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Southampton Town Board Appoints Wilson As Police Chief

which one of them wrote that speech for you?" May 5, 11 9:23 PM

Court Bans Sale Of Tax-Free Cigarettes By Tribes

ok "Summertime" Ive read enough of your posts of you scolding "what you don't want to pay your taxes?" For your information those o fus who shop at the res are not against paying taxes- we are against paying ridiculous taxes.

The cost of a pack of Marlboros at the res (without state tax) is $5
The cost for the same pack elsewhere is $ 10 (at least). That equals a 100% tax!!!.

Summertime, are you willing to pay a 100% tax on anything you buy? I didn't think so . so shut up" May 13, 11 5:39 PM

State Warns Against Eating Of Predators Of Shellfish

great-- now we have to cancel the Gastropod Festival" May 21, 11 7:15 PM

Boat Fire Extinguished In Noyac

Hidden Cove Marina" May 23, 11 6:00 PM

Headless Body Discovered In Amagansett Does Not Appear To Be Victim Of Foul Play

i don't believe the article said the head was "cut off" but that the head was missing. big difference. when a body is in the water the face/head decomposes more rapidly than the rest of the body due to the higher concentration of bacteria there.

but what the hell lets turn this into a story about a psycho lopping off heads.

"Where are the 'Beach Closed' signs!!??!!!???!!!" " May 23, 11 6:18 PM

Fog-Stranded Clammer Rescued By Paddleboarder Off Shinnecock Indian Reservation

yeah maybe- but probably not i know howard and i always see him clamming in old fort. if you're trying to make a point forget about "maybe if" (maybe if clams cound fly he wouldn't have had to go in the water in the first place) and try this-- no matter how experienced you are you can easily find yourself in trouble around the water,and howards been on the water all his life. everybody can learn from this near tragedy, but unfortunately most wont. stay safe howard " May 25, 11 7:54 PM

Former Southampton Town Employee Files Complaint Claiming She Was Wrongfully Terminated

i cant believe i actually agree with HH" Jun 20, 11 6:12 AM

Bridgehampton Fire District Talks About Potential Acquisition

sure why not? whats another 3 mil of taxpayers money? God forbid the THREE chiefs don't have enough room to stretch their legs!!! how much time do they need to spend in an office anyway? interesting that an offer was made and they haven't even been in the building yet.
Lets continue to build these fire palaces for all the departments at taxpayer expence- perhaps these chiefs should see some of the atrocious rat infested firehouses that NY City firefighters have to work out of.
I commend the job that our volunteers do but there needs to be more oversight of large expenditures in these financial times" Jun 29, 11 8:22 PM

Top Residential Water Consumers On South Fork

reminds me of Caddyshack, when they thought there was a turd in the pool and drained the whole thing and refilled it" Jun 29, 11 8:28 PM

Around Southampton Town Hall: Board Votes Down Resolution To Eliminate Parking Regulations On Noyac Bay Avenue

interesting how the members of the private club claim the water is too dangerous to swim in-- yet every weekend I see these very members swimming with small children in these same "dangerous" waters.

and by the way- do potential burglars really obey parking regulations while commiting their felonies?

you really need hip boots to get through all this" Aug 11, 11 1:09 PM

Two Dead Juvenile Sea Turtles Wash Up On Area Beaches

"I thought he landed from space"??!! Lady you need to get out of the city more" Aug 14, 11 7:27 AM

East Hampton Town And Union Reach Impasse

exactly how does the union "get one percent automatically"?? that would have to be in the contract--would that be in the new contract?? im confused. also in other towns CSEA workers pay a percentage of health insurance costs- maybe this is one of the concessions the union is offering" Aug 25, 11 12:41 PM

UPDATE: Storm Lessens In Intensity; Should Make Landfall At 10 a.m.

are u a meterologist?? "should steer Irene either to the west or east or stall in the south" really nailing it down aren't you-- IMO nobody cares what your opinion is- especially when it is different from what the national hurricane center is saying. IMO they are better qualified than you to predict storm track" Aug 25, 11 1:29 PM

which word, exactly, did I spell incorrectly?? and no I don't have better factual info than the national hurricane center, as u appear to have. you posted your opinion- and I posted mine, so what's the problem? " Aug 26, 11 10:25 PM

now he's an expert on coastal flooding and evacuation logistics! an hour??!! now I KNOW you are an idiot. So all you folks who may be under an evacuation order- forget what the experts say PBR says don't worry stay home and relax-- and oh by the way when the road floods don;t bother calling police, fire dept or ambulance-- they won't be able to get to you-- just call PBR, im sure he'll have an answer and a fancy word for you" Aug 26, 11 10:33 PM

Fishermen Help Save Fellow Fisherman After Boat Flips In Inlet

i was on my boat at oaklands when this lucky fisherman was brought in- from what i heard those guys who pulled him out saved his life. however mr horowitz seems to have omitted that the bay constables, police officers and coast guard also were involved in this incident. sea tow actually towed the rescuers boat to the dock with the injured man on in. kudos to all involved!!!" Sep 24, 11 7:07 PM

Residents Call For Closing Dale Street Off From County Road 39

if they want a private road then buy it from the village and pay for the paving, snowplowing, etc. PUBLIC ROADS ARE FOR PUBLIC USE. you have some set demanding that a public road be closed because you don't like the traffic on it. unbelievable. Sounds like a good cut through for my motorcycle club to use on our EARLY morning runs" Sep 24, 11 7:31 PM

Fishermen Help Save Fellow Fisherman After Boat Flips In Inlet

mr wright wrote the story based on an interview with mr horowitz who was there. back to you" Sep 25, 11 6:04 PM

Residents Call For Closing Dale Street Off From County Road 39

making it a dead end , useless to all who dont live on the street; say 99.99% of town residents. same animal- different name" Sep 25, 11 6:08 PM

Fishermen Help Save Fellow Fisherman After Boat Flips In Inlet

and would you have expected those agencies to have responded BEFORE the incident?!? I guess the crystal ball wasn't working that morning, eh Scott?" Sep 27, 11 8:45 PM

Governor Pushes For Gambling Revenues

that was a quote from a spokesman for the casino. thats where they got it from . Relax idiot and put your reading glasses on" Jan 11, 12 5:47 PM

Hampton Bays Fishermen Rescued After Boat Sinks

almost sounds like it was planned in advance. . . . .hmmmm . . . . did he say insurance company?" Jan 11, 12 5:50 PM

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