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Gasoline prices are still inflated here, despite new law

Ms. Kenny has been giving this rhetoric from the petroleum council for years. We always have paid a Hamptons " tax " on gasoline. Our prices on the east end are already the highest in Nassau or Suffolk county. Ms. Kenny is going to scare us that we are going to pay even more. Nice try but very transparent. Most stations will say they need the higher price on gasoline because on the lack of volume out here. You build volume by lowering price not raising it! What the attorney-general needs to dig into is collusion amongst stations and companies. A gentlemen's agreement seems to be in effect to keep prices high! I fill up any time I go up-island every chance I get , so do many others. It is sad Ms. Kenny that your job is the mouthpiece of such vile and hated industry. I would get a new job before telling lies." Dec 10, 08 1:56 PM

County backs Shinnecock casino effort

Instead of giving concessions for tribes to gain wealth through gambling, why don't we guarantee all kids on the reservation a college education. Maybe that will produce future generations of college students. Then they can qualify for jobs and not claim they have been discriminated aganist. Obama can be a president ,an indian can get a job in this day and age!!!" Dec 14, 08 8:15 PM

Plan for seven office buildings proposed in Hampton Bays

Any investment and improvements in the business zoned area is good. You have to get the most bang for your buck to stay profitable. Anything that creates or keeps jobs in the local area is vital to our delicate business environment in the hamptons." Jan 27, 09 8:28 AM

Bank gets cold reception in Hampton Bays

More competition usually means a better deal for consumers.Maybe better C.D. or loan rates. This is called capitalism. Maybe you like the idea of a couple of corporations dominating a business sector, so when they fail we have to bailout with our tax dollars. " Jan 27, 09 8:39 AM

Officials focus on immigration's impact on East End economy

I guess the criminal mortgages,credit-default swaps packaged by the elite, mostly white financial sector had no effect on California,where whole communities are being foreclosed. The financial sector did more damage to this country than any foreigner. " Jun 6, 09 8:59 PM

Back to the wall, Bay Street prepares an appeal

How is the budget at 2.5 million. How much is rent, insurance,salaries,and Lipa? Seems like way too much. Volume of people is a cure of many ills in business. Once you get a reputation for being a tourist trap or just a plain rip-off,it is hard to shed. Maybe it's just live theater just i'sn't that exciting to many people anymore. Anyway what are the salaries of the five who run the place are? Do they work hard or are they just parasites of the overpriced snob appeal summer fundraisers!" Sep 17, 09 2:46 PM

I'm all for cultural instutions, then why wasn't the place packed if it is such a bargain?Recession or no recession, the Yankees raised prices on tickets that seemed outrageous,however they lead the league in attendance.Maybe what people put values on today is changing I'm against "not-for-profit" groups and clubs that are non profit after they pay themselves pig salaries for little work. If you want to have a self serving group or club don't have it bankrolled by private donations and pigfest galas. Just pay for it yourself with your high end cronies. " Sep 18, 09 7:00 PM

Southampton Town Supervisor Kabot, attorney give first interview on DWI arrest

It's a vast left-wing conspiracy.I've never taken steroids. Some perfect people can't admit to being wrong or could have possibly made a mistake. Posturing by her lawyer is transparently laughable. If I was accused of DWI, I would want to blow in the tube as hard as I could. [IF I WAS INNOCENT]" Sep 23, 09 1:41 PM

Montauk Highway roadwork in Water Mill will create detour and traffic delays through spring 2010

They should have used this time to widen roads through Watermill. As small a commercial center Watermill has, even that is going to turn into a ghost town. So many loicals just can't be bothered to go through there. I think they should close the Little Cobb road entrance into 27, I think that will help the flow through Watermill. The one lane in each direction is killing the business not helping it. Yes they should be working at night." Oct 5, 09 1:19 PM

We should widen the roads werever this is possible. We lived with one lane each way on 27 and was tortured for years over it. How beautiful is it now! If we can build two lanes and move the back-up further east I'm all for it. Whatever can be done for the nightly rush hour west should be done. Route 27 east of Watermill needs to be retarred now. Widen and retar at same time. Watermill is backed up from 6 a.m. till late every day in summer. Any speed would be better than no speed." Oct 8, 09 9:49 AM

Traffic delayed on County Road 39

The hamptons will never return to the pre 1980 days. The mentality of don't build it and they won't come hasn't panned out. All that backward thinking was to give hardship to locals and visitors alike for years. Widening the road was the best quality of life construction done. I would like the town to give a report on the amount of accidents before and after the widening. The vibrant economy is better than the old days of shopping at Grant's or Caldor's or traveling far to do Christmas shopping. Almost all stores were just summer people rip-offs. I'll take the choices we now have. If our contracters and service people weren't such rip-offs, up-island workers wouldn't have had such a bonanza out here ! !" Oct 26, 09 9:42 PM

