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Wilkinson concedes that dock sale is off the table

To start- huge credit to the citizens who came out and stood up for something important to them. I tip my hat to them. This is a community and each one of us is responsible for what happens in it.

Most of the comments are missing the two major other points. First, the Supervisor had to stick out his own neck and eat crow pie in the face of a mob of friends, supporters, and detractors alike. He had to stab himself, his friends, and his family in the heart to even consider such a strategy. He says it himself on the video. Watch it. Why does he do this? He does this because of the terrible economic mess that the Town is in. Because he has promised this Town that he will help right a Town whose government was spending out of control for 6 years. (Side note: for anyone who sat on the Town Board to lecture this current Board about managing money is laughable-- watch last week's tape)

Second, this all started because of an article in the Star which was irresponsibly reported. The Supervisor reminds us of that on the tape. It was irresponsible reporting that turned a 'list of 22 Town owned properties that were still being reviewed' into '2 Town owned commercial docks to be sold.' Again, watch the tape, or read the article in Newsday. Just plain, old sloppy reporting." May 24, 10 11:24 PM

East Hampton Library vote to be held Saturday

Don't fall for this campaign by the library to circumvent the rule of law. The ZBA made its decision about an over-ambitious plan. The Library Board should take a look at some of its books to find that it doesn't need, nor does it benefit legally, from a referendum. This is a clear power play by power brokers trying to put one over on the Village citizens.

The Library Board has every legal avenue of appeal open to it with, or without, this waste-of-taxpayer-time-and-money referendum.

Don't vote on Saturday, but if you must, please vote against the proposition and for the rule of law." Aug 12, 10 8:25 PM

East Hampton Library sues Zoning Board of Appeals

The thing is that the 'referendum' was a sham that will only be used to distract some judge in County Court. The facts are the facts and the ZBA made its decision based on the Village Code. Yes, the library can appeal this, if they feel that the ZBA's decision was unlawful or capricious. The real issue can be better addressed by campaigning to revise your Village Code, not by popularity contests." Aug 31, 10 2:17 AM

East Hampton Town poised to adopt airport plan

The facts of life are simple, but poignant: if you don't like noise from aircrafts, don't live near an airport.
If you live near an airport, your home will neither sell, nor rent, for the same amount that it would without an airport.
The Town and its citizens needs the airport, and needs it to be safe, efficient, and accessible.
This airport will never be JFK or even MacArthur.
The Town Board adopted the plan.
Those who feel its adoption was not legal can fight it if a lawyer will take the case." Sep 3, 10 9:15 PM

Back to the drawing board for the Amagansett Lifesaving station

Make it into a nightclub. Why think small with some little cafe?

The former Tiana lifesaving station, in East Quogue is a bar/nightclub. It makes for a great venue and is also available for residents to rent for private events. I'm sure that it might be a venue that might take a few parties off of our overburdened beaches. We have so much shoreline but it is too hard for people to access and use. We live here, and people come here, because of our beaches. However, there are only 3 Town beaches between the Village and Montauk. I'm sure many people will get upset over this idea, but seriously there are so few options for people who would like to eat or drink, or even dance, if they want, by the ocean. Ask people who eat or drink. I'm sure each will agree.

While we are at it, we should try to make another Town beach, maybe in Napeague or eastern Amagansett. Maybe something joint (like Townline beach) with the Village on the western end of Further Lane.

" Sep 5, 10 6:44 PM

Controversial Montauk 7-Eleven to open on Wednesday

This is great. Now, if you need something late at night, you can drive to either Sag Harbor OR Montauk.

Can we get something open late in East Hampton? What about those decrepit buildings on North Main Street? Or maybe we can replace the Starbucks (Dreesen's and Golden Pear have better coffee anyway)." Sep 5, 10 7:13 PM

Beachgoers Rail Against Napeague Lawsuit

This is about some oceanfront homeowners who currently own land that includes some of the beach in front of their homes. This is not about the possibility of waterfront owners buying up all of the Town's beaches.

True, this lawsuit could have implications that effect beach access. However, the suit itself is about a strip of beach that the Trustees sold in a deed years ago. That deed has restrictions on public access. Only a Town-wide title search will uncover what beaches were sold in this fashion.

"Privatizing beaches" is exactly what the Trustees are supposed to stand against. However, in the past, they sold certain strips of beach, for whatever reason.

Here, it might be best to consider settlement negotiations which could preserve certain beach driving/access rights, perhaps even at this location. In the absence of any legal defense, considering settlement could prevent a Court's decision from binding the Town and its residents." Apr 6, 11 4:28 AM