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Gregor Says Millions More Are Needed To Repair Southampton Town's Aging Roads

A little late in the budget process to be requesting $6 mil in road repairs.
" Nov 9, 14 11:40 AM

Southampton Town Deer Management Plan Would Focus Reductions, Promote Public Education

About time the Town has a deer cull plan. You would understand if you chased bucks off your property and had near misses while driving as they cross the road. If I had a stray dog on my property I could call animal control but if there is a deer I am suppose to say "oh how cute"? NOT " Nov 9, 14 11:46 AM

Tuckahoe School Files Suit Against Town For Denying FOIL Request For Golf Course Revenues

The Town should give Tuck cash in lieu of taxes from the CPF just like they give Flanders and Riverside. 961 acres not being taxed is paramount to the Pine Barrens not being taxed and the loss of property taxes from all the properties purchased by the CPF.
" Dec 17, 14 11:57 AM

Southampton And East Hampton Towns Adopt Plastic Bag Bans

oh please..stop the hysteria. How about banning the plastic bottle, pampers, gloves worn by all medical personnel (ten to twenty per person per day) doggie poop bags provided at the beach by the Town and on and on and on. Just because you don't see what ends up in the garbage does not mean that this non degradable waste does not exist. Will have to stock up on those bags before the ban takes effect." Dec 18, 14 11:39 PM

Elderly Speonk Woman Says Highway Workers Won't Pick Up Her Leaves

Maybe more important things to you than leaf pick up. This woman paid to have the leaves put at the edge of her property. She should have had them picked up. " Feb 12, 15 11:18 AM

North Sea Water Main Break Leaves Dozen Temporarily Without Water

Having been w/o water , I can tell you there were more than 11 homes affected.. " Feb 19, 15 4:43 PM

New Push To Change Election Process On Long Island

I support a proposal for voting on one date at one location.
" Feb 27, 15 12:24 PM

Messy Sidewalks Shed Light On Lack Of Equipment

If we pay outside contractors to plow perhaps we can pay people to shovel and or use a snowblower. " Mar 10, 15 6:12 PM

Workforce Housing Fund Would Tax Construction Of Large Homes

Bite me Mr Thiele. The cpf fund is buying land to preserve the land. The land comes off the tax roles. Result: 1. remaining land on tax roles has higher taxes. 2. less land is available to build on.3. there is a cpf administrative dept with an annual budget of ?. Now you want to magnanimously tax the person that builds a 3,000 sq ft home in addition to the cpf? Result: 1. a new administrative dept. 2. assume everyone who works here wants to live here. 3. assume land available for building work force housing will be for apartments. 4. assume a lottery is established for residents that currently live here and work here not for people who work here and live elsewhere. Suggestion: change the cpf to preservation of land, water, other resourses like mass transportation and building affordable apartments. " May 18, 15 1:20 PM

Jay Schneiderman Will Run For Southampton Town Supervisor

Would be nice if a sitting Town Board member ran for Supervisor. Perhaps Jay could start with a run at Board member before he leaps into the head position. " May 25, 15 4:14 PM

Dorothy Charos Of Riverhead Dies August 26

I worked during the summer at the Holiday Grill in the 70's. Dot and Tom were great bosses and very hard workers. Sympathies to Tom and Robert. " Sep 9, 15 11:30 AM

UPDATE: Pedestrian Killed In Bridgehampton Accident Identified As Anna Pump; Police Identify Driver

So damn sad. Those crossing lanes need to be lit like Chrismas lights. Just commented last night while driving though Bridgehampton main street how dark the street is.
" Oct 7, 15 10:38 AM

Drone Crashes Into Stores On Main Street In Sag Harbor

as if we know the difference between a failed battery and a bomb threat. scarry!" Oct 7, 15 10:49 AM

Driver In Connection With Anna Pump's Death Says He Did Not See Her In Crosswalk

My heart breaks for Mr. Ortega. Cannot imagine his distress. A dark road with no illumination in a crosswalk.........the town and the county are as culpable as the driver since they both have been aware of all three dangerous crosswalks in Bridgehampton. Why does it always take a death to fix the problem? Annas death was so damn avoidable. " Oct 15, 15 3:37 PM

Schneiderman Scores Supervisor's Seat In Southampton Town; Scalera Wins Reelection; Bouvier Earns Town Board Seat

ladies and gentlemen....time to take down all the signs! Sooner than later." Nov 4, 15 11:27 PM

Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota Announces Heroin Ring Arrests Monday

The poppy plant grower grows the plant for money. The heroin user is an addict who will steal from their own mother to get the next fix..The distributer only distributes to make money. The pusher only pushes to make money. We arrest the distributer and the pusher and spend money to defend them and to send them and house them in jail. We spend money to rehab the addict. Good job on arresting the dealer. Hope we get the distributer and the grower. " Nov 16, 15 11:41 AM

Questions Raised About Driving Privileges In Connection With Anna Pump's Death

I gave this guy the benefit of doubt but come on. Not a green card holder? Prior DWI's? No valid drivers license? He should be in jail.
" Nov 24, 15 6:10 PM

Voter Turnout Could Decide Special Election For Southampton Town Board Seat

All the snow birds have left for warmer climates. There will be a very low voter turnout. " Jan 13, 16 12:40 PM

Living In The Shadows: Deportation Rumors Spark Fear Around Town

Not sure what to say about a person who came to this country illegally and now fears deportation. Eight years and still speaks spanish? Works off the books for cash? Made no attempt to be sponsored or get a green card? Our local government has not upheld its responsibility when taking the oath to uphold the laws of the state and federal constitution. The Town of Southampton has been a "sanctuary city" for too long. Rodrigo, you had to have known that this could/would happen. " Jan 20, 16 7:22 PM

Southampton Town Board Members Clash On Execution Of CSEA Settlement

If the contract had employees paying 20% of healthcare costs and now they will pay 10%, what is the new cost to taxpayers? Was the 20% part of the budget? Does the budget need to be revised?" Mar 25, 16 12:51 PM

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