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Wilkinson concedes that dock sale is off the table

Montauk Fisherman are wonderful and deserve thier say. If you know a fishing community then you know what a tight knit community that they are.
But it seems to me the people that are doing the most complaining are in need of the least help. When Bonnie Brady - Executive Director of the Long Island Commercial Fishing Association states “I know you all are in a desperate state ... but for the town to sell our beds we sleep in seems to me to not serve the purpose it should.” Quite Frankly no one is selling her bed or impeding the dockage of her boat .. She and her husband (A commerical fisherman) are partners in a commercial marina and seafood company(Inlet Seafood),they have the dockage to accomodate their fleet as well as their partners. But then WHY do they dock at the Commercial TOwn Dock's and then WHY are their slips open at thier marina and Why do we need to subsidize thier income through our taxes and allow them to (Inlet Seafood) to jam up the municipal slips and then that allows them to charge a higher rate.
How much does dockage go for at Inlet?
Well it just seems to me that the people that are cryng foul are the ones that have made out the best up until now. We all want the big house on the hill, put our kids in private school, exotic second homes and trips of a lifetime and I absolutly acknowledge that most commercial fisherman don't fully live this way. But the loudest people do. The commercial fleet is so hard working and live with danger - being away from their families - and make serios sacrifices that day and night pertaing to their profession. . But I really don't want to give it away to people that already have it and just want to double dip." May 26, 10 3:09 PM

East Hampton makes preparations for potential impact from gulf oil spill

It sure does seem as if we are more aware than the current presidential administration.
Good for East Hampton to have some foward thinking and if nothing else some dialog and communication.
" Jun 17, 10 2:05 PM

East Hampton Homework Club Has Its Backers

Why should the town pay for a after school homework program? Our school
budgets are through the roof.The school budgets make up most of our tax burden. Not that I begrudge the teachers salaries but I don't see those being cut or frozen. I realize contracts and such but then there is also what is called the greater good. Are we really for the children? Hardly if the schools expect the town government pick up the bill on there own assignments and cant give the tools to even do there own homework. I realize most parents work full time and our lives get so busy but when we are having public hearings on a homework club that the town should fund and not the schools - what a waste of time for local government. That is nothing but wasting time. Schools -do your own homework club. There is a late bus send the kids home on that." Nov 4, 10 11:29 AM

Carol Morrison of Montauk dies at 90

Rest in Peace. Thank you for all that you have done.
You will not be forgotten" Nov 4, 10 1:15 PM

East Hampton Homework Club Has Its Backers

here's a revelation How about utilizing our wonderful libraries. I spent lots of time there as a child and have really benefitted from it as an adult. It is somthing you pass along to your children and they benefit from it too. All the information is there. " Nov 4, 10 10:26 PM

Book review: The Last Whaler

nice" Apr 4, 11 10:26 AM

Montauk Community Notes, March 30

do you have to be a CCOM member to be in this article because the are quite a few lovely ladies that live in Montauk that have been inspirational and instrumental in the community. and hasn't Julia only served 1 term? " Apr 11, 11 3:04 PM

East Hampton Democrats Challenge Town Board Republican Majority's Sale of Ronjo Alleyway

The fact is High hat size that this "alleyway" is not used business owners and the public. This PAPER alley has had a pool on it for probably 50 years.
Also, the fact that, in this economy, there are people willing to invest millions to
the downtown area of Montauk (which is sorely needed) to a property that was an absolute eyesore, and then employ many local people should be applauded. Oh but wait all these petitioneers are retired transplants living on annuities so it dosent effect them...
I encountered the people pushing their petition and they COMPLETLY misrepresented themselves. It was to do nothing but try to make Mr. Wilkinson look foolish. Also the fact that 10% of the petition was from Montauk speaks volumes as well. I asked simple questions of the EH Democratic party leader Jeanne Frankle, for she was the petitioneer that I encountered, and she could not awnser any questions. How typical of this group from AMAGANSETT " Apr 6, 12 10:31 AM

Altschuler Secures Fishing Endorsements

Bill Wilkinson made the Dredging of Montauk inlet happen.
Why does Bishop keep claiming that?
He does nothing for the East End - except get a free meal at a
former councilpersons new restaurant.
" Jun 15, 12 11:54 AM

Shinnecock Inlet Will Be Dredged This Winter

Athough Dredging is great and Im happy that these fishermans livelyhoods are finally being attended to...
This is politics at its most dispicible. Montauk Inlet - the largest commercial inlet in the State of NY- Where are you Mr. Bishop. You had no problem letting our inlet shoal up. Out of site out of mind.
" Oct 3, 12 3:40 PM