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UPDATE: Town Encourages Sandbags, Will Revive Beach Rebuild Plans

chief- you just have to understand that Freddy is a complete fool; then it all makes sense. he needs to sell sand because he loves to spend money- he has wasted more of trustees money on nonsense than you can imagine." Nov 3, 12 6:19 AM

UPDATE: Altschuler Concedes Race To Bishop

I voted for Mitt because I like baseball" Nov 6, 12 5:07 PM

UPDATE: Town Encourages Sandbags, Will Revive Beach Rebuild Plans

Fast Freddy Havemeyer and his merry band of trustees are not giving sand away- they are selling it for big bucks. They hauling out of Sagg and Mecox Bay since last week. Do the math- each truck figure 20 yds sand at 7 or 8 dollars a yd, times 50+ trucks/day from each spot.

Freddy sees $$$$$$ but I wonder if anyone has taken the time to consider what the effects of moving this much sand from these areas will have on Sagg Pond and Mecox Bay. Guess it doesn't matter as long as Freddy and Schultz can line their pockets" Nov 7, 12 7:30 AM

Long Island Officials Implement Odd-Even Gas Rationing

OK. . . . So it starts friday- IS FRIDAY AN ODD OR EVEN D AY ????? Great article Carol but did u forget to ask the most important question or did u just figure the mob would decide?? " Nov 8, 12 6:55 PM

Ah a nautical reference . . . . I approve- didn't think u had it in you!" Nov 9, 12 5:31 AM

Study Claims Day Camp Could Have Negative Impact On Little Fresh Pond

And Im sure wastewater from the houses around the pond also flows into the pond, or it could. the goal of these selfish idiot homeowners is not the health of the pond- its to keep the pond for themselves. "Ive got mine" so the hell with everyone else. All residents of this town have the right to access and use this pond. Its a kids camp for crying out loud!!! Have you people no shame??" Nov 17, 12 5:17 AM

Southampton Town Hires Two More Cops, Sacks Planner And Grants Coordinator In Final Budget

"Umbrage" and "duplicity" in the same sentence!! Bravo HHH !! Thats gotta be worth a 1000 points" Nov 25, 12 9:38 PM

As far as this dispute between HHH and nature- Nature is correct in that police officers deserve to be compensated for the potential danger faced everyday, the shift work, etc. Studies have also shown that PO's have an increased rate of heart disease and divorce due to stress.

However HHH has a point re the escalating salaries of our town and county departments which have historically been the highest paid in the nation. This is a result of contract negs between Nassau and Suff counties and their depts, during which the countys matched raises given by the adjoining county, resulting in a leapfrog effect of escalating compensation and benefits.

Its time to end this escalation and stabilize police salaries, as well as bringing their benefit package more in line with other civil service workers, ie paying into health care costs. " Nov 26, 12 6:54 PM

My suggestion would be a starting salary of $55,000 rising to $75,000 after 7 years of service, with officers paying 15-20% of health insurance costs. I believe this is similar to what NYPD and LAPD officers make. Most towm employees pay some of their benefits costs; the SHT PD pays nothing.

Again, I am not denigrating this department or its officers, however as a taxpayer working two jobs struggling to put food on my table I can no longer condone a small town police force in an area with an extremely low crime rate which is among the highest paid in the nation. " Nov 28, 12 7:10 AM

Three Charged With Robbing Riverside Gas Station On Halloween Night; Investigation Into Similar Robberies Continues

Are u kidding? They will plead guilty to grand larceny and get three years probation, which they will promptly violate. Then they will get a lecture from a mealy mouthed judge and then get double secret probation. Thank u for visiting our nice courthouse, please dont spit in the hallway on your way out young men!" Nov 30, 12 5:58 AM

Hampton Bays Taxpayers Head To Polls Today To Decide School Bond Referendum

Chief you forgot to mention the seven tennis courts" Nov 30, 12 6:00 AM

Southampton Town Hires Two More Cops, Sacks Planner And Grants Coordinator In Final Budget

I just looked at an NYPD salary website which says that after 5 years the total pay is $69,005 INCLUDING night differential, holiday pay, uniform pay, and longevity, but not overtime. It looked like a variety of medical plans, some of the lower benefit ones, for single officers only, are paid, family coverage requires the officer pay into it " Dec 1, 12 6:11 PM

that is the site i looked at- i copied it right to the post- 69,005 plus the things listed. where did u get 92,000 from?? The medical info was from a another site that said something like " a variety of medical plans some of which are fully paid depending on level of service and number of dependants"

So- I slid the shield and got 69K, you slid it and got 92K- hmm . Must be something wrong with my computer. " Dec 4, 12 7:05 AM

Southampton Town: Hundreds Of Storm-Damaged Vehicles Are Being Illegally Stored In Speonk

what is the ultimate disposition of all of these vehicles? Are they to be junked or sold? If they are not junked they should be auctioned before they deteriorate to the point where they become junk. I know many people who would be interested in acquiring a repairable damaged vehicle for the right price. " Dec 6, 12 6:13 AM