Laws force upgrades at numerous East End gas stations

Do these gas station owners get any financial help fom their main supplier,such as Gulf or Shell ?" Dec 23, 09 8:33 AM

Partnering to put art in public places

Here is a far reaching plan, maybe the pig real estate people need to lower their rents. Maybe the recession has finally filtered down to East Hampton." Feb 11, 10 11:18 PM

Proposal for a new 7-Eleven on County Road 39

Maybe the asking rent is too high to have someone that would like to open a business that conforms to zoning regulations. There hasn't been one business that has tried to even make a go of it except for Sleepy's, which is still there. We shouldn't adjust the zoning rules because the strip mall owner made bad business decisions. The Hess station pushes the boundary for highway business with its convenience store. Many times I have seen near accidents of people trying to get into Hess with their raised driveways. We simply don't need another 7-11 to help our quality of life,nor to create more hassles traveling on County Road 39. I hope the Southampton board doesn't bend in weakening our zoning rules, let the landlord lower his rent to attract a conforming business and let him absorb his own losses." Feb 22, 10 12:44 PM

Ever been to J.R.'s Steakhouse, a great dinner with low prices. Leland Lane have you tried to make a deal with them. You are not working hard enough to get a good company in there.
You can't have a hardship if no business hasn't even tried to make a go of it." Feb 24, 10 2:52 PM

Parts of Southampton Village parks and beaches may become smoke-free

You want to smoke a cigar, find some non-public place. Cigar smoke is disgusting and so is your breath. We are not control freaks, it's just that for the really stupid and ignorant, you have to make it a law. I'm tired of paying inflated health insurance premiums for their 'freedoms'. Go to France,they still smoke like it's the 20th century." Mar 13, 10 5:56 PM

A set of rights was developed by Adam Smith. You can have your freedoms but as soon as that freedom intersects with my freedoms their are laws to say what you can do and can't do. My father died of cancer due to smoking, it becomes many years of bad health,then horrible pain, then death. I tired of paying high health premiums for unhealthy and sickly cigarette smokers. Why shoudn't you pay outrageous premiums to cover your costs to health care. You want to smoke,you pay!!!!" Mar 15, 10 3:55 PM

Your right , Johnny Nova, why shouldn't we be allowed to smoke in the supermarket,malls,movie theaters,stadiums[that's a good one,that's outside]. We did all those things before. Look at all the freedom that has been taken away. When confronted with opposite views, the unintelligent attacks personally. Good for your dad,see smoking or second hand smoke really isn't harmful." Mar 17, 10 9:10 AM

President signs historic health care legislation into law with Bishop's support

For all those who didn't want too much government, please send back all your unemployment insurance, social security,medicaid and medicare back to the federal government that you received." Mar 24, 10 8:44 AM

Hey razza, I don't have or used any of these entitlements. I retired at 48. You have to pay something for the common good of your neighbors. If your not getting along, START WORKING HARDER and stop crying!!!!!!!" Mar 24, 10 11:34 AM

hey eeg,you got time to play on a computer,go get a second job and stop your whining. a real and healthy american doesn't need anybody to subsidize them like your asking me.Let me guess razza, your a republican,you hate everyone who doesn't look,act,and talk exactly like you." Mar 24, 10 12:04 PM

I wasn't a cop ,I owned a local business for twenty five years. I earned my way and paid my taxes like a good american. The taxes I paid I think were fair for what I made. But like every republican, you can't really say what this is all about.This isn't about health care and taxes. The underlining root is really about bias, bigotry, and racism." Mar 24, 10 3:34 PM

County Road 39 to see minor widening project in the fall

What do you do for fun ,exercise and enjoyment?" Apr 5, 10 8:42 PM

Hot potato season for restaurateurs

I guess the $25 dollar hot dog didn't work out for the Laundry. It didn't quite catch on with the locals." Apr 7, 10 8:57 AM

Just call them the comeback kids

This umpire has been brooding for ten months since that Newsday article. He came back to Southampton with an axe to grind. This game wasn't about two teams of kids playing in a eagerly awaited competetive series, it was about an umpire who wanted satisfaction for his bruised ego. The last kid ejected said "can't we just play baseball." He was thrown out for that. Those words were so harsh that the umpire immediately called the game and declared it a forfeit. This "professional" has no business having power over teenage kids. He should be banned from any future umpiring. He couldn't control the game or his emotions. He is a man of such little character that he needed to get redemption from such a benign article. There were many more irregularities that happened in this one inning game." Apr 22, 10 7:01 PM

