act stupified and claim the matter is out of their control...That Mr. Gregor is an independent elected official and they can't control what he does. Another good reason to vote out the incumbants on the Town Board...Don't let them pull more wool over our eyes..." Oct 22, 11 12:37 PM

Public Asked To Be On Alert Following String Of Car Break-Ins Across Southampton Town

If the police were patroling neighboorhoods rather than just sitting on the side of the roads then there might be more of a deterent." Oct 24, 11 7:45 PM

Southampton Village Drafts Law To Allow New Supermarket

I don't think its going to be a very popular destination for shoppers. Just getting there and out is going to offer few alternatives and crowd the streets around there...a highway merger with a light, old hampon road or flying point road are going to be the only way in and out that seem reasonable.

A supermarket would be better where the larger auto dealerships are. Also kind of a small surface area for a meaningfull store that would give consumers and residents a true alternative as the King Kullens do or Stop and Shop. Its not really an alternative put somewhat insures Waldbaum's predominance.

Anyway who wants to shop in a market where you can't get plastic bags.

" Oct 26, 11 5:35 PM

Funding For East Hampton Clinic Expected To Survive Veto

...thankfully there is plenty of money to purchase acres and acres of land...but providing basic medical aid for the poor and destitute?" Oct 28, 11 3:07 PM

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