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UPDATE: DA Says Evidence Insufficient To Connect Man Arrested For Southampton Break-In And Sexual Assault With May Stabbing

Was present at a stabbing,released from jail. Goes to hospital for intoxication. Breaks into homes and steals. Attempts to rape. If he does not make bail what are the chances of him appearing in court on the 9th? He is here illegally. He was being educated. He was working illegallly. He has committed illegal acts. He used our healthcare system, no cost to him. Is this a two strikes you are out system of do we wait for three? This makes me so damn mad. " Aug 7, 16 10:55 AM

Southampton Town Assessor Pushes For Reassessment Of All Commercial Properties

Commercial property should be taxed at the same rate as residnetial property based on land value and building value. Basing taxes on income is what the fed and state do.

" Aug 26, 16 10:23 AM

Southampton Assistant Football Coach Has A Big Heart For His Kids

Good job coach. No wonder your team respects you. Now you know you have to report these situations to those in charge." Sep 8, 16 5:57 PM

Bridgehampton Commons To Put In Screening Plants Again

The shopping center has been there approx 40 yrs. Seeing the parking lot is not the end of the world. The height of the arborvitae is most likely ft not inches." Nov 10, 16 10:40 AM

Engineers Say Beach Nourishment Project In Eastern Southampton Town Has Allowed Beaches, Dunes To Continue Growing

1.5 mill divided by 50,000 residents is $3.00 per resident. so.......lots of people contributed money unlike the CPF. Only people that bought property contributed to the fund and yet everyone seems to have an opinion as to what to spend those funds on." Dec 6, 16 10:13 AM

UPDATE: Sag Harbor Residents Reject Turf Field Proposal Wednesday

Ms Bitis, please refrain from voicing your political views as regards school board matters. " Dec 15, 16 11:28 AM

PSEG Says FEMA Money Won't Pay For Burying Electric Lines Along Long Beach As Part Of North Haven Work

PSE&G should come up with a budget to bury the lines then have the Supervisor agree to a twenty year assessment for all homeowners that don't currently pay an assessment for the lines burried in Water Mill. or..The residents can vote on the proposal to bury the lines.
" Jan 29, 17 11:56 AM

Immigrants Share Fears Of National Policies, ICE Raids

George Sorros funds OLA.

" Feb 22, 17 11:16 PM

Southampton Town Tightens Limits On Noisy Construction Activities On Weekends

Landscapers should be included." Mar 21, 17 12:10 PM

Southampton Town Tightens Limits On Noisy Construction Activities On Weekends

Doubt you would like a crew that shows up at your two neighbors property every Fri night at 6:15 mowing and weed whacking till 7:15.

Most people who mow their own lawn on wkends mow during the day. weather permitting. " Mar 23, 17 1:28 PM

Michael Bloomberg Reaches Out To Southampton Town Official, Hoping To Revive Discussion Of Tuckahoe Road Reroute

I did not read that Alex plans on running again nor did I read who his opponent might be. " May 8, 17 6:54 PM

State Legislators Push For Southampton Town's Ability To Form Underground Utility Improvement Districts

Is the goal to bury exisiting lines as well as new lines? Will those of us who currently pay the PSEG surcharge to bury the lines from Water Mill to East Hampton continue to pay? Any thoughts on using the CPF funds for this endeavor rather than increasing property taxes? Do the residents get to vote on this legislation? " Jun 24, 17 12:39 PM

Southampton Town Board, Supervisor Candidates Will Participate In Press Debate Thursday

Why are Gregor and Aldrich not included in the debate? " Oct 11, 17 11:49 AM

Southampton School Officials Begin Process To Look Into New Administration Building

Both parcels have covenants that restrict the use of the property. The use being, "Must" be used for children/students. The Board never discloses the reasons for not selling the property and year after year the tax payer says sell it. " Oct 15, 17 11:48 AM

Former Employee Challenging Gregor In Southampton Town Highway Department Race

It really doesn't matter what he thinks since Highway Super has no say. If the Town board decides to move the road then the Planning Super comes up with designs hopefully works with Highway Super then the Town Board votes on the final decision." Oct 19, 17 11:10 PM

Ask the head of the CPF." Oct 19, 17 11:12 PM

What do we really want when it comes to roads? Pave them, plow them, brine them, clean the drains, remove dead trees in the town right of ways, clean-up accident debris, put up and remove parade barriers, etc,etc. As for leaves and brush? Pick them up. Get equipment and man power to pick them up! When it comes to plows, trucks and equipment? Maintain the damn eqipment. Hire qualified mechanics. Hire a manager who has the skills to oversee the mechanics since Lance is a mechanic. Have a manager like Lance who has passed all the requisite Civil servant tests. Vote for Lance!" Oct 19, 17 11:28 PM

I was also at the meeting. Lance did read/refer to his notes because he was introducing himself to people that did not know him. You may have misunderstood his comments about Dune Rd. He said, we should have used the money for piping/drainage then get grants to complete the paving project. " Oct 25, 17 5:03 PM

State Money Allocated To Renovate 'Beating Heart' Of Campus, But Stony Brook Has No Immediate Plan

wow.....$7.5 mil from the state is money that could be used for crosswalk illumination from HB to BH." Jan 20, 18 10:40 AM

Southampton Town Board Pushing Ahead With Safety Measures On Bridgehampton Main Street

I think it is an issue in Hampton Bays, Southampton Village and Bridgehampton. Propose all crosswalks are illuminated by an arm with lighting. Propose NO PARKING next to crosswalks since people pop out from behind cars. I Wish the $5 mil grant for renovating the house on the Stony Brook campus went to upgrading all town cross walks. Propose all cross walk upgrades be completed before Memorial Day. It took the death of a person at the Brigehampton school to get upgraded lighting at the school. The death of Anna Pump did not result in upgraded lighting at the crosswalk. The town keeps talking, talking, talking yet takes NO action. Stop the piecemeal actions or lack there of and get the work done. " Jan 26, 18 2:08 PM

With Lawsuit Threatened, Southampton School District Administrators Try To Clear Up Confusion Over Proposed Changes At High School

Nor cater to the under achievers. Nor cater to ESL kids. The focus is always on the majority. Is more class time the solution? How about smaller classes, better teaching methods, additonal TA's?

What Is the real reason for not having AP classes? Having better test results on a non AP level? Not enough students for an AP class? " Feb 1, 18 11:23 AM

New State Law Requires Agencies To Pay Attorney Fees For Many Denied FOIL Requests

Kudos to the Press for foiling (too many school personel issues) involving taxpayer funded settlements. Unfortunately you were not able to discover the "reason" for the payout to Dr. Farina and Ms. Merchant. Wonder what the "special exceptions" are in this new law. Could one be the signing of a confidentiality agreement? If so, we never will know the "reason" behind the payouts." Feb 2, 18 11:25 AM

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