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Rumor about attack in village is debunked by police

American Pie Hole - its not about disdain for laws. Some of us just tend to hold dear the fact that this country was built by immigrants and has improved, along with the help of many a citizen, to be in the condition it's in now. We may be in a recession, we may be in a depression, we may have a litany of other issues to contend with, but the fact of the matter is, without the hard work, sweat and blood both parties have put into this country, its safe to say, we wouldn't be living in such comfortable circumstances, whatsoever. I wonder, why is it so difficult for (as often the case) upper-middle class white people to look out upon the world, look out upon this situation and think first, that day-laborer, he/she is a HUMAN BEING. First and before anything else. You, and so many like you, are willing to jump and point fingers and say, ooo, they're taking our jobs, they're taking our land, they're going to hurt our community. You talk of these people as if they are less than the dirt beneath your shoe. They are human beings, deserving of all the same freedoms you and I were born into. The problem however, is that YOU nor hardly ANYONE who shares your opinion, views them as human beings, tied to responsibilities of family and home, again JUST LIKE YOU.
As a result, effective and just measures are never put into place. It's not about republican, its not about democratic, its about taking measures to find peaceable and sensible resolutions for the benefit our country.
This "full-scale invasion" - ugh, your jingoist rhetoric is so mind-numbingly popular. It's SO completely boring and useless to any cause.
Sir, there has been a full scale invasion or immigrants into this country for a long time. And for the most part, its been the rich-white-male masses that have had the control and ability to deter OR make this "invasion" more proficient for everyone.
And though some of these illegal immigrants take advantage of prosperous system, it's not all illegals. Remember that. Not every single case is the same, despite what your ignorance might suggest.
AT LEAST, should I find myself hiring an illegal alien so that he/she can support their family while trying to find the means to legally assimliate into this country, I'll know one thing for certain. At the end of the day, the job will be done.
I cannot say the same for the majority of the citizens who run this town, state, or country. " Jul 1, 10 4:08 PM

Severe thunderstorm hits Springs; many without power

HB 4 Life - Wow. What a fine mood we are in." Jul 22, 10 4:05 PM