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Town Clears Way For Music Festival In Amagansett

What does "there is more to this than meets the eye" mean? I think that point needs to be clarified. Its not fair to make such accusations or inferences without bein specific. " Dec 22, 10 1:26 PM

Maybe its you who doesnt have a clue. How can you have acts lined up if you dont even have the approval for the show. Maybe this is an opportunity for some people to rent out their homes and recoup some money. Nobody should apologize for thinking outside the box to bring people into town who arent all wealthy second home owners." Dec 23, 10 10:16 AM

Mickey Mouse? Disneyland is based on the idea of habing some fun. This Town, in the past, does everything it can to bloack the isea of fun. Congrats McGintee and crew for having some vision and foresight. " Dec 23, 10 10:17 AM

Ladles of Love was held at the same location. Went off without a hitch. Get your facts straight." Dec 23, 10 10:17 AM

Rumors Of 7-Eleven In Amagansett Surface

The Town CANNOT prohibit a store from opening just because its a 7-11. For those of you who have a problem with it, go but the property yourself and leave it vacant and unused. And for those of you who have a problem with laborers, I'd like to see how this Town would operate if they all left. They are a critical part of this community and are not going anywhere so get used to it or move. " Feb 10, 11 11:34 AM

MTK Festival Cancelled Due To Low Ticket Sales

This is an absurd comment. Why should the charities or the Town be entitled to any money. People are losing money here. Nobody is benefitting from this cancellation. The proposal to charlty was generous and should only be paid if the concert actually took place. This has nothing to do with the Board approving the event. The promotors should be appluaded for trying to bring a new and exciting event to our backyard. " Aug 8, 11 11:58 AM

Dont you think the idea of 9k people coming to our communitity would have had a benefit to our community? Do you donate to charities?" Aug 9, 11 10:32 AM

Future projects? They should be commended for having the balls to try this type of event. Have you never heard of a business that failed? Thats what this is. " Aug 9, 11 10:35 AM

Mary's Marvelous To Open In Bucket's Space In East Hampton Village

I am thrilled about this news. Mary's Marvelous is a great addition to that location. I know Bucket's will be missed but just a fantastic replacement!
" Mar 26, 12 10:23 PM

Sag Harbor School District Releases Information About Potential Stella Maris School Purchase

I think this purchase is a great idea. Sag harbor stands out for its schools and what a better way to continue to draw younger families than expanding the school. " Mar 2, 16 2:35 PM

Stevenson's Toys To Open A Store In East Hampton This Week

As a full time East Hampton resident with 2 small children, we are very excited for this opening.
" May 3, 17 9:56 AM

East Hampton Hamlet Study Presentations Lined Up For Next Month

Let's make East Hampton a vibrant, night time place to stroll. Right now most places close early even in the middle of summer.
" May 8, 17 6:13 PM

Bridgehampton Gateway Developer Frustrated By 'Misinformation' Spread About Her Proposal

BH11932 - Your statements are not true and you are part of the "fake news." The traffic patterns are not a problem in that immediate area. The problems are at the lights in Wainscott and Watermill. I know Carol Konner and she wants nothing more than to develop a first class center. I, for one, feel that this would be a tremendous benefit to our community.
" Dec 14, 17 12:56 PM

East Hampton Proposes Lease To Southampton Hospital Association For ER

What a great move for those of us who live in East Hampton. I will support this big time.
" Dec 28, 17 11:32 AM

East Hampton Chamber Of Commerce Plans To Expand Street Life In The Village's Shopping District

I am so grateful for the work Steve is doing. This Village can be a progressive center for the Hampton's. There desperately needs to be street life at night in the Village.
" Feb 28, 18 11:03 AM

Sag Harbor Restaurateurs Want To Revive Success Of La Superica At Same Site

The food at Superica was mediocre at best. often I felt like my dish was a heap of cheese on top of something....I have full faith that the new owners know that good food makes a restaurant. the spot is a home run.
" Feb 5, 19 11:49 AM

The Spur Announces New East Hampton Space As Southampton Flagship Remains On Hold

Finally, someone with a vision toward business development. As a resident of East Hampton, this is a great beginning to drawing entrepenours out of their homes and into a public space. East Hampton should fast track this project. " Feb 14, 19 11:34 AM

East End Officials Weigh In On County Proposal To Opt Out Of Marijuana Legalization

Get ahead of the game Suffolk County. We have a LOT of farms here and I don'
t think Potatoes and corn are that profitable. I could be wrong. Just saying...." Mar 6, 19 5:15 PM

Number Of Calls To East Hampton Town Police Dropped In 2018

Anyone who uses an Acronym to describe the President's reality TV show cant be taken too seriously...".MAGA", what a joke. Even kids can play along...lol
" Mar 7, 19 12:27 PM

Anyone who uses an Acronym to describe the President's reality TV show cant be taken too seriously...".MAGA", what a joke. Even kids can play along...lol
" Mar 7, 19 12:27 PM

East End Officials Weigh In On County Proposal To Opt Out Of Marijuana Legalization

Right now obviously SC has nothing to do with growing hemp but maybe it should be considered. I have a 3 and 6 year old and this community is losing people by the hundreds. We live in the land of "no." The average age of the population is increasing. Main street is dead. I'm know how much farming has been lost but also know how much has been saved. I enjoy the corn and potatoes as much as anyone but many farmers are land poor and perhaps if they could sell their crops for more money, it would be a w
in for them. " Mar 7, 19 12:35 PM

Oh, yeah and the guy with the big belly is a beer guzzling drunk...dumb comment. My sister has stage 4 cancer and the ONLY thing that has assisted here nausea us medicinal marijuana. " Mar 7, 19 1:04 PM

East Hampton School District Asks Board Of Elections To Keep Voting Out Of The Schools

I would imagine you have no children in our schools? The problem, generally with our nation right now is that everything is identified as republican or democrat and nobody can have a position on anything without it being categorically called political.

Irrational fear for our children when they are taught how to protect themselves from school shootings? Was it irrational fear mongering when I was taught how to hide under my desk in case of a bomb during the Cold War?
" Sep 10, 19 4:21 PM

Linda Riley Retires After 20 Years As East Hampton Village Attorney

Congrats Beth and well deserved send off Linda. As a Town resident my hope is that the Village moves in a business friendly direction to restore the "life" back into this amazing place.
" Sep 25, 19 5:37 PM