Two Pulled From Shinnecock Bay Saturday Afternoon Were Disoriented Hunters

Just wondering why the villiage FD called a boat all the way from North Sea for help and didn't bother notifying the town bay constables, who have two boats right there in Shinnecock bay? Capt Brenner? Hello?" Dec 11, 12 5:43 AM

Southampton Fire District Seeks Approval For North Sea Firehouse

Here we go again- Another Fire Palace going up (I wonder if this one will have a five star kitchen like the rest of them) at taxpayer expence. But don't question why these depts are spending your money like drunken sailors with no oversight- you will be chastized for criticizing our heroic volunteers.

I for one would rather see the firemen get paid for their service rather than the commissioners spending like fools. Has anyone ever been in one of these facilities? The extravagance would make Donald Trump blush. And by the way North Sea FD- how many boat fires has your $500,000 fire boat put out? Oh yes thats right- NONE. But you all had a nice cruise to Maine last year on the boat so I guess you do need it. By the way, on which Carribean Island are all the departments holding their dive "training" this year? on my dime? " Dec 11, 12 5:56 AM

I do not hate the FD's- in fact I thank God every morning that there are hundreds of men and women who volunteer their time and put themselves at risk to answer the fire and ambulance calls in this town.
What I am against is wasteful and extravagent spending of taxpayer dollars on buildings, vehicles, travel, "training", etc without any sort of oversight or public scrutiny. Thats what I hate" Dec 12, 12 5:56 AM

Cops: Duck Hunters Pulled From Shinnecock Bay Saturday Treaded Water For 90 Minutes

Really? Although it sounds like your beef is with the town police dispatchers-they are the ones who dispatch the bay constables, ambulance, fire dept etc. Didn't this happen like ten yrs ago? what else u got-and after this election I've heard enough about politics thank you. Oh no- I bet you got a ticket in your boat in flanders! " Dec 12, 12 6:04 AM

Black Lab- I noticied from your prior posts that u only bleat when someone dares to question or- God forbid-critisizes one of the ambulance or fire depts, one of which u are obviously a memebr. Let me fill u in on something- when you are a member of an entity which is funded by tax dollars you have to answer to the taxpayers; and the public has a RIGHT to question how your entity operates, how it spends our money, and to raise questions or voice complaints if we don't understand or approve of something .

I suppose you have never complained about how the town or county government functions or questioned how tax money is spent. I doubt it. You know what I think? I think u need to toughen up and get off your high horse. " Dec 13, 12 6:47 AM

Yeah you're right Draggerman- we should wait until someone dies before we ask questions or try to improve the way an emergency is handled.

All Im saying is if my dragger sprung a leak 12 miles out I wouldn't care who got there first as I floundered in the drink, but I'd sure as halibut want everyone with a boat or helicopter out there looking for me. Not a good time for surf and turf battles " Dec 13, 12 6:58 AM

Draggerman- No I am not but based on your screen name I would surmise that we are in the same industry. And I have an old friend who works for the government agency that operates the big aluminum boats with the red stripe on the side, and he has told me that his agency has the command authority for all SAR missions , and that his agency has been having problems with SOME of the FD's in the Long Island sector, specifically two in Southampton town, who have told his agency that THEY are "in charge, and will not take direction from the red stripe agency.

And if I seem to be taking this personnally, yes I am and there is a reason for that based on a prior incident which ended well. My only point is this: Those of us who are on the water once a year or everyday, if we were to request emergency assistance , want EVERYONE with a boat to be notified and we don't care who gets there first. Safe home, Draggerman " Dec 14, 12 6:36 AM

Southampton Fire District Seeks Approval For North Sea Firehouse

Not to beat a dead mule, but i just looked at my property tax bill and noticed that Im paying TWICE as much to fund the fire district as what Im paying to fund the town; and 30% more for fire than police (who are paid a salary). I would venture to say that there are way more calls for police service than fire.

without having to fund salaries I guess the fire districts have a lot more discretionary funds which they use to fund extravagant purchases for facilities , equipment, travel, etc. I would rather see the firemen be paid a salary for a job well done (they deserve it) than watch one fire palace after another being built " Dec 15, 12 7:18 AM

Cops: Duck Hunters Pulled From Shinnecock Bay Saturday Treaded Water For 90 Minutes

You apparently have information that I'm not privy too (where the bay const were that day, the NSFD boat- someone in the dept said 500k, etc) but there was a ten minute delay for calling coast guard, and SVFD decided to call for mutual aid, not the coast grd, which is fine, however that being the case wouldn't you also notify the town police to send a boat which would be closer that NSFD and Sag Harbor?

When there is a life or death emergency doesn't it make sense to utilize ALL available resources? By the way I happen to believe that in the case of an emergency in one of our many ponds the FD's are better able to get a boat on scene because I think they all have small boats on trailers at firehouses spread throughout the town.

