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Publisher of Dan's Papers files for Chapter 11

I normally don’t get involved in the community here as you all have such a close relationship one hates to intrude. However, this seems too good to miss out on. Having bought advertising for local businesses I worked for in the past (Sag Harbor, East Hampton, Bridgehampton) I have a pretty good feel of what the real "costs" are of all the papers out here - I have to laugh at the comments from those who think a paper that distributes under 10,000 or even under 20,000 is a better "value" than one that regularly prints over 30,000 (they claim 52,000 in some media kits but I know it's more like 35-42 year round) figure that out per 1,000 papers and you'll realize Dan's is a bargain. Don't get me wrong the Press and even the Sag Harbor Express are excellent community papers and I've enjoyed the Star for a long time. However, Dan's is way different. They “cover” (although I don’t consider them a real Newspaper – more like a fun take on the local scene and entertaining reading) both forks and Montauk, support the artistic community out here strongly, give assistance to local benefits generously and since they don’t take themselves so seriously the paper is easy to read for locals as well as visitors who don’t care who just got elected to the local School Board or where the local coffee shop can hang their new sign. Plus - they can't keep it on the stands - how often do you go looking for it on a Sunday and they are all gone? Even the 5 foot high stacks that are left frighteningly close to the doors at King Kullen are gone by late Saturday year round and Friday in the summer. I've lived here for over 30 years and people either love Dan or hate him – I ‘ve never bothered to have an opinion of the guy personally – plus I know that he sold the paper at least 2 times in the last dozen years so… other than his writing it’s been out of his hands for a while. The point is the paper is read - it works for it's advertisers and the Press readers and the Hamptons mag readers and everyone in between pick it up weekly. So right now it's PARENT company (Brown Publishing who is in Ohio what the Press and Star are here – a venerable old family owned business) has joined the ranks of 100's of publishing companies across the country who are taking advantage of the ability to financially restructure - Brown is a huge company - not the smaller type of publishing co. like the Press or the Star who can only decrease the size of their broadsheet or cut back distribution to help with the financial crisis all newspapers are facing in this economy. Brown was/is large enough to work it out in other ways. Now I’ll get off my soapbox and let my wife yell at me for not taking the dog out yet. Thanks for the entertainment from the regulars here - thought I'd enjoy some insight about the state of the economy or the positive/negative realities of companies being able to financially restructure and come out of it in better shape but the Dan bashing and in fighting was almost as interesting." May 4, 10 11:12 AM