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Woman killed in motorcycle accident on Napeague stretch

first and foremost my heart goes out to the lauren's family. having a 19yr old daughter myself i feel there loss, i was extremly sad all day yesterday. after reading ALL the coments on this sight im baffled that any one can place blame on anyone other than the driver. a driver of any vehicle is totaly responsible of there passengers PERIOD! being an owner of a moterbike myself i know its a dangerous vehicle to start with. any speed over 70mph is nerve racking so the decision to try to evade police at the speed they were traveling was a selfish act and the driver should be held accountable to the full extent of the law. to point the finger of blame at anyone other than the driver is crazy. i want to know where was the love for her when he made the decision to flee." May 26, 10 9:09 AM

Wilkinson concedes that dock sale is off the table

inlet seafood who unloads a most off the boats in the harbor not only sells the local fish to its own restarant but local seafood venders come to the docks while the boats are unloading to by fish from the boats so this statement is unfounded. ive been in the local industry for 28 yrs where do u get your info from? try again " May 26, 10 10:37 AM

for 28 yrs ive made my living on those docks damm they should make it a historic piece of land, its our heritage thanks to bonny and her research its off the chopping block," May 26, 10 10:42 AM

Woman killed in motorcycle accident on Napeague stretch

you know your rite matt made a very bad choice, young people often do but fact still remains lauren is still gone-forever i wonder where his love was when he decided to try to elude police, your rite both familys are suffering and my prayers go out to both familys AND all the ems responders who know have to seek therapy to help cope with the dreams they have because if his decision i hope that all the young people reading all these coments learn from his mistake so the first responders stop taking dead children off our roads pull over and take the ticket instead of taking a life" May 26, 10 11:45 AM