There were I think 4-5 drownings in this town this year, which is too many. There is enough tragedy around us- I don't want to read about someone losing his life to the sea because of a turf battle. My beef is that there are proceedures in place and they are routinely ignored (not just by the FD) and that is a recipe for disaster.

"Dear Lord be good to me, the sea is so wide and my boat is so small"
May your decks be clear and your nets full draggerman." Dec 16, 12 5:47 AM

the north sea boat had to come from conscience point. please tell us what boat they launched from road D- And I hope youre not going to say it was a small inflatable, because I 'm sure that little boat is not equiped for SAR in heavy fog (GPS, radar, FLIR), and a boat like this is useless in heavy fog. By the way what equip does the SVFD boat have? And while were at it please list the marine training your boat crews have.

The brunt of our disagreement comes down to this: I favor an all hands on deck response to an emergency using all available resources; you want your own dept to handle everything regardless of whether u have the training or equipment to complete the mission. Your capt called the media before u got back to the firehouse for crying out loud! You still haven't answered the question- why didn't the SHV PD or FD pick up the phone and call the town PD?? A ten second call? And by the way the Coast Guard did NOT call a mutual aid to FRES. SHV FD did that . Please ! " Dec 17, 12 7:08 AM

Just answer the questions. very simple. " Dec 17, 12 9:02 PM

Still no answer. Your silence speaks for itself" Dec 19, 12 6:44 AM

It is normal, after an incident , to have a "de-brief" where the handling of the incident is reviewed to see what went right, what went wrong, and what could have been done differently to improve for the future.

The arrogance of the SVFD, as voiced by Draggerman obviously a member of that dept, is appaling- this rescue was not perfect, in fact there are several glaring imperfections as I have stated in prior posts- and it seems that the SVFD is not even willing to rationally discuss the incident .

There is no reason to de brief this incident- the SVFD is perfect, there is no way to improve on perfection, how dare anyone question the high and mighty SVFD. Unbelievable.

The truth is this controversy that D-man accuses me of starting has been raging behind the scenes for years- ever since FD's began purchasing larger boats and began to insert themselves into the SAR business. The Coast Guard and local police marine units have held numerous mtgs with FRES where notification, response, and search parameters have been agreed on- however certain FD's refuse to follow the procedures- I have heard of incidents where FD personnel have actualy told the Coast Guard at a rescue scene that they (the FD) are in charge and for the CG to stand aside!

Imagine a coast guard truck arriving at a house fire and telling the fire dept that they were in charge. Absurd isn't it? Why not just notify every agency when there is an emergency? Seems simple to me. " Dec 21, 12 7:40 AM

"the trained and appropriate officials" - again I ask- what is the level of training in marine SAR of your members, and what equipment is in your boats? why is this an offensive question? I did not say I expected to be in on a debrief- and by the way in a multi agency incident officials from all agencies are there- not just from yours. Who are you and what is your experience? Obviousely you are a member of a local taxpayer funded FD, and I, as a taxpayer, have the RIGHT to ask the questions I am asking.

I read a prior post of yours where you advised the public to call a phone number for the fire dept if they needed assistance on the water INSTEAD OF CALLING 911 !!!! Are you KIDDING me? That goes beyond arrogance. I can't believe it. I'm actually speechless. The FD's do such a good job responding to fires , car accidents, etc on land- which they are trained and equipped for- but you all are a liability when you get your feet wet. Instead of trying to take over marine SAR why can't you just mesh with the existing agencies and become part of the team ? Wouldn't that better benefit the public?? " Dec 22, 12 7:29 AM

North Sea Camp Owner Wins Right To Add Pool

the only thing the Little Fresh Pond assn cares about is keeping this PUBLIC pond to itself. It is NOT your private pond. How is a pool disastrous to the pond?? And if you all are so worried about water quality how about not fertilizing all your lawns and landscaping.

This is a public pond and is a great place to kayak in the summer and ice skate in winter. There are several public access areas off North Sea RD; and don't let the crabby residents say you cant park there
" Dec 27, 12 7:01 AM

Peconic Baykeeper Seeking Donations To Keep The Kathy Afloat

what exactly is "the baykeeper position" ??" Jan 2, 13 9:04 PM

yes- the bays are worth saving. But you didn't answer my question. What is this position? Is it appointed, volunteer, paid; if so by whom? And what are kevins qualifications, experience, education? Just curious- Ive seen him out there on his boat but don't know what he is doing." Jan 3, 13 10:22 PM

Gregor Hauls Away Trash Cans From County And State Roads

Where is Felix Unger when you need him?? RIP Oscar " Jan 4, 13 8:47 PM

Contractor Horror Story With A Happy Ending

this "news story" is written like a cheap romance novel. Editor why dont you just delete the whole thing and be done with it. " Jan 7, 13 5:48 PM

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