Pike didn't disagree on field in front of umpire. A helmet was thrown in Southampton dugout area. No warning to coach or player. Trust me this umpire was going to push all the buttons to get his redemption. " Apr 22, 10 7:56 PM

I respect people who deserve to be respected. I don't give carte blanche to arrogant pompous jackasses who abuse their power. I have never been in trouble with the law. You sound like one of those pompous arrogant jackasses, Johnny Nova." Apr 23, 10 6:48 AM

Nova,do you know how stupid you sound commenting on a situation that you weren't even present at . You should just keep your head in the sand at Northampton and try not to mingle with people. The umpire before the second inning starts mumuring this game is going to be a forfeit. He tells the pitcher not a word out of anybody, pitcher shrugs his shoulders, umpire ejects him. Catcher standing right next to umpire says "can't we just play baseball" He is ejected. With those harsh words by the catcher, he declares the game a forfeit without consulting his field umpire, he storms off the field. Enough said." Apr 24, 10 9:30 AM

East Hampton Village looks to liven up empty storefronts

Here's an easy solution to empty storefronts, lower the rents." Apr 27, 10 3:12 PM

Town supervisor says Canoe Place Inn developer working on alternative plan

Some historic buildings are worth saving this is not. I guarantee since the seventies bar owners have been squeezing summer profits out of there without putting much money into it. It really needs to be razed." May 4, 10 12:41 PM

Rally held to support push for federal immigration reform

Can you imagine if we stopped Italians from entering or staying because of their extensive criminal element that came in with the hard working people and still exists today?LOL" May 7, 10 12:15 PM

Who said I was on the side of illegals? I am white and people tell me their opinion,most times it's racist. Why don't they speak English? Fact is most first generation immigrants spoke their native language. My grandparents always spoke Italian in their house.The second generation Latino will be speaking English. The Arizona situation will bring the government to speed up their timetable to make decisions about what they will do with illegals.I don't think they are going to round them all up and send them out. A good chunk of hamptons retail business depends on the latino business. Everytime they buy something they are paying taxes. Every rental they have, helps pay the property taxes for the owner. Maybe the next step in reform is that latinos will all pay income tax and have health insurance.[oops Obama started that ball rolling]I don't see too many white people waiting for those hard jobs at 7-11. Cleaning dishes,trimming hedges,landscaping,general laborers,most soft elitist white america won't touch those jobs. They will take unemployment before degrading themselves with these jobs. They are good at whining. Sorry we are not going to pay you $50 hour for these jobs either if the Latinos weren't here. We have had the biggest boom period in the last thirty years out here, if you didn't get piece of it, you were either stupid or lazy. " May 7, 10 3:11 PM

okay fine. So what's your answer. Okay republicans of the do nothing party. Don't say to round everyone up and deport them. I hope you have a more ingenius and practical answer than that." May 9, 10 12:17 PM

Sounds very humane. Refuse medical care to illegals. Does that count for illegal children too? Do you ask for the contractors records when you hire them?The problem with republicans is that they can't honestly say what they really want. You just want all illegals deported, it's the law right. Just say you hate everything about illegals and they are responsible for the miserable life you have in america and you want them all out. Don't dress it up. Tell it like it is . When the far right tells it like it is ,it sounds too much like ignorance,bias and racism. Next the far right tells you how god-fearing and loving they are. Good thing they are so religious. It makes for a nice compassionate world." May 9, 10 6:14 PM

The highest amount of dead beat accounts at Southampton hospital is still white uninsured. what's your answer razza, maybe like Planet of the Apes, catch in nets and tie a rope around their neck. If you saw a legal immigrant or an illegal alien would you know the difference and treat accordingly or would you just have all latinos moved regardless from the hamptons. " May 10, 10 11:40 AM

if you are so fired up by the latinos razza, why don't YOU go to 7-11 and copy some license plates down and advertise that they employ illegal aliens. Why don't you do something instead of talking pointless and gutless trash." May 10, 10 1:51 PM

I didn't call you any name. I guarantee I paid more taxes to support our government than you earned income in your lifetime." May 10, 10 3:56 PM

27dan please keep posting your comments, you are one giant recruiter for the democratic party. I once was a card carrying republican since Gerald Ford, however it is the party of hate and the party of do-nothing except whine,whine and whine. I'll take my America with compassion and tolerance. Something the right doesn't have, even though claming to be so religious. So please keep spewing your ideals." May 11, 10 1:15 PM

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