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County Road 31 Reopens To Traffic As Work Continues On New Traffic Circle

Lights? It’s not too late. Go solar! There are plenty of industrial / commercial products available. I agree, this new circle needs to be well illuminated at night. People fly up and down that road. It must be well marked or the best of intentions will lead to tragedy. " Nov 17, 11 5:36 PM

Environmentalists, Residents Oppose East Quogue Golf Resort Proposal

I must have attended a different public meeting. The meeting that I attended last night that lasted over 2 hours had several local residents speak in favor of the proposal. The minutes will prove this true. The platoon of people that blasted the proposal were the usual crowd of environmental groups that don't want any change period. Also, the above article did not mention that the proposed golf course vacation home proposal is projected to generate $4,500,000 in property taxes, of which about $3,500,000 would go to the East Quogue School District. Further, the very nature of this proposal by Discovery Land, is that the project will not put kids in the schools. $3.5 Million to the school and not add kids. I thought this is exactly what EQ was looking for. In fact, the proposal is exactly what the EQ Hamlet Study recommended after a two and a half year moratorium and after the Town rezoned this property from 3 acres lots to 5 acre lots, stripping away almost 1/3 of the homes that could be built there. The Discovery proposal is based on current zoning, no increase in the number of homes. What they are asking for is to add a golf course, preserve 75% of the property in natural open space, and pay a heck of a lot of taxes to the community." Aug 28, 13 5:25 PM

Waldbaum's In Southampton, East Hampton To Close Doors In October

Don't forget to visit Winter Farmer's Market in Riverhead on Saturdays. Starts real soon, lots of local businesses." Sep 18, 15 10:25 PM

Southampton Town Makes Offer To Purchase The Hills Property In East Quogue

The Links at East Quogue, next to The Hills property and an excellent comparable for an appraisal, was purchased by the TOWN & COUNTY in 2011, for $10,000,000 or $150,000 per acre." Jul 12, 16 5:26 PM

Lofstad, Bouvier Reject Findings Statement On 'The Hills' Project Tuesday

I'VE GOT MINE, YOU CAN'T HAVE YOURS. I've sat by and listened to the opposition of The Hills knowing their little secrets, no more - Ron Kass, the president and founder of CLEAN and STOP THE HILLS, according to the Greater Middle County Chamber of Commerce owns a car wash in Centereach - Island Car Wash. Yes, the chief opponent of The Hills, claiming he is concerned about ground water and protection of the bays and aquifer, derives his income from washing cars - an unnecessary vanity use of everyone's Long Island ground water. Shame on you Ron. Andrea Spilka (who has done much for the community on other issues) I believe lives and owns a condo in Atlantic Shores, a high density 7 units to the acre multi-family development in BROOKHAVEN built on the aquifer and Pine Barrens. Yet she opposes this development - a development that is based on 1 unit per 5 acres, not 35 per acre like Atlantic Shores in Eastport. Last night a woman stood up against The Hills waving her bathing suit and boat keys citing that the bays were badly polluted. Her boat keys? A machine that by nature pollutes the water? You can't make this stuff up. Me? I represent Carolyn Parlato, the owner of 33 acres opposite 7-11 in EQ, where once The Hills PDD is defeated 40+ single year round family and affordable homes will be built. Discovery is in contract to buy the 33 acres and donate it to the Town for FREE. I guess everyone wants more kids in the EQ school, which by the way will continue with it outdated septic system for many years to come - Discovery has offered to build a sewage treatment plant for the school for FREE, but that's not going to happen anymore. If I have misspoken on anything I've said here, please enlighten me." Sep 27, 17 3:16 PM

Dear adlkjd923ilifmac - You don't find it incredibly ironic (and interesting) that Mr. Ron Kass, who is leading the charge against The Hills and president of C.L.E.A.N. - Citizens for Clean Drinking Water, Clean Air, and Clean Bays owns Island Car Wash in Centereach? According to their website, they boast that they are "green" and only use about 10 - 15 gallons of our fresh drinking water to clean EACH car. Do the math - 250 cars a day is between 2,500 - 3,750 gallons per day. In one week, the car wash wastes more water than an average house in Suffolk County uses in almost 3 months. And you don't find that "interesting?" Let me give you another example. Based on these numbers, in one day, the car wash wastes the same amount of water as a 25 unit senior apartment complex. Wow, I find that REALLY INTERESTING." Sep 28, 17 3:59 PM

You are correct, the 40+ single family home subdivision needs a pre-application meeting - Done, needs to submit the subdivision application - Done, needs preliminary approval - Pending, needs final approval - Follows preliminary approval. This whole process with the Planning Department and Planning Board is between 1 and 2 years, then the roads go in and the homes can be built. BTW, this is not discretionary, the Planning Board may control the layout of the subdivision, but not the "as of right" yield. Those are facts.

