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Wilkinson concedes that dock sale is off the table

First off I'm thankful to all the Montauk Fisherman/woman who made a stand !! To the ones who are against the Montauk commercial/ non commercial fishing community SHAME ON YOU!!! Do you actually know how hard these men and woman work?? Have you ever come home from work after 10 ,12 days at sea away from your family with every bone aching in your body??? Missing Christmas and your children's Birthday to feed this country quality food??? You know food with out pesticides that have now been linked to childhood illness cancer etc..??? What have you done to make life better for others?? Put on a suit trade a few stocks for a mid western unknowing hard working American with a dream and laugh at the money they lost than head to a steak house and order a lobster??? Who do you think are out there risking their lives missing their family for all you who make laws for the working class in this amazing Country to feed your high on the hog arse!!!!! Don't you think that the American Fishing Industry is depressed enough? You talk about your TAX dollars like your the only one who pays them...DON"T YOU THINK FISHERMAN PAY TAXES???? I will tell you one thing I would rater spend my golden tax dollars on the working class, and there are not many harder working people I know more than the fishing community.. Than the NON WORKING blood suckers that drain this Country of every dime!!" May 24, 10 11:16 AM