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New Southampton Village Mayor Says Revitalizing Business District Will Be Priority

Any information on swearing in ceremony and appointments?
" Jul 2, 19 5:56 PM

Donations For Southampton Village Fourth Of July Parade Continue To Decrease, Causing Some Worry About Its Future

The times are a changin and it effects everything including the parade." Jul 3, 19 5:04 PM

Southampton Village Mayor Proposes Plan To Turn Vacant Storefronts Into An Art Exhibit

Are landlords purposely not renting their properties or are the rents too high?" Jul 17, 19 2:53 PM

Cops: Man Was Boating While Intoxicated When He Crashed Boat In North Haven

Why get into a boat when you know the captain has been drinking?" Jul 21, 19 7:00 PM

Southampton Town Looks To Bring Bike Share Program To Hampton Bays

Why are they not using the local bikeshare program? Ridiculous to bring in outsiders!" Jul 23, 19 1:59 PM

Southampton Village Board Amends Surfing Restrictions, Will Set Up Committee To Look At Issue

Why now? What precipitated this action?
" Aug 18, 19 7:42 PM

As long as people are complaining - bicycle riding on Main St. and Job’s Lane. The signs indicating that this is prohibited are barely noticeable. Compare with Pedestrian crossing and Farmer’s Market signs. There appears to be minimal to no enforcement of the no bicycling law. Then we have the U turns on Job’s Lane and Main Street. Perhaps our ordinance enforcers or whomever they are that stand around talking to each other could kindly give a warning to people.who are clearly breaking the law." Aug 21, 19 11:49 AM

Pyrrhus Concer Home To Go Out To Bid Once Again

This project has taken forever. Does the village ask the new carpentry teacher at the high school to look at the project and see if his class can contribute?" Sep 17, 19 2:18 PM

Former Southampton Village Art Deco-Style Car Dealer Sells For $2.25 Million

No wet use unless we get sewers." Oct 2, 19 1:43 PM

UPDATE: Southampton Village Mayor Discharges Two Attorneys From Duties

They can’t do much except give out tickets hmmm. Have you had a loved one stop breathing or have a heart attack in your home? The cops are there in less then a minute. Have you had your home broken into and called police? How about if there is an unruly patron in your store? Numerous other incidents when village police are there in minutes." Oct 20, 19 7:08 PM

I don’t see any great job here. I see a lack of transparency. Certainly the mayor can bring in his people but have an agenda, let the board and public be aware of the agenda. " Oct 21, 19 1:20 PM

Southampton Village Mayor Dismisses Two Attorneys

And documentation or sources on this?" Oct 25, 19 3:58 PM

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