How you flippantly suggest "more kids in the school is a given", it's not a given if The Hills are approved and the 33 acres is donated to the Town." Sep 28, 17 5:05 PM

I forgot to mention the $33,000 application fee to the Town for the subdivision application - Paid.
" Sep 28, 17 5:17 PM

Not Gonna Happen - people living in the woods in Quogue / East Quogue? Like Southampton Pines, Wildlife I, Wildlife II, The Crossing At Quogue, SIM Realty Associates (Fox Hollow Drive), Old Country Manor.... All not gonna happen???
" Sep 28, 17 6:15 PM

Dr. Gobler Includes Fertigation In Updated Environmental Report On 'The Hills'

Today, Suffolk County Planning recommended the approval of The Hills application, a reversal of thier 2013 disapproval. The Southampton Town Planning Department in their Finding Statement recommended the approval of The Hills. And now Dr. Gobler, according to this article, has concluded that The Hills PDD will have a lower impact than the "as of right" development. Proverb - The wise man can change his mind, the stubborn one, never. - Immanuel Kant" Nov 1, 17 5:44 PM

Hello CleanWater, No Spin? Why didn't you choose to capitalize Dr. Golber statement as follows???

“This has never been done anywhere in the United States. nowhere has anyone used groundwater to fertilize. They've done it for waste water, but not for contaminated ground water, so we don't have anything to go on, BUT I THINK IT IS A GREAT IDEA."

BTW Dr. Golber did write the following (but this doesn't support your negative bias) - "Fertigation is a novel and innovative approach for groundwater remediation and holds promise to be one of many potential mitigation strategies used on Long Island to reduce the loading of nitrogen from land to sea."
" Nov 2, 17 4:08 PM

Just who are you CleanWater? I am Larry Oxman, I speak up at public hearings and don't hide behind masks and false names. You are very outspoken and opinionated, why are you hiding?" Nov 2, 17 5:08 PM

Just who are you CleanWater? I am Larry Oxman, I speak up at public hearings and don't hide behind masks and false names. You are very outspoken and opinionated, why are you hiding?" Nov 2, 17 5:13 PM

Southampton Town's Conservation Board Says The Hills Project May Hurt The Environment

Sebonack and the Bridge ARE built on top of the aquifer. As is your house, my house, and Town Hall. You know that, stop playing with words.

The Hills - Virgin forest??? - not quite, much of the land had been stripped down to the sand, no topsoil never mind vegetation. But you knew that already too." Nov 30, 17 10:34 AM

UPDATE: Southampton Town Board Votes Down The Hills Proposal Tuesday

They already have made a formal application to the Planning Board (not the Town Board) for the property as per the CR200 zoning, plus a separate application has been submitted for the 33 acres across the street from the Stone Creek Inn. That property is zoned R-40 or one-acre lots." Dec 5, 17 6:32 PM

First ZBA Hearing On Proposed Luxury Golf Course Community In East Quogue Held On Thursday

The question and ONLY question before the ZBA is: Is a golf course an accessory use? Chairperson Grossman made it quite clear that all comments should be directed to that issue alone, not if someone liked or disliked the proposed PRD subdivision. My comments were directed to that issue alone. I believe that golf is an accessory use to the residential use. The applicant's PRD subdivision is a permitted use in the CR200 zoning district - Town Code 330-10(A)(6). Accessory Uses are a permitted use in the CR200 - Town Code 330-10(F)(2). Golf is customary accessory use and NOT prohibited by Chapter 330." Jul 21, 18 11:55 AM

Dave Celi, the person who made that comment at the ZBA public hearing IS a member of the East Quogue Citizens Advisory Committee. He WAS appointed by the Town. Check out http://www.southamptontownny.gov/433/East-Quogue-CAC for the entire list of EQ CAC members." Jul 21, 18 12:01 PM

Reading a book on your lawn is not an accessory use. Reading a book in your gazebo on your lawn is reading a book in your accessory use structure - which is permitted. " Jul 22, 18 2:50 PM

I thought Taz was speaking like Tarzan..." Jul 23, 18 8:52 PM

Former Riverside Diner Demolished To Make Way For Medical Offices

The beginning and first wave of the revitalization of Riverside. Hats off to the many hard working people that have made this possible, including - Supervisor (and former Suffolk County Legislator) Jay Schneiderman, Councilperson Christine Scalera, Deputy Supervisor Frank Zappone, County Exec Steven Bellone, Legislator Bridgete Flemming, Kyle Collins, David Wilcox, Vince Taldone, August Ruckdeschel, Renaissance Downtowns - Don Monti, Sean McLean, Ela Dokonal, and Siris Barrios, the entire Riverside Economic Development Committee, the wonderful support staff at the Supervisor’s Office and Town Hall, FRNCA, The Riverside CAC, members of the community.... and so many more people on a long list of thanks that have worked for the past 4 years to make this happen...." Jul 24, 18 6:43 PM