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Vice President Biden visits Southampton over holiday weekend

Great comment---Goats would work, but must be "hungary goats" since this property needs lots of work.
Just think about what it will be like when the Gov't gets it's hands on your
your "HEALTH CARE"!!!!" May 31, 10 11:44 PM

Starbucks Plans Hampton Road Location; Southampton Mayor Won't Support Store

I don't get the "national" chain bias.Isn't the most important consideration, a high quality, attractive retail establishment that fills a consumer need.
I'd rather have a national chain with these characteristics, rather than a dumpy looking "local" store." Jul 4, 14 4:28 PM

Southampton School Board May Vote To Change Name Of Columbus Day

Is this a joke? The only thing that's clear to me is we need new school board members! These people ought to be ashamed of this one. One suggestion that goes further back in time is if we renamed it "caveman day"." Mar 9, 16 9:09 PM

Southampton Town May Consider Looser Rental Code Allowing For Airbnb, VRBO Short-Term Rentals

Very bad idea. It will bring more people who under current circumstances are not here. Think about what it will do to beaches, restaurants, roads, etc.
" Jun 19, 17 5:59 PM

you can't compare uber with airbnb. One impacts roads(uber) the other impacts both roads, neighborhoods, overcrowding, etc. Their is a reason why NYC doesn't allow this." Jun 19, 17 6:27 PM

County Executive, Local Lawmakers Showcase Bike Sharing Initiative Monday In Southampton

These people need a real job! Other than chaos what benefit would this be to our community. Put more non locals on the beaches? The economic benefit is zero. " Jul 10, 17 9:16 PM

Southampton Village Creates An Ocean Rescue Team In Wake Of Drownings

Terrific idea and way, way over due.
Thank You!" Nov 17, 17 1:47 PM

Community Members Urge Southampton Town To Consider Legislation Limiting Local Police From Communicating With ICE, Honoring Warrants

Any politician who facilities people breaking the law for any reason, should be voted out of office. My grandparents were immigrants and they were as important to me as my parents. I bear no ill will to immigrants given my family background.
But entering the country illegally should never be tolerated.
We need political leaders who uphold all laws, state and federal. Not cooperating with ICE is tantamount to breaking the law.." Sep 26, 18 4:09 PM